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Ex-wife plotted NBA star’s murder over life insurance

Sherra had Lorenzen killed/Viral Crimes

Lorenzen Wright was set up. 

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MEMPHIS — Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of quondam NBA star Lorenzen Wright who was set up by his ex-wife, Sherra Wright, over a life insurance policy. The homicide transpired July 19, 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee. Five months after she divorced Lorenzen, Sherra orchestrated a murder plot to purloin financial security. She recruited her cousin, Jimmie Martin, and a church deacon, Billy Ray Turner, to kill Lorenzen so she can cash in on his million dollar life insurance policy. Sherra lured the 7-footer to a desolate field near a golf course. Once there, Lorenzen was ambushed by Jimmie and Billy Ray who opened fire — shooting the big fella 11 times in the head, torso, and right forearm. Police cadaver dogs found Lorenzen’s skeletal remains 10 days later. The case went unsolved for 7 years. By then, Sherra had expended most of the million dollars she received from the lump sum payout. Police said she was a person of interest when Lorenzen’s corpse was found.

But it took several years to build a case.

Sherra even wrote a murder novel titled “Mr. Tell Me Anything” five years after Lorenzen’s demise

In the book, she accused him of infidelity.

The publication can be purchased on Amazon.

When detectives finally brought Sherra in for interrogation, she told ’em Lorenzen was killed in a drug deal gone bad. But they knew she was a goddamn lie. Sherra, Jimmie and Billy Ray were arrested and charged with murder. “I told the police since day one that she was involved,” lead investigator Marion Goods told A&E True Crime. “She was the only one who benefited from him being dead. She knew he was really done with her and was moving on with his life. She couldn’t stand it.”

Sherra received 30 years in prison.

Billy Ray was sentenced to life.

And snitchin’ Jimmie received immunity for singing like a canary.

He is, however, serving 20 years for killing his girlfriend in a separate case.

Lorenzen, 34, was drafted 7th overall by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 1996 NBA Draft.

He and Sherra were married 13 years and they have 6 children.

As he was being shot, Lorenzen called 911.

But he couldn’t talk.

The dispatcher heard nothin’ but gunshots so she didn’t report it.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. What a wicked woman.

    As soon as he had to retire and the money ran dry, she divorced him. As if that wasn’t enough, she then killed him for life insurance. What an evil evil wicked woman.

  2. She deserves every day in jail ! She doesn’t deserve to ever have any freedom again ! 😢 she took that poor man’s life!

  3. He was trying to call for help when he saw what was about to go down but it was too late.😢

  4. I think his ex wife had something to do with their daughter passing too. She is pure evil!

  5. I hope the dispatcher was fired. When I worked in police dispatch, if we received a call from a cell/pay phone, we can see the location or street name on the 911 screen from where the call came from. Even though pay phone or cell calls does not display a numerical address, she still should’ve sent the police out by providing them with an approximate area or cross streets. The officers could’ve start their search or save his life.

  6. She will be eligible for parole in less than 2 years 😒. Just ridiculous and bull$hit. She should have got a life sentence with no parole. I remember watching about this crime some years back and it was so sad especially when his mother ran to see his body. I’m so glad his family got the justice they deserved. R.I.H.❤❤❤😊

  7. That dispatcher heard the Shots….I pray 🙏 she is Fired ….This is Ridiculous 🤦‍♂️

  8. That dispatcher should not ever work for 911 again 🙄…. You hear ” nothing but gun shots ” like she said but it wasn’t an emergency?! Oh okay

  9. Sounds like she divorced him after he retired and the money dried up, so she set him up. Very unfortunate

  10. Usually good men end up with evil women and good women end up with evil men 😢

  11. $1 million dollar life insurance , that’s it ?! That’s not worth someone s life. I knew she was only with him for the money !! She literally left him once he stopped playing basketball & was left with nothing . Now she robbed him & their children of his life 😢 🙏🏾

  12. That’s one reason why so many people die because the dispatcher ask too many damn questions.They nosey as hell ☹️

  13. This was such a sad heart went out to his mom because she knew something was wrong an didn’t give up an the wife even wrote a book about it that’s how they caught up to her..she went up for parole an they denied her..she needs to stay in jail for what she done..greed is something else

  14. Sick story 😢 the ex wife wrote a book about his murder too, she shoulda got more than 30 yrs

  15. Dispatcher had me to the point of not wanting to watch the video. “All I hear is gunshots” and then never report it. Wow.

  16. I just don’t believe this woman killed her husband and this evidence against her and her cousin is sketchy

  17. I knew from the very beginning that that gold-digging wife of his had something to do with it she was not sad at all at his funeral she was faking like she was hurt and she was the one behind it all when she found out that he took out a life insurance policy on his self with her name on it that’s when she set him up to get killed continue resting in peace Lorenzen Wright he was handsome tall and didn’t deserve that at all that was so evil of her to do that

  18. Lorenzen’s wife was a heartless piece of trash, to murder him, I hope she rots in hell.

  19. SIMPS are the worst men on earth, killing for evil women. I don’t believe she even cared that her baby died.

  20. so she snitched on herself in a book i guess just like oj was going to write if i did kill this is how i will do it

  21. Not surprised nor do I feel any empathy for him. Typical of a bm in every aspect. An athletically gifted cheater with a lack of discipline and loyalty to his wife and family. Killing people is extreme. But he deserved it imo. You are what you strive for. He decided to be a clown and an infidel and died like one too.

  22. @Sabir: If he cheated, just divorce him. She was pretty. But with 6 children, uh??

  23. She thought she was OJ finna do a murder and write a book about it. At least OJ was smart enough to be acquitted before he wrote the book 🤦🏾‍♂️

  24. She was money hungry and what’s sad is she was already getting 26k a month in child support

  25. He was an Alpha Male (aka High Value Man) so she should’ve understood that she’ll most likely have to share him. Get angry with the messenger all you want to but.. It’s a fact. Date an ordinary guy if you want fidelity & loyalty. I’m glad she went down for her crime. I just hope she’s doing sufficient time for it. 🤨

  26. This story was a hot mess from the beginning. I KNEW she was guilty when the news first interviewed her when Lorenzen was considered missing and she was speaking on him in past tense. ALSO, I think she did something to their child that died when he was on the road. It was a nasty rumor that their deceased child might not have been his.


  28. He was such a good man, Son and Father. How could she do that to her kids? Take away their father who loved and lived for them. What an evil,selfish woman. She should have gotten life in prison. She was the mastermind behind his murder. If he can’t be with his children she shouldn’t either. She took his life, her life should also be taken from her by spending her life in prison. Just what I think. So heartbreaking. 💔 😢.

  29. Only in America can you as a Police dispatcher hear 11 gunshots and think ahh u know what..Fuck it that sounds like a normal summers day..Let’s not report it.. Any place else there would be swat teams and helicopters swarming the area within 10 mins

  30. Okay, the 911 operator made mistakes, as so many of you are quick to point out, but what about the woman who helped take this mans life and also deprived her children of having their father in their lives. She is the true criminal here.

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