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Steph and Ayesha Curry monogamous and happy

Steph & Ayesha ain’t sharing/Clutchpoints

Ayesha squashes swinger rumor. 

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SAN FRANCISCO — “It ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none.” Rumor has it Ayesha Curry is relinquishing the derrière to other dudes as part of her “open marriage” agreement with Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry. But the 32-year-old cookbook author set the record straight with an Instagram troll on Monday, calling the swinger bavardage a goddamn lie. Ayesha claims there’s no Will & Jada-esque eroticism transpiring inside their bedroom. Scuttlebutt be damned, she and Steph are 100% monogamous. “Don’t believe everything you read,” Ayesha said. “Do you know how ridiculous that is? Don’t disrespect my marriage like that. Please and thank you.” If you recall, last month, MSN reported Steph and Ayesha “have an open marriage.” The news agency also said they have “side hookups.”

Social media reaction was cutthroat. One fan wrote, “I bet she’s the one who pushed for it? This what happens, fellas, you cannot satisfy a female. If God can’t do it, we men don’t stand a chance.”

Another added, “Just goes to show fellas you can be tall, wealthy, an NBA first ballet Hall of famer, an entrepreneur, inspirational, but it’s never enough for most of these modern women. I hope Steph got a prenuptial agreement. The open marriage just the final step before eventual divorce.”

Steph, 33, and Ayesha got hitched on July 30, 2011.

They have three kids — Riley (9), Ryan (6) and Canon (3).

Is Ayesha tellin’ the truth?

Should Steph be the only one tappin’ that ass?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Makes sense to me. Ayesha been tryin to send smoke signals to other niccahhhs for a minute 😂

  2. He sleeps with men. He made a commercial where hes playing 1on1 with a man and starts dancing, he turns around bends over and shakes his butt, looking back at the man and taunting him.

    Who wants to go shopping for outfits for Stephanie Curry’s coming out party?

  3. Wow an open marriage how much fun can that be waking up next to your wife knowing some other man pound the hell out of her or she sucked him off real good and trying to kiss you wow that’s a lot of fun I think I might want to try that

  4. Steph probably got caught with more bitches than Magic Johnson 😂😂😂 She don’t want be a Cookie 🍪

  5. Ayesha to me seems like the girl that would step out the moment Curry starts slippin’. I wouldn’t know of course but I could really see her stepping out if he decides to let his guard down. Which means he’d either be forced to divorce her or get a side piece himself.

  6. Sorry Steph, that woman is just a bitch. A man like you deserves someone better not an attention seeker from other men, that’s really sick

  7. I have no remorse for thots anymore It’s time us guys start running game on these bitches again. They wanna act like thots let’s treat them like thots.

  8. It all starts when Curry started winning rings, she was feeling jealous of all the attention he was getting from women. Heck curry paid for her to publish her cook book and I believe even started her a show (non successful) to keep her busy. He travels extensively and practices extensively, reports are that he felt guilty which is why he gave in to this open relationship. Most other nba wives are loyal and understand that with this type of life less than 1% of the planet are lucky enough to to enjoy there are sacrifices. Not Curry’s wife, she wants her cake and eat it too lmao. Steph actually mentioned at home problems a few years ago when struggling some games and he can lose it all in a divorce. Those 40 million a year, 20 can go to taxes. 10 to His wife and the rest to child support if he’s not careful.

  9. Hell ya I let my girl fuk around as long as i fuk her friends . Bro this ain’t the 80s aint no love . We can do her let’s just all have a ball.

  10. So, it’s okay for Steph to have side chicks and not Ayesha?

  11. This can’t be real. Light skin dudes like myself always leave if we know someone else been in them guts and mouth.

  12. They got together when they were young , n I’m pretty for sure that his career , his fans , etc … Has always been about him of course he’s shared that with her but now , she feeling left out like she’s being left behind , cuz there’s nothing left for her , so she puts on demands I want xtra n the bedroom or I’m gone SOUNDS LIKE THEY NEED COUPLES COURT WITH THE CUTLERS !..

  13. This genuinely shocked me. These are the last 2 I would’ve EVER expected this from.


  15. Let me ask y’all something steph and ayesha curry have been the perfect couple no scandals, no cheating no nothing. They have shown their life and their relationship to all of us and they seem happy and in love. At what time after steph goes to the gym and spends time with his kids does he have to go have a whole other relationship like guys let’s be real. This story is fake asf

  16. Just a matter of time till another player tells him “your wife taste like Cheerios” in my KG voice

  17. This is so pathetic and sad. What kind of man allows such a disgusting 🤮 thing to do. They act religious but they’re fake AF.

  18. All ima say is those who are talking shit are the ones who’ve never been in a relationship u wouldnt understand 🤷🏿‍♂

  19. WHY be monogamous if attention from one person is not enough? I swear people get married because they don’t think for themselves and just go with the herd.

  20. Ok bottom line is that they been together since high school. As a woman deep inside she really wants to experience what it will be like to have sexual relationship with someone other than Steph Curry. By now what Steph brings to the table sexually is boring. She probably knows as well that Steph visiting all the nba city’s playing ball have been f u c k I n g other women as he visits these cities, as he should also be tired of sex with Ayesha only. This is a young man 33 yrs making 215 million every 4 years .Can you imagine the amount of 🐱is being thrown at Steph as he travels to play 🏀. Ayesha would be a fool to think that Steph is not🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦💦💦💦

  21. Why are y’all so damn invested in other peoples lives, damn. And so what if they are? Wtf does that change. Shit is unimportant

  22. Steph can have any Bitch he want he reminds me of the light skinned nigga in hi school all the Bitches liked and he play good Ball come on now

  23. this shit broke my heart man…..but this is mostly AMERICAN/ USA WOMEN…but this is an utmost tragedy, i know it’s not all women doing this but…to many dudes are marrying whores…this is a new era…don’t get married and wrap it up, and marry outside the country ..i mean women outside the country

  24. 🤦First, Steph’s Mom got Busted Open by a White Dude, NOW Steph’s Wife wants her 🥗Salad Tossed too.

  25. Women :Open marriage is liberating

    Women: eww don’t disrespect our marriage

  26. She should’ve kept her mouth shut about wanting attention from other men. This is nothing but the MGTOW/red pill community spreading stuff that’s probably false they have nothing better to do.

  27. most of this s*** is rumor or made up s*** everybody’s just recycling s*** that somebody else has said!everything’s his wife made that comment that she wants attention everybody is now making love she’s hooking up and f**** somebody else this ship probably came from their inner circle of so-called fake friends who are lying just for some attention and publicity!

  28. Open relationship or not, steph isn’t gonna be with her forever. I bet shes annoying

  29. She disrespected her own marriage when she decided to let the world into her bedroom.

  30. I dont know I think Ayesha be TRYING to stand out for the smallest reasons….isn’t this the same “wife” that was talking about “no one thinks I’m hot and if so why aren’t they saying it out loud so that I can feel better about myself?”

  31. Hell the way she likes clamoring for attention I wouldn’t be surprised if she started the rumor just to appear empowered when shooting it down weirdo broad I I tell you lol

  32. I’m glad she replied, I was about to lose even more respect for Steph. She still handed him an L for coming out and saying she wanted other men chasing her though.

  33. Umm… Not everything on the internet is a lie. For YEARS Jada Pinkett Smith laughed off questions about she and Will having an open marriage. Fast-forward to today… It has been confirmed from both Jada and Will to be TRUTH!!!! I’m just sayin! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  34. Everytime I see ayesha and steph he always looks like he doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t want to be claimed by her he does the minimal he is focused on himself and she gives me bitter vibes cause she knows she is not as important to him as she used to be and she sure as hell ain’t gonna leave him cause he’s steph curry so she seems upset she has everything she could want except his attention which in turn, would give her attention, but instead she turned into another forgotten housewife

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