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WNBA star Brittney Griner suffering in Russian prison

Griner subjected to horrific conditions/YouTube

Griner going through hell. 

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MORDOVIA — To say Brittney Griner is going through hell would be a vast understatement. We just learned the 32-year-old lesbian has been subjected to a myriad of deplorable living conditions while serving time in a Russian prison and that includes racism, homophobia and 17-hour work days. In other words, they’re less than enamored with blacks and gays in the Mordovia Republic and Brittney is both. Russian musician Nadya Tolokonnikova, founder of the feminist group “Pussy Riot,” served 2 years in Mordovia after gettin’ busted in 2012 and she called the penal colony a slave-like hellhole where “beatings and torture” are commonplace. To compound matters, healthcare is practically nonexistent and the warden is havin’ a dickens of a time finding a mattress that will accommodate Brittney’s lanky 6’9″ frame. As for employment? Inmates must become proficient with needle ‘n’ thread to sew uniforms for cops and prison guards.

Social media reaction was icy hot. One person wrote, “They can drag that bitch up to the gates of hell. She hates the national anthem. Long live the United States of America!” Another added, “I’m praying for her, and I feel for her. But she knew better to go to a country with a DICTATOR and break their laws. Russia is intentionally ‘torturing’ her to force the U.S. to trade her for a Russian SPY.”

Brittney, star center for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, was arrested at a Moscow airport in February for smuggling cannabis oil in her luggage. She was sentenced to 9 years in prison. President Joe Biden is pursuing manumission for her and U.S. Marine Paul Whelan who was jailed for spying in December 2018. Brittney’s rep released a statement, saying, “Despite the fact she is alone… and separated from her loved ones, she is trying to stay strong.” 

Many Americans approbated Brittney’s capture and incarceration because she protested the national anthem.

Do you feel sorry for her?

Are we spoiled in America?

Watch Nadya elucidate how f*cked up Russian prisons are.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Personally she don’t deserve to come back after what she said about America do yo time girl

  2. The U.S. prisons can take some lessons from the Russian Prison system. Our Prisons are luxury hotels for convicts, and they should be treated as the criminals that they are.

  3. Lol. He’ll be alright. At least he won’t be suppressed by the stars and stripes.

  4. Hopefully Russia will no longer invite these woke, entitled “women” “Basketball” players into the country any longer. Let them suffer here in the US!! Lol

  5. Trying to think how much I give a fuck about this well none absolutely nothing whatsoever I don’t give one fucking shit about a criminal breaking the law in another country and then getting arrested for it.

  6. Firstly Nadya seems like a someone who would have more in common with the average person and less friction with others than BG. With the death and suffering that’s going on worldwide and having about 60 other North Americans jailed around the world, Griner’s incarceration is pretty far down the list of importance in the big picture. The great majority of online comments do not reflect sympathy. If not for the reasons mentioned maybe it’s due to her having managed to irritate many through her actions. The politicians know this too. Her release happening soon is hard to call. Russia has become totally unreliable and dishonest to the point it’s like talking with a psychopath. On the other hand the cat is out of the bag so to speak and a lot of people know about this so the perceived value of acting on this is probably greater than any potential downside. It does lead to the question of how much if any backlash would occur which could be an obstacle as well. These things are more complicated than they appear and officials are very cautious of not losing voters when good intentions turn into something used against them. Without a strong reaction from the black community overall as opposed to a few this could be drawn out.


  8. Well she should be happy she doesn’t have to endure the American way of life and the freedom that we have here.

  9. No sympathy for Griner. She new the law, chose to break it and got caught. Now she must pay the price. End of story.

  10. I wonder how many people in these comments smoking marijuana but still talking trash. Smh

  11. America was so terrible to her why would she want to come back. your problem is fallen on deaf ears. Stand for the national anthem and show respect for all those who died or wounded for yours and my freedom

  12. 17 hrs. A Day Working Every Day !? 🥺
    I Truly Feel For People. 😔

  13. Now she won’t have to endure the oppressive , horrible USA which she despises!!

  14. I hope “it” tries to take a knee during the Soviet anthem at 6 in the morning 😂😂😂

  15. Well she made it clear many times she did not like the United States. Se is where she belongs and our tax dollars should not be wasted on her just because she is a professional ball player 🤷‍♂️

  16. If Britney griner does the 9 years in jail she’s not going to be in good shape

  17. I figured it was kinda poetic justice for all her woke garbage, but she doesn’t deserve this. It’s pretty horrible.

  18. Don’t stand for the National Anthem here in the USA, but forced to stand for Russia’s. Enjoy your freedom from the oppressive and unjust United States of America. I hope Russia keeps her a long, long time. Maybe she’ll come back with some gratitude, maybe she won’t come back at all, can’t even pretend to care after the disrespect for our country and troops.

  19. Nobody cares about this loser , she will know the Russian national Anthem by heart when she gets out .

  20. We have clowns in the Whitehouse. Their only ‘concern’ is how much money will line their pockets. Only thing they care about. US citizens arrested in other countries are NOT their top priority.

    right where she / he belongs !
    you made your decision, DEAL WITH IT !

  22. After much planning….the Democrats and the Biden administration have come up with a plan to free Griner….they say Brittney Griner should identify as a woodpecker and fly out of prison and back to America.

  23. She thought she could play the “race” and “celebrity” cards. But that only works in countries that are “ influenced” by the leftie MSM. She is on her own , a long way from home.

  24. I wonder if she made things worse for herself by doing what LGBTQ normally do when they get confronted by authority? I wonder if she threw a Leftist Tantrum and started calling Russian Authorities Racists, Homophobic, Transphobic, Misogynist…and on and on… If she did that believing that would place them in the defense she was very wrong! It’s like Bill Burr said, What were you doing just before the Rattlesnake bit you? Were you poking it with a stick?

  25. Why are we worried about some woman who dont give a damn about our nation and would break the law …the proof is in the pudding….leave her where she is and let her serve her time.

  26. I feel bad for Brittney’s wife. She was used to living a certain lifestyle. Now she has to make due with what’s left. When Brittney gets out, she will make some money but not as much as she did before.

  27. I would even not wish this on my enemy. You guys in the comment section are beyond angry with her. You are outright sadistic which makes you worse than her. I agree every anti-american should experience life in another country but this….This 9 yrs is too much. She is STILL an American. We used to punish OUR OWN before we’d let another do it. ARE we a country or not? blind cripple OR crazy….She is ours weather she likes it or not. She didn’t give up her citizenship ya’ll. Would you let your enemy beat your idiot teenager to death for 9 yrs? If so, YOU AIN”T NO REAL AMERICAN and i am disappointed brother/sister.

  28. Let her rot in Russia….. What about all the Americans serving life in America over marijuana crimes when now it is legal in so many states…… She deserves what she gets.

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