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Ex-wife had NBA star killed

Sherra had Lorenzen killed/Viral Crimes

Lorenzen Wright was set up. 

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MEMPHIS — Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of quondam NBA star Lorenzen Wright who was set up by his ex-wife, Sherra Wright, over a life insurance policy. The homicide transpired July 19, 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee. Five months after she divorced Lorenzen, Sherra orchestrated a murder plot to purloin financial security. She recruited her cousin, Jimmie Martin, and a church deacon, Billy Ray Turner, to kill Lorenzen so she can cash in on his million dollar life insurance policy. Sherra lured the 7-footer to a desolate field near a golf course. Once there, Lorenzen was ambushed by Jimmie and Billy Ray who opened fire — shooting the big fella 11 times in the head, torso, and right forearm. Police cadaver dogs found Lorenzen’s skeletal remains 10 days later. The case went unsolved for 7 years. By then, Sherra had expended most of the million dollars she received from the lump sum payout. Police said she was a person of interest when Lorenzen’s corpse was found.

But it took several years to build a case.

Sherra even wrote a murder novel titled “Mr. Tell Me Anything” five years after Lorenzen’s demise

In the book, she accused him of infidelity.

The publication can be purchased on Amazon.

When detectives finally brought Sherra in for interrogation, she told ’em Lorenzen was killed in a drug deal gone bad. But they knew she was a goddamn lie. Sherra, Jimmie and Billy Ray were arrested and charged with murder. “I told the police since day one that she was involved,” lead investigator Marion Goods told A&E True Crime. “She was the only one who benefited from him being dead. She knew he was really done with her and was moving on with his life. She couldn’t stand it.”

Sherra received 30 years in prison.

Billy Ray was sentenced to life.

And snitchin’ Jimmie received immunity for singing like a canary.

He is, however, serving 20 years for killing his girlfriend in a separate case.

Lorenzen, 34, was drafted 7th overall by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 1996 NBA Draft.

He and Sherra were married 13 years and they have 6 children.

As he was being shot, Lorenzen called 911.

But he couldn’t talk.

The dispatcher heard nothin’ but gunshots so she didn’t report it.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. 911 operators piss me off every time I hear this smh ! The dumb lady needs to be charged

  2. These women are telling the anger and hate for their husbands and exes all the time, but everyone is always so caught up in their looks they miss what is going on in the psycho’s mind👍👌✌️😉😇🙏

  3. Why do some 911 operators sound like you’re absolutely annoying them by calling?

  4. If you have a shit relationship then leave, she’s not too bright witting a book about what happened?!?🤦🤦🤦🤦

  5. She was too smart for her own good,to write a book about them after he’s found murdered. She thought she was smarter than everybody and I think she wanted people to know she killed him and thought they would never figure it out. Her bad,!!!!!!😜😬

  6. Write a book and air all your fucking dirty laundry dry.. that’s on you girl….guilty guilty guilty… Rot in prison

  7. someone calls 911, they hear gunshots, and think nah, nothing going on there, must be a pocket dial. What is it with these 911 operators???

  8. Ooooooh that bitch!!!!! Men when you have all that money, be careful who you love, it’s in their character, it’s not far from there, don’t overlook things!! She married three times!!! The other men saw it, why was he blind to it!!! Don’t let them blind you, it’s never hidden, just pay attention before you are killed!!!


  10. Damn look how evil transform how ppl look👀 she look like a damn ugly man now😐 what a disgusting POS. May LW Rest Peacefully 🙏🙏🙏

  11. When sherri had money she was lookn good nice lil shape. After the money she let herself go.

  12. Being the wife of a professional athlete or a musician is VERY hard. They’re going to cheat 95% of the time! At some point, you’re going to have to come to terms with that. Regardless, there is NO excuse to murder someone! Just leave them and move on. Not once did she think about how their kids would be affected. And now so many lives are ruined. Jesus! SMH

  13. Dispatcher think he’s gonna fuckin answer after he’s been shot a million times

  14. How did it take the cops so long to get their suspect? Why did it take 7 years to follow up the tip off to recover the gun? US cops are so slow. Even the 10 days to respond to a 911 call where gunshots are heard. Ridiculous.

  15. Her book should have been titled, “I want to get Caught”

  16. What kinda laissez-faire dispatcher was that lady? Even after admitting to hearing gunshots she still didn’t think it important to report the call. Disgusting!

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