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Vlogger rips Sexyy Red for indoctrinating school kids

Sexyy Red is after our kids/YouTube

Black chick rips Sexyy Red. 

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LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows an exasperated black chick excoriating Sexyy Red, 26, for appearing at public schools to give motivational speeches to children. Babygirl also lambasted school administrators, teachers and parents for allowing the sh*t to happen. Keep in mind, Sexyy Red is arguably the raunchiest rapstress in American history. As a marionette for the Illuminati, the “Pound Town” artist is tasked with indoctrinating our kids. The vlogger’s diatribe was disseminated via TikTok. “A lot of these new-age artists target kids with very hypersexual and explicit content,” she vented. “Why as an adult entertainer, whose music is on the verge of erotica, would you even think it’s appropriate for you to show up at a school? Smelling like marijuana with your cleavage hangin’ out. Baby, you wouldn’t be able to go visit your baby daddy in prison lookin’ like that. But that’s how you show up for the kids?” 

“Two, why would adults even think it is morally right to book a f*cking Sexyy Red to come speak to kids?” the vlogger continued. “From the teachers to the f*cking superintendent… why would y’all think that’s acceptable? The adults of this generation do not want to protect children. They just want to exploit them. Y’all don’t see black kids as kids. You don’t see black children as children. What adult is condoning their children to listen to Sexyy Red? The adultification of black kids right now makes me wanna f*ckin’ slap every bitch in here.”

Social media reaction was equally venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Too many ‘parents’ nowadays didn’t actually want kids. That’s why they aren’t raising them. They just treat them like they are ‘friends.'”

Another chimed in with, “Even Cardi B don’t let her kids listen to her own music.”

A third viewer added, “When I was in school, we had doctors, judges, and police officers booked to visit us.”

Sexyy Red was recently denied entry into a high school because she smelled like weed.

She also threw up a few gang signs.

What’s my take?

It’s simple.

Satan has been after us since the days of Genesis and he’s ramping up activity because he’s running out of time.

I’m sure there’s a reason for the hate.

We’ll find out on judgment day.

Hip-hop used to be fun and educational.

Now it reeks of moral decay.

The world belongs to Lucifer and America is his headquarters.

That’s why I’ll never trust this place.

Hell, I don’t even trust that Sexyy Red is black.

She can be a clone for all we know.

Trust, I’ve dealt with Illuminati gatekeepers in the past.

I know what I’m talking about.

I can’t speak for other races of people because I don’t identify with their culture.

But, my best advice to black people is it’s imperative you know who you are.

I know who I am.

That’s why the Satanic bullsh*t that encircles us doesn’t bother me.

I’m not fazed at all.

Look, the powers that be are using public education to brainwash our kids.

As adults, the onus is on us to stop it from happening.

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

@jacthequeenn Any grown adult who disagrees with this is a weiro 😬 #jacthequeen #realtalk #fyp ♬ Anti Busters – Jacqueleen

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  1. It’s mostly the hood mothers who do this mess SMH I’ve seen it over and over. I have a coworker who is now in her 40s and literally be dressing worse and more inappropriate than her daughter.

  2. Why is Sexyy Redd even famous? Her music is garbage. Also, she’s a prime example of what other races think of black woman. Nothin more than a foul mouthed 304

  3. I’m from the same city as Sexy Redd, St. Louis & she’s an embarrassment. I don’t support her music @ all.
    A terrible representation of our city…

  4. only positive thing I can say about this Red-Creature….at least she isn’t a pronoun

  5. Why on earth would the school invite sexy red to speak to young children. Smh ️ wtf . A lot of these artists such as sexy red want to target these kids with explicit sexual songs and explicit sexual content, especially when sexy red is smelling like marijuana, weed and having her cleavage hanging out. Like are you serious?? Where is the comment sense at??? Having sexy red come to a school and perform to children is not appropriate. These public schools are not helping these children, they are hurting them by exploiting these children to have sexy red perform at public schools. I’m just speaking facts. Sexy red is low class, trashy, and ghetto. When I was in school, we had nurses, doctors, lawyers, police officers, ect that were being invited and to speak to children. None of this garbage was ever brought up when I was going to school. This generation is so doomed.

  6. Black children should be protected at all costs. I will not support any1, that will hurt or harm the community.

  7. Why can’t people let children be children?! Adulthood lasts much longer than childhood. Children are no longer innocent in this society.

  8. Just like lil naz x is marketed to kids.. the music business has gotten to black men /women to degrade themselves. Now they’re going after the kids

  9. United States never had morals. This is exactly where society is suppose to be at. ️

  10. Let’s be clear the adult application of black children has been going on since slavery. These folks were sleeping with our grandparents.Our Mother’s, our children everybody.There was no age limit on who they could rape and degrade during slavery.And we carry it on until now

  11. She’s bought and paid for by Demacrats Yeah she’s brainwashing kids no doubt her music is sickening

  12. The industry is setting the black community up. Think about who they put in front of us, sexy redd (trenches), Cardi ( a phony image of a fighter, horrible plastic surgery, and confusion of her race to further confuse us of what we already know, they want her to lead that’s why no matter how she’s ignored she finds her way back in our face), Megan ( she gives prostitute, don’t care for love just s**) look at all of em.

  13. This is awful! Exposing Black children to this garbage! White people would not dare let this influencer to their children at school!

  14. Father Christ forgive me but at this moment I’m ashamed to call myself black, this is why some people think all black women are ghetto and ratchet hood, I’m sorry I’m not in that category this is not a ROLE MODEL for kids and that’s all I got to say about it

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