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Pookie killed ex-girlfriend before setting her on fire

Nikia was shot in the head/Leah Gordone

Nikia was brutally murdered. 

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MILWAUKEE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Ernest Terrell Blakney, 47, was thrown in the slammer after the murdered his ex-girlfriend, 36-year-old Nikia Rogers, because she found herself a new man. The femicide transpired around 4:30 a.m. on August 25, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to police reports, Nikia was packing her things in an attempt to egress the home she shared with Ernest. Instead of letting her leave, Ernest pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Nikia in the head and lower back. Then he set the residence ablaze and fled the scene. After extinguishing the inferno, firefighters found Nikia’s burnt corpse. Ernest carjacked a man’s vehicle, tied him up, and threw him into the trunk. The fleeing felon remained at large for awhile before being arrested and charged with first-degree reckless homicide, armed robbery, arson, mutilating a corpse, possession of a firearm by a felon, felony bail jumping, false imprisonment, and a partridge in a pear tree.

What’s sad is Ernest pleaded guilty to raping a 13-year-old girl 10 days before the homicide. He also got into a shootout with police. But the judge inexplicably set Ernest free on bond. Had he remained behind bars, none of this would’ve happened. Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “Child Molester, murderer, kidnapper, 47 years old with glasses, Dusty. Husky. Perfect monster.” Another chimed in with, “He was worried about her moving out and allegedly cheating on him. Yet he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 13 year old? Lord, make it make sense🤦🏾‍♀️. Typical narcissist… ‘She made me do it🙄.'”

A third person added, “The judge who allowed this monster to be free needs to be fired! This just further shows the justice system don’t give a damn about black people.”

Scuttlebutt has it Ernest abused Nikia every time the sun came up.

Black eyes and busted lips became the norm.

“In domestic violence homicides, 90% of these victims are African American women,” said Domestic Violence advocate Antonia Drew-Norton, director of the Asha Project.

Nikia worked for an insurance company.

Ernest is an unemployed motorcycle rider.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. It’s always the one person you trust that does this to you in the end.😢

  2. R.I.P I would have left him as soon as I found out he was accused of touching a baby. And he can have that stuff

  3. I am so tired of these beautiful BW with Bright futures, ambitious, likable to just about everybody THAT SHE WAS MAKING POOR CHOICES TO BE WITH MEN THAT THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE GIVEN THE TIME OF DAY ‼️‼️ THIS DUDE HAD RAPED A PRETEEN…. HE’S NOT NORMAL WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE HIM? I don’t want to blame the victim but it keeps happening over and over again where these BM have assault and murders and rapes in their background and these young women have decided to be with them ‼️‼️

  4. My friend is going thru this. She met a guy and he was a former pimp. Now my friend is trapped. Doesn’t have her phone. He takes her money. Beats tf out of her and never allows anyone access to her. Some men are literally pathetic broke down and just sad.

  5. Never go back for your stuff that’s Material and I’m pretty sure the person you beefing with will tell you that they will kill you stop ignoring the signs speak out ask for help say something if you don’t you will be the next story and if they don’t let you no what they would do I’m sure it’s a vibe that they showing you.

  6. RUN to talk to JESUS, get a Bible and just ask Jesus to give you his Holy Spirit after you ask for forgiveness from all your sins

  7. Many black females meet a man and in 2 two weeks they are moving in having unprotected sex! WTF

  8. You can’t play with these feminine males feelings and he is a pedophile? WOW

  9. So he want to touch on kids & thought she was gonna stay with him ?? Another reason I stopped dating bm

  10. The judges RELEASE THESE PREDATORS ON PURPOSE…bc they can get rid of more BLK women (expendable) blk baby makers whom to them (Judges),it doesn’t matter if STRANGE FRUIT GO’S INTO THE GROUND, at LEAST IT’S NOT HANGING FROM TREES

  11. As long as we’re killing each other, the justice system doesn’t care.

  12. Im not going to live my life in fear, but the more i see these things, the more im glad to be single, i do strongly desire marriage but i will have discernment & trust THE LORD To give me someone that will not harm me, there are worse things than being single, & im not mocking these women, ive been abused & by GOD’S GRACE wasnt killed…the older i became & grew in love of GOD and myself the less tolerance i had, i broke with my Fiance in 2019 by blocking his number, he had given me the last red flag by staying out all night, & another one was when i asked him how he got a certain injury & he said he would tell me later…GOD was giving me signs & i couldnt avoid them, i cried many tears when i saw that we would not get married, when i blocked him i had no more tears…i never even asked for an explanation, & 3 years later im still single & not interested in him… im focused on loving JESUS CHRIST, myself & fulfilling my calling & one day GOD will give me a husband!!! The more i see these stories the more unbothered i become about being single!!! Im a Daughter of THE MOST HIGH GOD, that means alot!!! ‼️‼️🙏🏽🎯✝️🚀 & please know im not mocking anyone…ive done some dumb things accepted nonsense, its by GRACE that im here, i thank GOD for changing me & how i value myself, no sex, no companionship or false sense of security is worth my life, & ruining other people’s lives, because when we are hurt, we hurt those who love us!!!!

  13. I know when a n*gga ain’t sh*t….can’t surprise me with yo hatred

  14. Don’t blame the judge. He’s apart of the same system that wants this chaos to continue. Hold yourselves accountable. If your preference keeps deleting you, maybe it’s time to change your preference. If not.. Then I guess I’ll see you in the next video.. Water seeks it’s own level. Pookie for the win..

  15. I’m so tired of seeing couples showing off their suppose love story on social media, and then end up being kill by they other half, so many immature men and women on this planet its unbelievable, sad indeed this is not love just a bunch of fake words just to impress, he’s just another nasty dog who assaulted a young child, we need to do background checks on these low life men who i call scumbags on this planet..

  16. That was her damn problem. She wanted to live the fast life. Which has proven to be not good. Speed kills.

  17. Sometimes you just have to leave everything behind and start over from scratch. Or ask a police escort to be there while you pack your things to get away from a violent man. Make sure you change jobs cause some men come to your job to kill you. Some jobs can transfer you to a different location. Sometimes you may have to put all your things in storage, live in your car and get work through the temp service if you have no family to go to SMH!

  18. These Demons hate women , rapist, murderer, Deceitful, Manipulative lying Evil Demons may he rot

  19. These grown ass men are disgusting, what do you see in A little girl, 13, smh. And he’s an insecure Coward.

  20. I will never understand that mindset, they love you so much but kill , physically abusive, control you- THAT IS NO WHERE CLOSE TO LOVE.

  21. Better to leave your stuff along with him. Things are replaceable. You only have one life.

  22. The bottom line is most blk men are wolves under the control of the demons…its hard for blk women to accept but they’ve been this way for A very long time…you’re only meeting the representative…you meet the real one when you start saying NO…THATS THEIR ATTACK WORD…

  23. She was always TOO GOOD for him. Women, never date down. Even the ugly ones act like they own you, so you might as well date a guy who’s attractive and has a better chance of being Ok with leaving the relationship bc he knows he can get someone else.

    And the system needs to stop allowing pedos to get back out of prison bc they almost always reoffend.

    S/N: people who advertise their relationships almost always are not what they seem to be online.🙄🙄

  24. If that’s love I don’t want it. He’s disgusting and shouldn’t have been out of jail 😮

  25. He knew he was taking a prison ride and she wasn’t waiting… he snapped

  26. You know what! We got good men out here that can’t have these ladies. Because they are getting rejected by these women. But a child molester can because they are bad boys. WHY CAN’T MY BLACK WOMEN GET A GOOD MAN. THE EXCUSES I GET ARE THEY ARE BORING 😞. IF YOU WOMEN DON’T KNOCK IT OFF. I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR NONE OF THESE GIRLS. I’m sorry 😔😔😔.

  27. Why continue to waste tax payers $ on these demons. ..,…it needs to be eye for eye🤬🤬🤬

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