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Social media comic raps during city council forum

Alex Stein loves to bust a rhyme/YouTube

Alex Stein put on a show. 

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PLANO, Texas — We’ve seen some crazy sh*t since COVID hit. But this takes the cake: Social media humorist Alex Stein, whose proclivity entails hijacking municipal forums, set the Internet ablaze on Tuesday when he performed a rap song in support of Ukraine during a city council meeting. The anti-Russian freestyle went down in Plano, Texas. It was also captured on video. Instagram Live footage shows Stein spittin’ bars; much to the chagrin of civic leaders in attendance. “Hello council, my name is Prime Time 99 Alex Stein, and I have a little presentation for you today,” he said. “I have a little audio accompaniment. I hope you guys like my flavor.” While encircled by council members, Stein played a beat from his cell phone and let it rip.

“Gas prices are way too high, Putin’s got to die, put a bullet in Putin’s head. Yeah, that’s what I said,” he rapped. “Putin is a bad racist, put him in the ground, white or brown when I’m in Plano town. Zelensky, is a VIP, Ukraine and I go insane. Put a bullet in Putin’s brain. You know that is the plan. I’m a Zelensky stan.”

Stein also called himself a “pimp on a blimp.”

The council wasn’t impressed.

You can tell they wanted to boo his ass.

Only two people clapped and they were probably his friends.

Watch Stein perform “Going Insane for Ukraine.”

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  1. If i ever win the lottery, im walkin outta my job like this guy

  2. I fux wit it. This took a lot of courage to do, and he wasn’t to much worse than these new age rappers.

  3. White ppl do this, they found it amusing…black ppl do this, they are called ignorant

  4. Why did god create white people? Imagine a world with no war, drugs, and culture appropriation.

  5. Give it up for “White Guy” ladies and gentlemen 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾…. Yea. 😐

  6. Pull his pants down and MOON the council, then say “KIZZ my azz mfers”.

  7. White people are embarrassing, can’t go a day without complaining about something. (Race,Politics,etc)

  8. I would have went with… cause I’m Ukraine in the membrane… I’m Ukraine in the brain!!!


  10. You idiots don’t understand that he is trolling biden, vaccinations, far left etc. Check out the other videos not just the sound bit here.

  11. I’ve never found watching adults act like jackasses fun. That guy didn’t bring any issues to light. We all know about the pandemic, war, and inflation. He just acts out to get attention and feel significant. It’s just goofy spectacle.

  12. If a black dude did that in front of them, they would think it was the coolest thing ever.

  13. At least 1/2 the council had a smile on their faces, lol. But, I really wanted to see that woman in the flower dress get up and get her groove on!

  14. Warning ⚠️: Don’t watch this whilst drinking any liquids or eating, you will spit all over your screen or choke due to excessive laughter.

  15. Ha ha ha ha. OMG. They probably didn’t know what the hell to think. This is great

  16. The bible is right. It says in the last days right will be wrong, and wrong will be right.

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