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Pookie murders girlfriend’s family through act of arson

Tiffany & family burned to death/Twisted Crimes

Pookie kills entire family. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

TRENTON — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 42-year-old Tiffany Jones who died in an overnight house fire caused by her daughter’s baby daddy, 23-year-old Michael Sanders. The fatal act of arson transpired July 9, 2021 in Trenton, New Jersey. According to police reports, Michael texted his girlfriend — Princess Jones — the day before the fire and told her to get their 9-month-old daughter, Malani Sanders, out of house. Michael had a beef with someone in Princess’ family and vowed to kill ’em. The next day, Michael set the house ablaze — not knowing Malani was still inside. Tiffany tried to rescue the baby but couldn’t get around the flames. She jumped from a second-story window and died. Melani was scorched to death in a bedroom. Tiffany’s husband, 50-year-old Prince Jones, somehow egressed the home. But 80 percent of his body was severely burned. Prince died at the hospital two days later.

Princess also suffered severe burns.

But, fortunately, she survived.

Two other people managed to escape.

Michael was arrested and charged with 3 counts of murder and aggravated arson.

He’s facing a million years in prison.

Assistant Mercer County Prosecutor Rachel Cook said Michael deliberately murdered a group of people who were “like family” to him.  Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “What an evil bum. How can you have that much hatred in your heart? People who took you into their home and let you into their family. He cared about himself more than he cared about his child. He ruined the lives of people who had nothing to do with whatever he had going on. I don’t see how people can be so disgusting.”

Another person added, “This story is a precautionary tale. Stop getting pregnant by these unstable and lowdown, felonious men.”

Didn’t take Princess long to move on.

She’s currently in love with a lesbian.

Michael, a convicted felon, has a history of domestic violence.

Because of him, Princess will probably never date a man again.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Ladies remember its easy to jump into relationships but its hard to get out. Please take your time in getting to know men. Stretch it out. Pace yourself. There is no rush❤❤❤

  2. Wow 😢he killed 3 generations 😢This is thee absolute most horrific and heartbreaking 💔 story I’ve ever came across may they all rest in peace! This is sad

  3. I don’t understand these grand baby showers and no marriages. All this could have been avoided. Stop giving your womb to BUMS!!!

  4. Women stay single! Those new generation of BM don’t worth it. They are the disgrace of our community.

  5. This is why I’ve limited my interactions with black men . They are just too unstable to be in relationships with. I’m team non black men for the foreseeable future.

  6. What makes a person go this far is the question that I always ask. We always look at the reaction but ignore the original act

  7. Black women, which i am also. If you date thugs you date death, know who you are marrying, dating, or having a child with #stopthecycle

  8. I’m sorry but I’m not really buying that she’s so in love with her new girl. It seems so soon after everything that’s happened.

  9. Majority of crimes (both petty and gruesome) worldwide are committed by men. I’m beginning to understand why the devil was once a man.

  10. Clearly these Ghetto Hood Folks didn’t have Smoke alarms in the house and everyone died in the fire. Looking at that Old House of course nobody didn’t even change the battery if they have Smoke alarms. Any day of Foolishness in the Hood

  11. Stories like these are so hauntingly dark and eerie til they give me nightmares at night… sometimes i just honestly feel somebody creeping over my body trying to cause me bodily injures and take me out😩!!!! I Literally cannot honestly sleep on darkness every light in the house must be on… Cause stories like these terrify the living shit out of me because they are so dark and be eerie and honestly spooky i am immensely SORRY for those who were loss it just honestly seems so unfair and so unfathomable oh 😢my 😢 God 😢😭😭😭

  12. This story has pissed me off! That poor family but that sweet little baby…Okay…what the hack is going on with these sick ass males? too many Black women are getting deleted by these weak…mentally ill men!!! Ladies please take your time in dating and laying down with these sicko’s!!!

  13. As a black man.
    Some of these young black men should never Born.
    They are so evil and heartless..

  14. Jezebel, bull ring, agent of chaos, her drama an karma killed her whole family, stay away from these heathens and leave them to the thugs they love that will eliminate them.

  15. Idk what woman see in men like this. If I have to give you a place to stay I don’t want you. You went to jail, no thank you. You have a domestic violence past I’m gone. You have nothing to loose attitude and not trying to grow. Bye bye. Young woman needs to stop taking these low down criminals as partners.

  16. Light him him up!!!!!!! in the electric chair, he’ll know what they felt.

  17. He ruined a bunch of lives and turned one of em homosexual. Smh

  18. Oh my fuckin god all these stories is about blk on blk violence. Post white on white violence as well. The media always sees blk men the most evil and white men the most nicest when they commit 85% crimes including murder. There is evil in every ethnic group but its always about us like damn. Theres alot of evil niggas and women in our communities, women getting with hood niggas that beat on them, have violent records, kills people etc rather then getting with someone thats not that type of person. I dont understand this generation anymore and its getting up to the point of not caring about nobody

  19. Princess was in that secret relationship all the time. And that’s what caused the death of her daughter and parents! And looks like she is living and enjoying her life instead of trying to heal from the three lives she lost! She really need some professional help as well! She probably played with this young man’s heart… knowing all the time she had a girlfriend. She should have just been honest with him and gave him time to move all before she brought her girlfriend out! I blame her as well!

  20. BW, divest from BM and concentrate on personal development. These types of men are toxic and dangerous to us, we deserve better.

  21. Oh look another angry black man that can’t handle his emotions. I’m sure this is somehow on black women though. Stop believing the hype. These ghetto black men BEEN the problem.

  22. I’ve been saying it for years, there’s no bigger threat to black women than black men ☹️

  23. COME ON BLACK PEOPLE! Why are we out here shooting each other, killing each other, drugging each other, hating each other what’s wrong with us?!? You protest about BLM ANd play victim when it comes to a white police officer doing their JOB. But when we kill each other everyone silent now. Come on do better, if anything black people are committing homicide on there own people. So EMBARRASSING

  24. This is why people shouldn’t cheat and play games with their partner’s heart.

  25. Stop dating bums Stop ignoring the red flags 🚩 no sympathy to the oblivious girl who brought this guy into their lives

  26. These BM are toe tagging demons nowadays.. I blame the single mammys who raise these turds.

  27. Why wasn’t this animal /DEMON behind bars for shooting into a car 7 times ?????!! No way in hell he’s coming in my home with that kind of background ! Please black young girls PLEASE pray for discernment. Stop trying to fix these broken fatherless sons ! Direct them to God he’s their only help ! We can’t help them ! Rip to the beautiful baby and family !

  28. Here we go again with another case of some damn whore putting her family’s lives at risk & in danger smh!!!🤦‍♂️

  29. She is in part the blame! This young man was used as a sperm donor and realized it and he was enraged once he found out she was in a lesbian relationship the whole time and her motive of being with him was to get a baby and child support! She played that game and due to her selfishness her parents died, her baby and another family member died! He deserves to go to jail and she does too! RIP Family!

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