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Tiffany Haddish busted, jailed following DUI stop

Tiffany Haddish misses Bob Saget/YouTube

Tiffany Haddish got a DUI. 

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PEACHTREE — Tiffany Haddish was thrown in the slammer early Friday morning after she got a DUI in Peachtree City, Georgia. The 42-year-old humorist even smiled for her mugshot. According to police reports, Tiff was found asleep at the wheel of a 2021 Ford Explorer around 2:30 a.m. She was drunk as a skunk and her malodor reeked of marijuana. After she refused to take a breathalyzer test, Tiff was arrested for DUI and improper stopping on a roadway. The “Girls Trip” actress bonded out around 6:30 a.m. Tiff is still sportin’ a depilated coiffure. But, thank goodness, her hair is growing back. Truth be told, she’s gone through a bunch of sh*t lately. If you recall, both her grandmother and dog died. And her relationship with rapper Common reached its cessation. Not to mention two of Tiff’s best friends — actor Bob Saget and music producer Carl Craig — kicked the bucket.

That’s enough to drive anybody to the bottle.

“I’m going through some things over here,” Tiff told ET’s Nischelle Turner during a recent chinwag. “My personal life is in shambles. This year people are like ‘Happy New Year!’ I’m like, no, neutral New Year. I’m gonna be neutral in the year.” Despite the DUI, social media reaction was mostly supportive. One fan wrote, “Glad she is alive and didn’t hurt herself or anyone else.”

Another added, “Common, come get your gyrl.”

Is it time for Tiff to take a break?

Should she be excoriated for drinking and driving?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Tiffany, Common is a disaster and was a disaster before he ever met you , and you just happened to love someone who has never loved himself. There is nothing you could have ever done to make that situation good. I know how you hurt, so please CRY OUT to GOD, HE can fix it, HE is CLOSE to the BROKEN HEARTED.

  2. Tiffany hope you are ok. No one knows a person’s pain. Can’t judge u girl. Sending 🥰

  3. The death of someone grandma 👵is not a excuse 2 drive🚗 intoxicated.🤦🙄🤔 When u are very none in the spotlight u wanna show good character of yourself. All that money Tiffany have, she should have a chauffeur driving her around the city🌆, or call uber, Lyft.🤦 My mama died Nov 30th 2020 at age 70. And me, and my siblings miss our mom dearly 🍸 But we not irresponsible on taking our life by drinking and driving, or someone else life.🤦 We got a family to still raise out here. Shoot,I drink🍸my lil mix drinks only in the present of my own 🏡 home where it is safe..🙏

  4. She had enough money to catch the cab or Uber or limousine but this dumbass she have to drive and put other people life in jeopardy. I never drink and drive because I know what the consequences!

  5. Thank God she is ok but what is she doing driving alone I thought she was rich and famous and I thought she have body guards at all times wow I am surprised..

  6. My son was killed by DUI ! No excuses get a driver. I have been a fan of Ms. Haddish but there are no excuses for DUI drivers be responsible …… That’s it and that’s all we still live with our loss 16 years later my grand daughter still doesn’t have a father… No excuses be responsible….. I will pray for Ms. Haddish.

  7. This is the US government having this young lady under surveillance. They are watching you young lady because of your trips to Africa and telling the truth about your mother country

  8. Should have checked for crack in her system. She is as dinky as they come. No wonder Common fired her.

  9. @Walter Hunter: It’s almost like you were better off being sold to white people by your black brothers.

  10. Tiffany Haddish needs to slow her role. Fortunately she did not get hurt or hurt anyone. DUI’s are preventable. It is called a designated driver, cab or Uber>Lyft.

  11. it’s been a tough couple of weeks because she starting to reject the Hollywood lifestyle once she seen that it comes with a sacrifice and with lots of secrets

  12. She obviously thinks it’s a joke with a smile like that. Besides she’s not funny anymore .

  13. We all make mistakes in life rather big or small..celebrity or non celebrity doesn’t matter. We should never put others lives at risk yes I agree but I believe in change and learning from it. It’s crazy for grown folks here with name calling and just being down right stupid if u ask me . Pick up your head Tiffany and learn from your mistake. Give it to God and pay it forward.

  14. She made the right choice by putting off the road. And the police did there job enforcing the ended well.

  15. UNNECESSARY problems brought on by bad choices…. The end. I hope the sistah gets herself together and quick! Before she loses everything.. and for what?

  16. If Tiffany would rid herself of that always-on ghetto behavior, she might still be in a relationship with Common.

  17. I don’t know if I am missing something or not but as I read the story numerous times, I read that the car for PARKED at a residence🙄! So, in my opinion why are folks thinking that Tiffany DUI arrest will stand. Or assuming that every single one of us goes through trials and tribulations. Just for the ones who don’t know- your testimonies comes from trials and tribulations. Tiffany you have the DNA for your genetic makeup of being strong, tried and tested! And through it all you SURVIVED! Girl, just look at your resume. You could have given up a long time ago. But you pressed. Some of you need to take Tiffany’s lead. You’re wondering “and what is that?”. I’ll gladly tell you. A lot of you prefer to ask others for help, Tiffany prefers to “HELP HERSELF”! That’s the main ingredient for “I May Bend but I refuse to Break! Why? Because “ YOU CAN’T BRING UP MY PAST TO BREAK ME, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT MADE ME PRESSED ON AND BE STRONG.

  18. 🙄 Tiffany the white folks don’t like DUI alot of they kids got killed that way, they not gonna keep cutting checks to a drunk driver get it together

  19. I’m happy that she’s OK and didn’t hurt anyone else being that she fell asleep and intoxicated at the wheel. God gives everyone a wake up calm to deal with our pains differently and hopefully her being arrested for a DUI helps her to find a different path in dealing with her pain. Years ago, I took up drinking alot when father past away and was headed down some dark paths as result. It took some unfortunate events for me to realize that must find a different way to heal. We are all human and go through our trials and tribulations but the paths we choose to take to navigate them is what’s most important.💕

  20. I’m so happy she’s okay it is so hard losing a grandmother I know from personal experience…

  21. I’m just glad she didn’t hurt someone or herself. We all make mistakes, and I pray she learn from this🙏🏿🥰

  22. I can’t judge her but still it sure why ppl are all sad and coming together for her she made a choice we have consequences for our actions and speaking from having a DUI myself it was the worst thing I had ever done and experienced I made a mistake it was poor judgment and thank god I didn’t injury anyone. Longest two years of my life I spent two days In jail I felt like a criminal and to an extent I guess I was. Hard lesson learnt

  23. People make mistakes. Celebrities are human. Thank God no one was hurt or killed. 😇🙏❤️

  24. People make excuses for celebrities

    If Tiffany were a cashier at a drug store, no one would give a phuck about who she just lost

    But since she’s a comedian slash actor, we must all empathize with her & give her a pass

  25. I dont give a F*** who the hell you are! There should be 0 tolerance for driving impaired! Just because your going thru *hit! So now you take a chance and put other people in despair also! Please!

  26. Out partying got caught now pays the price she is human like the rest of us so be kind it could be any of us at one point. That being said there is no excuse there are Ubers and Lyft

  27. This woman lost her man, grandmother, her pet and one of her close mentors & friend all in one year. What she did wasn’t right by no means, but let’s cut her some slack…..

  28. She too damn old to be out drinking and partying. Seat yo azz down somewhere. That’s why common left her

  29. There is no excuse for this behavior. I lost my husband because of a drunk driver he ruined my life and left me a young widow with three sons to raise at age 30 so please think seriously before drinking and driving.

  30. We women are tired of letting age be a number, if he over 18 he legal, especially if he blessed. It’s a while lotta Stella’s in this I mutha !!!fucka

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