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Security guard murdered following fight with thugs

Patrick Prejean died on the job/YouTube

Security guard beat to death. 

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MESQUITE — Law enforcement officials in Mesquite, Texas are investigating after security guard Patrick Prejean was pummeled to death while on the job. The fatal beatdown transpired Saturday afternoon at Fitness Connection. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Prejean escorting three miscreants out the gym after they caused a disturbance on the basketball court. When Prejean shoved one of the perpetrators in the back, a bout of fisticuffs ensued. Prejean, 43, was ultimately knocked to the ground. The malefactors then stomped his ass unconscious. Prejean, a father of three, was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The murderous thugs are claiming self-defense. Prejean’s family is pissed. “We want answers because of the way it happened and how sudden it happened,” said Michelle Hall, Prejean’s cousin. “He was a gentle giant. We are all numb because we can’t believe he is gone and the way it happened. He has three boys that’s left without a father.”

Watch the lethal attack.

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  1. Even if it was self defense not after he hit the floor he posed no threat at that time every kick was an assault

  2. you cannot escalate a situation – i.e. throw the first punch – and then use self defense. again. you cannot be the initial aggressor in a situation and then use self defense. he pushed one young man, who had the right to defend himself in kind. that means with the same force as used against him. however, that did not give the others the right to join and then escalate the situation with more force. once he was down and was no longer a threat. the self defense argument ends.

  3. There is no way this is self defense of any kind. They are going to jail their was no imminent danger here, and their was one of him and 3 of them if anyone was in imminent danger it was the guard. If 3 people beat one person to death for a push you are going to jail that’s manslaughter period the force they used is not equal to the force of which the guard shoved him that does not give them the right to beat this man to death at all.

  4. Stomping out an outnumbered man who is on the floor is not self-defense. He shouldn’t have touched them, but it’s still not self-defense.

  5. I know what needs to be done. Someone needs to make a movie about how fukd up black people think, believe and do, without glorifying it with a likeable character. Black people respond to movies more than anything. Black people need the biggest mirror ever aimed at them. And there is no bigger mirror than a Movie screen.

  6. ”He was a Gentle Giant”
    My heart goes out to the family of this handsome bright strong dude

  7. That is crazy he must of had a heart attack or something. It don’t even look like he got beat that bad

  8. To this day you mugs can’t figure out why some don’t want you in their place of business.

    May the brother Rest in Peace.

    Brother Ashanti has Spoken!

  9. Too much idiot testosterone at gyms!
    That’s why I work out in my own home 🏡
    Sometimes I pull a gun 🔫 on myself in the mirror just to feel like I fit in!

  10. People you’d better turn back to God and start praying, every day there are senseless killings nonstop. This is the devil’s work and it will continue until God’s people get right get serious and get back in church.

  11. He was older than them he the guard didn’t see these black young men as his sons or nephew, he saw them as the enemy, my race let white supremacist paycheck divide us all the time. He didn’t see himself in those boys at all. Black race so lost. God said the white race is hell bound and 2/3 of the black race too. You mofo ain’t worth saving

  12. it’s a sad situation and I feel for the security guy. but you can’t put your hands on somebody and not expect to get hands put back on you.. they were leaving, so it was NO need to push the guy. self defense or maybe manslaughter. but you have every right to defend yourslef!

  13. Keep your hands to yourself and the job isn’t worth it. But their A S S is going to fry

  14. Fitness connection and these guys should be held responsible, the basketball court has always been a problem.

  15. This is why people are quitting these jobs! No one deserves to die this way because they are doing their job.

  16. underlying health issues were definitely at play because a lil fall and a few thumps he should not be dead… all this violence is so unnecessary my goodness on both ends ….those dudes should have no attitude at all whatsover just leave period all that talking in anger verbal aggressions not needed and the security guard should not be pushing them at all

  17. There are problems in the basketball court area in pretty much all gyms these days. The basketball court always attracts a certain undesirable segment of the demographic.

  18. I bet if they was white he would of never touched them we as blacks go so hard on each other but never to another race

  19. The security guard should not have put his hands on those kids, period. They were running their mouth, but they did not touch that man. All three didn’t have to stomp him out, but that doesn’t change the fact that the guard grabbed and pushed one of them. They may be charged with 2nd degree murder if that much. They obviously didn’t mean to kill him. I suspect the security guard had a heart attack. Until the coroner’s report is released we won’t know what killed him.

  20. Savage Thug N BOYS‼️ I hope they all get 25 years for killing a man for Extra-Nothing‼️😡💔

  21. I’m certain that the gym won’t pay for his arrangements. These businesses expect you to put your life on the line for 10 per hour and then replace you once you’re dead. They’ll get another “big black” to protect their business while they get rich.. NEVER will I die over a basketball or while protecting a company where I’m not insured at smh

  22. I will not place blame on anyone but he should have showed more control by not pushing the man on his way out of the door he was already walking

  23. I bet those 3 lame ass chumps aren’t laughing now. Hope they all do some serious time in the pen.

  24. Black lives matter the least to blacks. I get the feeling that some random wine aunt karen cares more about black people than they care about one another.

  25. They need to close the basketball courts. It only invites ghetto ass people to the gym. How about changing it to volleyball or soccer field.

  26. They called him an N word before stomping on his neck. I’ve seen this movie before.

  27. @Diggory Pat: Don’t try to Harass, Bully, and then assault people. Maybe you won’t get beat up and die from your weight.


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