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Belligerent dude assaults Dollar Tree worker’s lover

Law enforcement officials are investigating after a Dollar Tree employee got his ass kicked by his co-worker’s boyfriend. The beatdown was captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the belligerent malefactor having contretemps with the employee. Seconds later, he tackled him to the ground then proceeded to punch his face in. The girlfriend tried to break up the fight. But it was to no avail. “You’re gonna get me f*ckin’ fired,” she screamed. The security guard did absolutely nothing.

“You the security guard, whatcha doing bro?” the girlfriend screamed.

Watch the ass-whuppin.’

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  1. Bruh seriously took off his apron and call dude a pssy like he was about to do some damage and got rag dolled all down aisle 2😂😂

  2. Security guard needs to be fired right on the spot. He could’ve at least instilled a lil fear in big boy. He stood there quiet as a church mouse the whole time.

  3. Now he done messed it up. She gets fired and cant pay the rent. He’s not working and probably came to pick her up in her car.

  4. @Marcus Ferguson: He don’t get paid to breakup niggas. His job is to observe and report

  5. Lmfao I like how lil man thought everyone would hold Deebo back. Now he a stain on aisle 3.

  6. I wouldn’t even mess with smaller dudes fighting if I was that big. I’m six foot and I’d feel real puss to beat up a 5’4 Lil nîgga. Like, I’d really feel bad or weak AF….
    She’s fired. Security fired. Dollar store sued. Emotional single parented nîgga gotta step up and pay bills now, if he’s not in jail.

  7. @Sunshine delight: WRONG! It’s his responsibility to diffuse and prevent these type of situations by displaying some authority. You have to at least be stern in asking him to leave the store and show some power by letting him know he’ll be held accountable for his behavior. No one really tryna get locked up but if you show absolutely no care in the world, things like this happen. This could have all been avoided if the security guard at least made himself present in the situation and not act so frightened and invisible.

  8. @Marcus Ferguson: Its because security can’t do nothin about this cause the company gets sued when security gets involved

  9. @Marcus: Ferguson: she said somebody had a gun i don’t know who but if it was the guy then yes the security guard should do nothing because chances are he don’t have a gun

  10. Why would a security guard who makes $9 a hour risk his life ? His job is to observe and report, basically tell the cops what he saw. Security are t crime fighters. They are their to dissuade shopifters from shoplifting with his presence

  11. Black people love this kind of chaos, drama, & unruliness. “Oh mah gawddd!!”. Their women LOVE saying that.

  12. @MJ: You’re weird because if your “black” then every where you go there are black people is…… Even in your own house clown 🤡🤡🤡. IF you have children they’re black too and judging from your comment you probably attempt to act Caucasian too, but don’t get into trouble because they will remind you of exactly how “Black” you are

  13. If I was the manager I’d tell the girl u kno u fired and u not getting unemployment after starting a fight

  14. Well Lil man don’t run your mouth unless you got something to deal with….that was a big boy. But big dude probably can’t take care of his woman so he gets the dou of L

  15. Another example of letting your pride get your @ss whooped. Should of kept his mouth shut when things were clearly getting hostile. 5in shorter and at least 175lbs lighter. Also having long dreads is a great disadvantage in any fight.

  16. Bringing domestic problems to ya job ain’t a good look. Now the idįot boyfriend bout to do at least 4 for aggravated assault.

  17. Oh my man’s definitely was trying to get n the co-workers panties unfortunately the bum ass non working ass boyfriend caught wind and beat da brakes off da boi

  18. Overweight bum. Look how emotional these new niggas are man. Crazy

  19. Lil tecca got the shit beat out of him. Guy with dreads bluff didn’t work lol
    Niqqas with dreads are soft af

  20. Females are goofy. Probably tells boyfriend he did or said something. He comes up there and she says u gone get me fired. Dumb bih should of just let it go

  21. This a clear indication that women need to sit the fuck down and be women.. if you listen to these women talk.. they sound just like men.. but when something escalate they turn in to women again..

  22. Lmfao you beat up the work husband for what? She the one entertaining em, and def gave it up after this. MF be stupid af fr behind a female that’s gone do what she want.

  23. I would have started shooting every last black person cant pick and choose in this moment the most annoying stereotypes all in one video.

  24. That was a big dude, I would of put my pride away and apologized and been respectful; could of saved on that azz whooping

  25. black men are always allowing themselves to get put into an arena to fight and kill another black man all over a worthless black ratchet female… smh 😒

  26. @Dooby: Well if you start from just the 80’s before jim crow, heroin, black code, redlining, mass incarceration, lack of equal education opportunities, lynchings, fathers being took out the home from Lyndon banes Johnson welfare reform bill, experimenting on us such as in Tuskegee etc etc. we can say after the 80’s crack, taking the useful education courses out of school like Home eck or woodshop, police brutality, the war on Drugs that saw families dismantled vs how they now treat the “opioid epidemic”🤦🏾‍♂️ as well as our own music which has been hijacked by the devil himself and used as a for profit hustle spewing nothing but negativity, come to think of it I don’t know what the heck is wrong with our people foh

  27. That lil nicca got his azz BEAT dayum…gotta kill dude now Kuz I guarantee his gal called dude up there

  28. i worked at a family dollar that turned into a dollar tree. the only good thing about family dollar was they had hos. from age 18-19 those thots gave me the most puss i’ve ever had within an 18 month span.

  29. Fake security and why do hoeZ show up to work looking like they about to go to bed? Ratchet mfs

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