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Nurse deleted by estranged husband, body still missing

Taquila’s body still missing/Leah Gordone

Nurse killed by jilted husband.

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MEMPHIS — It took 4 years. But detectives finally got a confession. Carl Hayes will spend the next 20 years in state prison after he confessed to killing his estranged wife, Taquila Hayes, because she wanted a divorce. The femicide transpired sometime in June 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee. According to police reports, Carl deleted Taquila then used her cell phone to text other people to make it seem like she’s alive and well. After not hearing from her daughter in months, Taquila’s mom reported her missing. Carl was arrested a year later and charged with second-degree murder. During interrogation, Carl told investigators he and Taquila were separated and she ran off with another man with aspirations of starting a new life. Carl, 46, didn’t come clean until August 2023. That’s when he pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain he made with prosecutors.

The couple’s 12-year-old son is now an orphan.

Carl’s conviction is bittersweet because Taquila’s body is still missing. The simp won’t say how he murdered her and won’t reveal the location. Police used cadaver dogs and searched everywhere. Makes you wonder if Carl pulled a Jeffrey Dahmer and manducated her. Taquila’s mom, Roberta Nutall, is happy with the conviction. But she won’t get closure. “We know that she is not here, we know that she’s no longer here. She is deceased,” Roberta told reporters.

“But I would love, still, to have her body so we can properly lay her to rest. If not for us, for his son.”

“I didn’t know anybody could be that selfish,” she added

Even though Carl is being an asshole, Roberta has leniency in her heart.

“I forgive him. I forgive him,” she said.

“I must for my sanity, for myself, for my spirituality.”

Taquila, 41, was a nurse.

She was also a victim of domestic violence.

Carl abused her for years.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. It’s so sad women can’t leave without getting killed, but these men can mess with whomever they feel like and leave you😡

  2. If the courts would start charging people with failure to disclose the whereabouts of their victims then we wouldn’t be looking for so many people

  3. 2 MONTHS MISSING. Families let’s keep better in touch with our loved ones because these demons prey on the fact we DON’T.

  4. How can a person who’s a mother, wife, and nurse go missing for two months before she’s reported missing? Her family and job failed her. Why would they trust the words of a husband who was abusive to her, and why wouldn’t the job call the police when she had not resigned and her husband refused to allow them to speak with her. SMH

  5. They should take “Plea Deals” off the table for murderers and pedophiles. This is NOT the TV show “Let’s Make A Deal!” Prosecutors have won their murder cases without the body. This case is horrific. Prayers for her mother, son, and family 💔

  6. Don’t ask for a divorce while living with these males. Leave while they are gone to work. Get an online job and hide for as many months and years as you can.

  7. Man, its not the supervisors fault, but they should have called the police. Someone works for the hospital for years and just disappears. I’m calling the cops. 😢Poor mother. That man is a demon.

  8. the saddest part is she was missing for months before anyone made a move to question it or go to the police. I have at least one friend who ain’t going for that. She’s showing up and knocking on doors. Have at least one person in your life that’s going to check on you.

  9. This is wrong it’s no way that any woman of any race should have to worry about her life If she doesn’t want to be with someone.

  10. That husband is pure evil. How could he do this to their son and her family.

  11. Families, friends, neighbors as well as coworkers if someone doesn’t have a history of disappearing or not wanting to be bothered. Don’t EVER wait this long before you reach out to the police news reporters or anyone that will listen!!!!! RIP Beautiful!!!! 💔 🙏 ❤😢

  12. He’s so stupid look at all the things he did to try to cover his tracks … but just 20 years … and then refuses to tell the family where she is 😒 that shoulda been part of his plea deal that he HAD to tell what he did with her … this makes me livid God bless her family 😔

  13. 2 months though?!!!! If my mother, father or sisters don’t hear from me DIRECTLY in 3 days, they’re coming after everybody I’ve been in contact with! Everyone dropped the ball in this case 😪😔

  14. 20 years?! He needs life!!!! Could it be he’s refusing to disclose because he has someone else’s remains along with his wife?! 🤔

  15. No creativity at all “she ran off with another man”. I hope he’s burns in hell

  16. He must of found out she was cheating or he was having an affair and wanted to end the relationship. It’s nothing else in between.

  17. Observation:
    This is sad of course but the media paints it all rosy.
    The fact iis that it is daily in the King culture. Another single mother (with stupid 1st name) from a single mother leaving a kid with a stupid 1st name whose likely to be a stereotype.

  18. He’s a negro Jeffrey Dahmer. Probably cooked her and ate her.

  19. He shouldn’t be allowed to get out in 20 years since hes not revealing where her body is. 20 years is not enough!!!!! Lord Jesus convict his heart that he will tell them where her body is in Jesus name.

  20. Red Flags should be taken seriously. RUN! Never return to an abusive situation, once you leave. It is so sad that, at times, women stay in very toxic marriages with the thought that they want their children to have a home with both parents. Sadly, the children often end up living without one or both, due to very tragic and traumatic outcomes. There seems to be a frightening trend of men killing their spouses/partners, and beautiful and successful women seem to be the victims. Pay attention females, and pray for Godly wisdom!

  21. 20 years, why is he getting off so easy? That’s not justice, give up the whereabouts of her remains or NEVER get out (he should serve life anyway). I’m absolutely disgusted at this for her son & family. He doesn’t want the world to know exactly what he did to her. Coward.

  22. I hope my coworkers would call the police if I do not show up for work. We did a wellness check on a nurse we worked with when she didn’t show for her shift because it was out of character for her not to show up. Turns out she was dead in her apartment.

  23. She didn’t need him and as always, couldn’t handle that rejection…

  24. Marriage is not what it’s cracked up to be. I rather stay single as a dollar bill.

  25. Just another example of a F’d up justice system in this country where you can confess to murdering someone and you can continue to live.👨‍⚖️🧑‍⚖️👩🏽‍⚖️🤔

  26. Nope he needs life in jail then the coward want even tell were her remains are he shouldn’t got a plea.

  27. I am a retired nurse. When I was a relatively new nurse I did not show up for work. Having worked at the hospital for 7 years the supervisor called my mother she came to my house and woke me up. It was night shift. I immediately called and went to work. I had overslept. This is standard protocol for hospitals.

  28. Why didn’t her family talk to her for two months? I know some families are estranged. Often, when one gets married, it takes on a whole life of itself. It’s just sad all the way around.

  29. This was easy for him because it seems she didn’t communicate with family or friends much at all.


  31. If the boss would have called 911 like she had threatened to do, he wouldn’t have had time for that carpet replacement. Wow! Clearly a case of turning the other way. How can that boss sleep at night? Probably can’t!

  32. I live in a different state from my family. If they didn’t hear from me within 3 days either via text, phone call, social media of they are getting someone on a welfare check because that’s not my norm.

  33. That’s a cruel, cruel person that will plead guilty and then not disclose where her body is or what he did to her. They will suffer forever, not knowing where she is. The child has lost a mother, the mother has lost a daughter, is that not enough?? Geez!! I pray this family gets the answers they need sooner rather than later ❤️‍🩹 and I hope he S U F F E R S behind bars for a VERY long time

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