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Asya Branch, Republican black lady in Mississippi, crowned “Miss USA” 2020

Asya Branch wins ‘Miss USA’ crown.  Blog King, Mass Appeal MEMPHIS — Asya Branch, a black chick who represents Mississippi, was crowned Miss USA on Monday during a pageantry that aired live from Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. But the 22-year-old beauty queen is catching hell for being a staunch Donald Trump supporter. Asya, a registered Republican, recently ...

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Mother & daughter thrown behind bars following pilferage of “fresh” crab legs

Mom & daughter stole ‘crab legs.’  Blog King, Mass Appeal MEMPHIS — Popeyes chicken sandwiches ain’t the only entrée in demand. A mother and daughter in the dirty south were thrown in the slammer after purloining $200 worth of succulent crab legs. The seafood larceny transpired a couple of days ago at SuperLoFoods in Memphis, Tennessee. According to police reports, ...

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McDonald’s Stabbing: woman ‘stabbed’ in cranium for taking spot in drive-thru line

Lady diced over drive-thru spot. Blog King, Mass Appeal MEMPHIS — McNuggets anyone? Asalene Branch, 29, is putrefying behind bars after the blade-wielding damsel stabbed Jasmine Burress in the head for stealing her spot in McDonald’s drive-thru line. The sanguinary ordeal went down at the urban hamburger venue located at 905 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. A viral cell phone ...

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