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Grizzlies guard Ja Morant ridiculed for false flaggin’

Ja Morant’s career on the line/YouTube

Morant labeled a fraud.

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MEMPHIS — When making a rap video goes terribly wrong. Ja Morant, star point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, was suspended… again… after he flashed a gun on social media. The video surfaced Saturday night, prompting team officials to ban the 23-year-old baller from all team activities. Instagram Live footage shows Morant brandishing a 9mm semi-automatic while driving and spewing lyrics to a rap song. Sadly, this ain’t the first time he’s been jettisoned for firearm possession. If you recall, Morant was suspended 8 games in March for pulling out a gat in a Denver strip club. NBA commissioner Adam Silver called his deportment “irresponsible, reckless and potentially very dangerous” then forced him to undergo counseling. But Morant may have bigger fish to fry this time. That’s because another video surfaced that shows him throwin’ up gang signs during a basketball game, much to the chagrin of Rollin’ 60s Neighborhood Crips member Bricc Baby.

If you recall, prior to the start of the season, Morant signed a lucrative 5-year contract extension worth $194 million. Bricc called him a rich boy impersonating a gangster. In other words, Morant is false flaggin.’ “He ain’t f*cking with the Gangland like that. You throwin’ them ends up. That’s gone cost you,” Bricc vented during a chinwag with Cam Capone News.

“Whatcha wanna do? Pay the Crips for the rest of your life? N*gga, you ain’t even from this sh*t. Start being real with yourself. You’re a basketball player. Set up a meeting for me and Ja Morant since he wanna be a Crip. I bet he don’t never show up. You ain’t got no felonies. You ain’t grow up f*cking sh*t up. Do you really wanna be a part of this with $200 million?”

TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley echoed a homogeneous sentiment.

“When you’re making [two] hundred million dollars to play sports, your life changes,” he said.

“There’s certain rules and regulations you have to live by, plain and simple. You’re not a thug. You’re not a criminal. You’re not a crook. You’re a guy making two hundred million dollars to dribble a stupid basketball. You hit the lottery.”

ESPN’s JJ Redick had an interesting take on the incident. When Chris “Mad Dog” Russo recommended a 40-game suspension for Morant, Redick said that’s way too punitive because Morant didn’t break any laws. “I’m not condoning the behavior. I’m not saying there should be no punishment. There should be consequences. You are the face of the league. You are representing the NBA. You are a role model to young kids. All of that. I don’t think [getting suspended for] half the season is the right answer,” Redick said.

“Why are we trying to lay down the hammer on a 23-year-old who didn’t break a law!? Explain that to me!”

Barkley called Redick a “freaking idiot” for defending Morant.

Do you share a homogeneous sentiment?

Watch Bricc, Barkley and Redick give their 2 cents.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Crazy how when he doesn’t have the money yet he wasn’t “gangsta” and he wasn’t “from the streets”, and when he got taste of that NBA money suddenly he’s “about that life” and he now a “real hard ass gangsta”. LMAO

  2. There comes a time in most men’s life where they have to make the decision to drop and stop hanging around bad influence friends that just bring you down. That goes to men making $20 an hour all the way up to men making $200 mil a year. Making that money my man, stop hanging around those kinds of people before you lose everything you have.

  3. I hope Ja Morant doesn’t destroy his NBA career because if he keeps doing dumb shit he will be out of the league for good and he won’t be making that type of money again.

  4. Not saying Ja was right but, I see fools everyday walking around with assault rifles. Some at schools. What did he do? 🤔

  5. What about the 2nd amendment? There are people walking up and down the street with assault weapons. Please make up your mind if it is legal or not

  6. NBA should ask Ja Morant to submit drug test!!
    or maybe Psychiatric test!!😮😮😮

  7. Alot of you commenting on his stupidity of breaking the rule and not questioning the rule itself and why it exists.Especially in a country like yours that glorifies the weapon. If a white person takes a picture of themselves brandishing a gun they are automatically considered a proud ‘defender of the second ammendment’. If a black person does the exact same thing they are automatically considered ‘wanting to look gangsta’. I understand that’s probably exactly what he’s doing, I’m not defending him. Not a sports fan and couldn’t care less the outcome of this. I’m questioning the purpose of this rule not this particular infraction and why a company is policing behavior that is normal for some in your culture.

  8. I looked up the NBA rules and according to the NBA he only failed to let the NBA know when he carried on sight. He broke no rules by posting. So, fuck it. Fuck the NBA

  9. Crip my ass. Dude ever walk in the OG real shoes he’d faint first time it started going down

  10. Someone explain to me why is it such a big deal… It’s just a hand sign…

  11. Ja IF u wanna be happy 🥴 just keep playing ball 🏀 son. You ain’t no gangster fool🤣

  12. Hey gangsters get everything free. Lodging, meals, Trans surgery. Prison fills all one’s needs. Companionship…..etc.

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