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Jilted girlfriend ruins Ménage à trois with inferno after boyfriend picked side chick

Crazy chick ruins Ménage à trois. Blog King, Mass Appeal WOODBURY — “You down with OPP?” Look, threesomes are cool as long as nobody demonstrates remonstrance with being the third wheel. Tasia Young learned that lesson the hard way. The 33-year-old pyromaniac is busy fumin’ behind bars after she pulled a Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes by setting her boyfriend’s apartment ...

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Blog King’s Crime Report: Armed robbery, homicide headline succession of villainy

Murder & robbery headline reports. Blog King, Mass Appeal KANSAS CITY — “All rise.. the honorable Blog King is presiding. Sadly, we experienced a plethora of criminal activity over the weekend so we ask that you remain mute as he dissertates the aforementioned villainy. Failure to comply could result in a lengthy detainment behind bars. Any questions? Anybody seeking 3 ...

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