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A Tinder Date From Hell: Woman sets man on fire

Destiny lost her damn mind/YouTube

Babygirl set Tinder date on fire.

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MIAMI — When online dating goes terribly wrong. Destiny Johnson, 25, was thrown in the slammer after she met a dude on Tinder then set his ass on fire. The act of arson transpired around 5 a.m. on November 25th at a Holiday Inn Express in Miami, Florida. According to police reports, Destiny sent homeboy a message asking him to meet her at the hotel. When he arrived, Destiny opened his door and told him she needed cash to fix her car. She also had a one-gallon jug of gasoline in her hand. The man said he “did not appreciate” Destiny begging for money. He only came because he thought he was gettin’ some ass. But he offered to give her $60 to “help her out anyway.” Destiny didn’t think it was enough and she blew a gasket. “You guys are out to get me!” she yelled. Then she poured gasoline in his car, pulled out a lighter, and set the man on fire.

Destiny set herself ablaze too.

“The victim stated that he immediately jumped out of the driver door of his vehicle and began rolling on the asphalt to extinguish the flames on his body, while his vehicle was soon fully engulfed in flames,” police said in the report. “The victim then stated that he produced a firearm from his right waistband and pointed it at (Johnson), fearing that she would make further attempts to light him on fire.”

Destiny took off running. Law enforcement officials received a call moments later about a “naked Black female with burns (who) was found (nearby) stating that she blew up a vehicle.” When officers arrived, Destiny told ’em she was “being sex trafficked.” She was transported to HCA Florida Kendall Hospital for treatment. She was also arrested and charged with settin’ a mothaf*cka on fire.

Scuttlebutt has it Destiny didn’t need auto repairs.

Instead, she probably wanted money for drugs.

Is online dating too dangerous?

Should we all purchase a passport and call it the day?

Watch the disturbing report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This female, along with many on social media dating sites, are prostitutes.

    She got mad because she wanted more than the $60 the date had offered her. Smh! 😳

  2. Where did she pull the jug of gasoline from out of her purse??? I would’ve been worried if I had picked someone up with a big jug of something yellow!!😳

  3. Social media is an opportunity to portray yourself how you want others to perceive you, so you really cannot trust it at all.

  4. Why’d she need a lighter when they so clearly were a “match”🔥 🤣 👀

  5. I guess she got him, before he got her. Her face says ” Yeah I did it and what ?? 😂

  6. @Michael Turner: It’s not just online dating, you could meet someone like that at any place! come on!

  7. Didn’t the guy see that she was carrying a gallon of gasoline??!!!!!

  8. Prostitutes are now using Tinder as their platform. I would bet this guy promised her money, and then decided not to give it to her.

  9. People who use these dating sites and apps are the dumbest people on the planet!!!! Total idiot morons!!! SMH

  10. Well to be fair, that is her in her worst form in a mug shot.

    I bet all dolled up she is a very attractive. Its alot of women ya’ll wouldn’t recognize without makeup

  11. I have never in my life met someone online first and then got with them in person. Never will. Guess I am lame. Cool.

  12. Men need to watch out as well. Lots of women have several mental problems. Remember, evil can’t hide. It will show itself early.
    Everyone, please be careful, God bless you

  13. She was selling pussy but he realized she wasn’t worth what she was charging 😂😂😂😂

  14. Pure Karma at it’s best, serve her ass right. Another case of mental illness not being addressed unfortunately.Glad he survived, hope he had insurance, and please let’s all be mindful of the situation when we’re dealing with the opposite sex. Always go with ur 1st mind , it be ur Intuition , it be ⛳️

  15. She thought she was worth more than 60? That’s a 2dollar H03. Smfh. What a nut…smh

  16. My brother got shot before meeting someone off a dating app n he still be on there meeting people some folks just don’t learn

  17. Her hair would have scared me away the fact she live in a motel should have too like dam sir where your standards?‼️

  18. Dude should not have went and seen a Website Hook- up 5:00 am looking for a sexual thing Play Stupid games when Stupid Prizes Both individuals were in the wrong lucky the situation went this way because a left turn could have ended with a life lost There are a lot of Restless Ghost roaming the Parking lots of Many Motels and Hotels

  19. This chick is sick! Looking crazy, acting psycho, and she was found on Tender. Everybody on Tender 🤔? Those voices in her head told her “someone is out to get her”! Now, you know if she almost set herself on fire “she is crazy ” Look at her hair 😂😂😂 I can’t

  20. “60 muvvukkin dollars ninja!?!”
    “I got these cheeseburgers man…”

  21. Men please STOP…STOP going and meeting up with these DEMONS. The same thing applies to the WOMEN to you’re always meeting people that are in a sound mind. Be careful out here. My goodness poor guy. Wow 😳😮!!!

  22. She look crazy lol , lord Jesus,she was pissed that he was saying that’s all she’s worth. Condolences to the victims and his family. Demonic activity out here.

  23. Dating is dangerous now a days… She had to have mental issues prior to meeting him.. This man was nice to her, and she still did the unthinkable! Before you date people you really need to do a background check on people you meet now in this date and age. And no car!! CRAZY for real….

  24. He didn’t even have to give her funky ass 60 dollars wow she is ridiculous she needs to sit in there for a loonnngg time

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