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T-Pain says Black History Month should be canceled

T-Pain slams Black History Month/YouTube

T-Pain says ‘stop celebrating.’

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LOS ANGELES — T-Pain ruffled feathers the other day when he suggested we stop celebrating Black History Month. The “Bartender” artist believes negro tradition should be recognized 24/7, 365 days a year; not just February, the most diminutive month on the calendar. “It’s always been f*cked up, it’s been f*cked up for hella years,” T-Pain, 37, told TMZ after they caught up with his black ass at Los Angeles International Airport. “We take it how we’ve been taking it. We going to make changes, look towards the future and stop looking at the past and we’ll make a change.” T-Pain also laments the downtrodden state of black proprietorship. “It ain’t gonna stop unless we have our own sh*t,” he fumed. “Just because we’re HBCUs don’t mean it ain’t owned by someone else. We know what we’ve done, lets make our own sh*t and we can get in wherever the f*ck we want to.”

“Stop celebrating,” T-Pain continued. “Although we celebrate Black History Month, I think we should just have history. They overshot it. We don’t want our own sh*t, you’re separating us again. We want to be part of history and not just one month of it. Like we want to be part of history, don’t celebrate one month for us. I’d rather everybody stop celebrating that sh*t and just let us be part of history and not just, ‘y’all get paid attention to on the shortest month of the year.'”

Do you share T-Pain’s sentiment?

Is it time to deep-six Black History Month.

Watch his rant.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The danger is people just talking about black history for a month and not any other time but it’s better to have a month than none at all

  2. Even thought T-Pain didn’t articulate his point very well, i get what he’s was trying to say. He was saying why limit celebrating black history to 1 month. Celebrate it it year round. The thing i hate about black history month is we only talk about the tragedies of our history, slavery, Jim Crow, Martin L King being assassinated etc.. there is so much more black history that shines a light on what black people have contributed other than the slaves building this country

  3. T-Pain is speaking complete nonsense. White Folks were already up in arms over the thought of CRT being taught in our schools. If Black History month is eliminated out of content, our history would fall by the waist side.

  4. Remember at the height of his career when he was dressing like a literal minstrel act and tapdancin all around hollyweird?

    Typical black southerner thinking everything is a party. Black history month isnt a celebration its EDUCATION. Which he obviously missed.

  5. He sounds dumb but I get his point. The problem is that White people don’t want to learn Black History beyond slavery and racial segregation so we need Black History Month to remind people that Black people are not only known as victims but also scientists, accomplished innovators, teachers and so on.

  6. I’m so tired of these dumb a$$ singers and rappers designating themselves as spokesmen for the black community!! You don’t even have two brain cells to rub together and yet you’re trying to tell us what to celebrate. Have you mentioned how white people are literally trying to erase slavery from American history with their whining about critical race theory? T Pain is just jumping on the bandwagon because Kanye West said this stupid bullsh!t. Complaining that black history is only celebrated one month a year so it shouldn’t be celebrated at all is cutting your nose off to spite your face.

  7. Black history month was created to hold us down and remind us of a bad time in history! Has No purpose, how about we have a black entrepreneur month to uplift us and motivate us to do better, not be reminded of something bad done to us! They want to separate us!

  8. Y’all let them call US History, Black history. Like White people werent there. You only talk about 1860s and the 1960s like Black people fell out of the sky and landed in only those two spots. You let them lie to you about what happened and prop fake stories up like the truth.

    Rosa parks isnt the one that didnt get off the bus. Claudette Colvin is, before her it was Jackie Robinson who wasnt the first Black person in baseball, just the first to call himself Black. NAACP was founded by White men. All the Black members quit in the first month. The United Negro College fund is a White organization. The first Black administrator was now.

    Then you allow them to tell you Black people never did anything, when you couldnt even have modern society without Black people. From the modern elevator to long term storage of Blood and food, we were the missing link to advanced civilization.

  9. I find Black History Month ridiculous. What’s so great that you’re going to relegate my history to a month? Which month is White History Month? Which Month is Jewish History Month? I could go on. I don’t want a Black History Month. Black History is American History.

  10. Im tired of people saying what we “need”to do. i think everyone knows what they need to do but the thing is how to do it. Quit saying “invest” and thats it. invest in what? Mofos need to walk some people through the process. If you want to start a business. Do you know the first step? Do you know where to look to find what is the first step.” Cats need to stop speaking general and more specific.

  11. It doesn’t mean you can celebrate Black history in this month only. The purpose is to honor it with a month long celebration like one does a birthday or any other annual celebration.

  12. Black people are losing their way. You celebrate your birthday and I’m sure everyday you’re alive is just as important. Of course they should teach and celebrate black history every day of the year but they don’t. Wake up before you find yourself without a black history month.

  13. My daughter goes to a HBCU and they barely teach them about black history there. We are surrounded by black history everyday regardless of how much white people or this country tries to diminish it..

  14. You can’t even get them to agree on critical race theory. Good luck with teaching about African or black history. Republicans would lose their flipping minds if their kids came home talking about “all humans originated from Africa”.

  15. T pain is a fucking clown thats the same nigga that set he would snitch hard

  16. Black men LOVE giving all their money back to the white man. They love their white women and will do anything to get them including spending all their money on them which essentially goes back to the white man.

  17. You would never tell the Jews not to remember the Holocaust or any other ethnic group but you want to tell black people not to remember our pain and suffering you sound like a Got damn fool just like brother Malcolm X used to say black entertainers and comedians you are nothing but clowns and buffoons, so you know we want to remember the past so we can say like the Jews never again never again all praises due to Allah the lord of the world to beneficent the most merciful Master of the day of judgment in which we now live

  18. I like having our own Month
    I hope ppl continue to celebrate us in February and always 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  19. I don’t feel anytype of way.
    I learn about my history 365 days a year.
    They used this month to monetize our history, using the same BS.

    Want some REAL history?

    From Babylon to Timbuktu
    The Destruction of the Black Civilization
    They Came Before Columbus
    Jews Selling Blacks
    Afrikan People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide
    Medical Apartheid
    The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews
    The Apocrypha

  20. That’s where you’re wrong t-pain. The average black leftist today wants segregation. Separate but equal.

  21. I agree with T Pain…I’m tired every year we have to hear about some white group of people offending colors with their “oh we didn’t know that was racist” menu. Dam…every year and it so tired and it reminds me of what who I’m dealing with…something that isn’t human.

  22. Imo the biggest problem we have at the moment is white people choose our leaders. If he is serious last thing T Pain should be doing is talking with the oppressor. jmo

  23. Can we change Black History Month to January cuz January feels like the longest month in the year

  24. I’ll Settle For “Black History Day”…A Day Where Black Folks Worldwide Refuse To Fight And K!LL Each Other…That Would Truly Be “Black History”

  25. If you believe anything they teach us about history period you are crazy.

  26. @Lamel Watson: We can get there the day after we deal with WHITE and all other ETHNICITIES doing exactly the same.

    People kill what is next to them. Most of us live around people who look just like us.

    Crime by race is a false narrative.

    Any intelligent person would see that.

    When we start taking stats on the crimes WHITE people do against OTHER WHITE people alone and then come up with laws to address it then you can bring up other people.

    History has shown us that WHITE people are Inherently violent towards ALL people including their own.

  27. Blacks are being segregated but not to their benefit.

    Back in real segregation, the black dollar stayed in the black community for more than 4 hours. Black dentist, black grocer, black gas station.

    Were no black victims. Everyone was a black producer. Kids went to school and prepared for work. Everyone had a role. Not now. Too many victims who can’t do anything and have too many excuses and ppl let them get away with this!

    It wasnt a perfect system but it worked.

    Black folk owned and were a proud ppl not victims waiting for a handout.

  28. A humanity year would be nice, a year full of humanity across the globe, which we would celebrate annually

  29. @Msleelee: At a time when black people were being lynched and having their towns destroyed by poor whites? U clearly don’t know what victim means.

  30. I think it’s sad that y’all decided to settle on a month of remembrance and rights to the N word…
    It’s sad given that other races in America got their reparations for less than half of what happened during the slavery of the black community…

  31. @Gondor primulon: And at no point did they act like a victim.

    They were strong and didnt just lay down and wait for a check and the schools to graduate their illiterate child like today

  32. I agree, only black people celebrate white people taking time out to acknowledge them. F them, we need our own stuff, half of you niqqas don’t teach your children their history and then get mad when schools won’t teach them. The schools give them the same three people anyway. Lol THE CHEEK TURNERS! Just turn the other cheek.🙄🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ Turn the other cheek, don’t sit in the back of the bus and who made peanut butter.😂🙄👀

    I’ve asked Native America’s, Asian people, and Hispanics about the teaching of their history. Guess what!? Their family makes sure they know about the truth. I could never understand why Native America’s did not like Thanksgiving( when I was a child). That’s because THEIR PARENTS and THEIR PEOPLE do not rely on WHITE PEOPLE to teach them about themselves. They knew the truth and my parents had told me a different story.🤷🏽‍♀️

    I agree, take it away, half of niqqas don’t celebrate it anyway. Just like most niqqas celebrate Christmas instead of Kwanzaa.🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

  33. Black history month isn’t going anywhere. It’s too commercialized at this point. Companies aren’t gonna pass up a chance to score some woke points by pretending to give af about Black history month

  34. T-pain is 100%. Our history is year round. We didn’t only make a difference in a month. We as a ppl made a difference all the time. So in essence, the history books should reflect that and teach all cultures in their great contributions all the time!

  35. Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and Girls. His incoherent thoughts is a prime example of why schools and education are so important. No shade, because I can *kinda* get his overall point, but because of his inability to articulate his points properly, the point gets lost. Dude has been around the world and made millions but can’t simply say “we should emphasize more on our future than focusing so much on the past”

  36. My Mexican ass been saying this for years that’s fucked up there a black history month where the white history month and black people folks went along with it celebrating🤦🏽‍♂️

  37. You will see these fools celebrating Ramadan, Passover, St. Patrick, Columbus, and Pulaski Days, but will always question anything Black celebrates. All peoples under the sun have designated days/months in which they celebrate their heritage. Don’t waste your precious time learning the value of your heritage from these goons just because music celebrates them.

  38. We need a white history month and brown history month and Asian history month

  39. You know T-Pain would have a point, if they wasn’t trying to erase history systemically with legislation. That’s the reason why we got a black history month to begin with. Because they wasn’t acknowledging it. keep it like it is and add on to it. We will miss around and no Black History will be taught period if they had their way….not saying just saying.

  40. T – Pain is absolutely right. Black History month is bullshit. The narrative that they push reinforce their colonialism nonsense. Black History acts like slavery was our greatest achievement. True Black History should start with Pre Kemet Africa. Anything less than that is a scam.

  41. I celebrate it everyday with my Bible and teaching my family their “real” Hebrew history not western/American propaganda

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