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‘Cussing Pastor’ ripped for hosting twerk competition

Pastor Matthews is under fire/YouTube

Pastor hosted a twerk contest. 

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MEMPHIS — First, a white minister released a rap video called “Jesus Christ is my N*gga.” Now this. Thaddeus Matthews (aka the Cussing Pastor) is under fire for having his female congregants compete in a twerk contest during church service. You can’t make this stuff up. The rump shaker tournament was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a handful of curvaceous vixens gyrating to hip-hop music. There’s ass and titties everywhere. Thaddeus is the reverend of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee. He’s unapologetic and downright salacious. Thaddeus disseminated a clip in defense of his booty competition. “Why is it — with your fake, phony asses — that you believe that because you love God, that you can not enjoy life?” he ranted. “That’s the bullsh*t from the pulpit that you have been taught for years.”

“There’s nothing wrong in you enjoying yourself and enjoying life and we have good, clean, adult fun each and every Sunday evening,” Thaddeus continued. “It’s a new day, a new thing, and we’re trying to save those who are lost.” Social media reaction was unforgiving. One commenter wrote, “Since when is twerking ok in church? They’re nuts.” Another chimed in with, “Yo, that’s crazy & disrespectful in the House of the Lord.” A third viewer added, “This isn’t church for real, is it? Oh Jesus my GOD I know The Lord isn’t liking this.”

Thaddeus was arrested last year for violating a restraining order filed by his ex-girlfriend.

So he has issues.

Are you cool with women shaking their derrières in church?

Watch the twerk contest followed by the rationale behind it.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. You can enjoy life without degrading yourself while having dignity or does he not understand that?

  2. Come on stop this is very degrading not only to God not only to the church to Christ but to the manor of how God wants us to live through him he’s literally condoning them to twerk and saying oh it’s they’re having a good time hell no this is wrong they should not be there there should not be no twerking contest what happened to the fire of God The Passion of God the love of God the law of God and he got these people up there twerking calling it fun wow

  3. Matthew 7:15

    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s. clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

  4. Somebody’s daughter has gone down the wrong path. Satan has infiltrated the church.

  5. They have lost all the fear for God !! Be holy for he is holy !! This is just so wrong

  6. This is the worst mess that I have ever seen I just don’t think God appreciate this garbage

  7. This is why I don’t go to church. The same Foolishness that’s out in the world is coming into the church First it was Rap that crept into the the church. Then Rock n roll. Now twerking. And now they got stripper pole in church

  8. Guided by the “Hip Shaker,” the followers of the “Shimmy” religion gather within the walls of the “Rattle Temple” to embark on a transformative journey. Through rhythmic movement, they strive to free themselves from the weight of generational trauma stored in their hips, allowing the vibrations of their dance to shake away the past and pave the way for profound healing and liberation with twerking. 😃😉

  9. This is blasphemy 😤 God,Jesus and Holy Spirit is NOT PLEASED with disrespectful nonsense 😑

  10. Had Moses come down from the mountain he wouldve thrown the 10 commandments at them

  11. There’s no difference between the church and a nightclub anymore amongst other things smh


  13. fire and brimstone, lightning and thunder. Satan shame unto you all power belongs to Jesus.

  14. This exactly why the holy spirit is not welcomed in most non black churches…because of this monkey tailed buffoonery. STOP MAKING MY HOLY SPIRIT LOOK BAD. STOP!

  15. I’m not surprised considering how current churchgoers have been dressing lately. They are dressing like a bunch of harlots and thug bugs.

  16. The churches dun lost their minds. Satan is laughing making mockery of God. These are the lost souls that won’t make it to the kingdom of God and Satan knows it.

  17. Many churches have been infiltrated by worldly Pasters that accept all kinds of worldly behavior for the sake of money gain and a Mega congregation. Many Christian church goers are CINOs today, bible doctrine is obsolete and even Sodomy is acceptable because society has changed. This is why God will tell them, “I never knew you”.

  18. People have lost their minds dropping like its hot in church oh lord have mercy and please forgive them. Please dont send them to hell

  19. I see what he saying. A lot of people think being a Christian means living a boring life. A lot of Christians are miserable for this reason. God says enjoy life, be of good cheer and live for today because tomorrow is not promised. I dont think pastors should cuss when discussing God but we all cuss. And twerking is just a form of dance. As long as they not doing it naked, people shouldnt be offended.

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