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LisaRaye of ‘Players Club’ admitted shooting people

LisaRaye shot several people/TMZ

LisaRaye let her gat explode.

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LOS ANGELES — Don’t let the prepossessing countenance fool you. If you cross LisaRaye McCoy, she’ll bust a cap in your ass. The 54-year-old actress raised eyebrows the other day when she admitted shooting mothaf*ckas several years ago. She also has a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson’s. LisaRaye voiced the revelation during an appearance on TMZ’s new podcast “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper.” She’s the first guest to appear on the show. Fans are understandably shocked but LisaRaye harbors no shame about her past. Ignominy be damned, the turbulent journey helped mold her current success. “I’ve been to jail for all kinds of sh*t,” LisaRaye confessed. “I done shot somebody. I done pistol-whipped folks. I done had fights. I’m not the average pretty girl that’s afraid to break fingernails.” LisaRaye, if you recall, was arguably the sexiest actress in Hollywood when she portrayed voluptuous stripper Diamond in Ice Cube’s 1998 film “The Players Club.” She was so hot, she had n*ggas jackin’ off in the movie theater.

LisaRaye is currently a host on Fox Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens.”

She also stars in the web television series “A House Divided.”

Does LisaRaye’s bombshell change your opinion of her?

Watch the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I always believed she had some issues but I wondered what. Now I see why she attacts people. I just don’t like her period!

  2. Back story: Lisa Ray grew up in the strip club, her father owned a few in Chicago. I can understand why.

  3. Lisa Raye has a horrible attitude. Once you get old people don’t want to deal with it. People will tolerate a lot when you are young and appealing. Not so much later in life

  4. Players club was 20 years ago, how are you having an identity crisis now?

  5. Western women never adjusted properly to their aging or hitting the wall. They concentrated so much on their looks and being independent that they never worked on their personality!

  6. The reason why THE PLAYERS CLUB roll effected her so much is because THAT WAS THE ROLL THAT MADE HER FAMOUS.. She was known for being an URBAN MODEL, but that movie roll made her A STAR…

  7. She is a libra… all Libra’s have identify issue… learn to be yourself and be true to yourself rather always presenting a persona

  8. She reminds me of Keisha Cole they have these stank a$$ attitude’s!!!!

  9. I have to give her credit for being relevant for so long just off one movie role frm 23 yrs ago

  10. LisaRaye slept with Ice Cube for that leading role. And she still still have long hair and love showing her body everywhere she go. So stop it LisaRaye with the identity crisis. She wants some attention.

  11. I’ve always been interested in Lisa Raye. She seems like a very complex and interesting woman, I wish she would do more interviews.

  12. She can’t get the attention she was getting before. These younger women are the focus of men now! Her time came and went. The wall is undefeated. Name one Lisa Raye film other than The Players Club? I’ll wait…………

  13. I asked myself why didn’t she do much of anything after The Players Club. At least in my opinion, she more than held her own in that film with performers, who were long established in the business, long, before her. What a waste of talent. She went from a nobody(In the entertainment business, that is), to a staring role (Players club), to small, bit parts, to doing virtually, nothing. Crazy business.

  14. The problem is, who can name another movie she was in? That was the curse of getting famous of getting naked in your break out film. Back then of you showed your boobs in one movie, they want you to do it in every movie, which is probably why you didn’t see her in many other movies. Also this is why women like Halle Berry didn’t do it until late in her career. What people didn’t understand was, that was the trap in Hollywood. Just like in those porn movies back then too, you get tricked into doing porn, then that’s either what you were stuck doing because, you could no longer cross into mainstream.

  15. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we just saw the effects of receiving TOO MUCH validation for for your looks that is a DEPRECIATING asset💯 #SheStillFineButItMayHaveWentToHerHead

  16. I was 23 when Player’s Club came out. Me and every guy I know been loving her ever since. She has the same issues most the females around us had. We either deal with it, or move on after awhile. No big deal. Just another reality of growing up in the hood.

  17. Diamond need to go somewhere and sit down trying anything to stay relevant and keep a paycheck since she can’t keep a man! At best, she’s dull and irrelevant…girl bye 👋‼️

  18. Jesus Christ loves us brothers and sisters let us all repent today because Jesus Christ is always in the life that we have so let us not be deceived by the world and the things that are in the world I love you all and so do Jesus Christ.

  19. She’s the type of women men need to stay far away from…this woman is the definition of TOXIC!!!

  20. I’m so proud of Lisa ❤️ A true Queen 👑 she is many blessings on the rest of your journey Queen✨

  21. Let’s talk about how Lisa and da brat aint real sisters after all this time they never speak on that…why?

  22. This is why I LOOOOVE me some LisaRaye PERIOD! Her authenticity is off the charts!!!!

  23. That interview was great- love Lisa Raye. She is definitely one of a kind. We NEED her on our big screens, black Hollywood has really slept on the queen. She still has greater things ahead though, divine timing is everything. I’m so proud of her. 💞✨☺️

  24. This a good ass interview! I was falling out laughing😂🤣, 👏🏽 clapping,dapping 👊🏽 and screaming Preach!!!

  25. Lisa Raye is a beautiful, well spoken strong 👑I enjoyed this interview….. shows her for the woman that she is and gives clear explanations for whomever wanted or needed to know what’s up! 💯

  26. I FUKKS with Lisa Raye since Players Club! She ALWAYS been a *Diamond*

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