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Viral video shows NFL is rigged to drive TV ratings

Roger Goodell runs a fixed league/Clutchpoints

Everyone admits NFL is rigged. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NEW YORK — Uh-oh! An NBC video has gone viral that lends veracity to the notion the National Football League is rigged to drive revenue and television ratings. That means Tom Brady didn’t earn a single Super Bowl victory. In the 6-minute clip, a referee is seen celebrating with Brady and the New England Patriots after they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2018 AFC Championship Game. Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward tweeted “rigged” after the game. Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey said his coach told the team in the 4th quarter to “give the game to New England” because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said it was “best for the league.” What the hell? When asked if games are scripted, Goodell replied: “At the end of the day, we are here to provide entertainment to the fans.”

Goodell also drew a juxtaposition between the NFL and pro wrestling which is fake. San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana admitted “cheating” is commonplace in the NFL and has been for a long time. Quondam Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores said owner Stephen Ross bribed him to lose games on purpose. He was offered $100,000 per defeat. Lord have mercy.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One fan wrote, “Wow I’m disgusted!!! I’ll never see the NFL the same way. As a matter of fact I won’t watch it anymore.” Another fan added, “Then that means Tom Brady ain’t no damn GOAT!” Many fans and media members believe Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes pulled a Paul Crewe in this year’s AFC title game.

The NFL is recognized as an “entertainment” business rather than a sport.

So it’s perfectly legal to fix the outcome of games.

Will you remain a fan of the league?

Should the NFL be viewed through the same lens as pro wrestling?

Watch the explosive video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Rigged!!! What are the odds of two home teams that are hosting the super bowl making it back to back. Since the super bowl started no team was able to accomplish that. Boycott the NFL. Vegas runs the NFL.

  2. Brady must have threatened to expose the NFL or he knows something on the NFL commissioner

  3. Everything I hear about how great Brady is, the “greatest of all time” , I like to point out how no one was allowed to touch him. He may as well have been wearing a skirt. The NFL needed someone to bring back fans, they chose a good looking white quarterback to do this. Brady was average, threw 10 yard passes against 2 deep safety coverage and if someone touched him , 15 yards was there penalty. Go back and watch any of his games, their defense backs held receivers, offensive line held lineman and no calls ever. G.O.A.T my ass, he has to know the NFL protected his ass his entire career. He was by no stretch of anyones imagination the best arm to have ever played the game. Only Pat’s fans , which if you’ve ever met someone from Boston ( only people I’ve ever met more full of themselves than New Yorkers ) think any of those games were legit.

  4. Keep fucking hating on Tom Brady you Gen Z fucktards! Tom Brady is the GOAT and no one is greater than Tom Brady

  5. Since the NFL is rigged and fixed. Drop your prices on games and super bowls. It’s money motivated by ANY means. That’s sad. I can tell u this. I won’t be watching any sports anymore

  6. Mark my words: You will see the Las Vegas Raiders in the Super Bowl in two to three years. I don’t know if they’ll win, but every time a team has moved and managed to get a new stadium they’ve been rewarded with a trip to the Super Bowl. The Raiders used to be the team to hate, the villain team, and the NFL is all about narratives, and has been since at least Super Bowl III. But I sense that perception of them from the league itself has changed.

  7. That’s what happens when a league that PRIDED itself on it’s INTEGRITY and good reputation sells it’s soul to the gambling industry. Questionable calls, schedule rigging, real time in stadium betting to manipulate the spread, etc. Then they reward the Nevada gaming industry by engineering the relocation of the Raiders from a proven, home team strong NFL Top 10 market in Oakland, to a fluid unproven lower market that has already taken away whatever home field advantage the Raiders may have had because the local industry is built around bringing in VISITING TEAM fans in large numbers to fill their rooms and casino floors.
    The NFL is becoming so twisted and untrustworthy, you would accept the outcome of a neighborhood wrestling match above the score of a big NFL game.

  8. I was pretty much done with the nfl when they started their kneeling bullshit but this puts the icing on the cake. Screw the n f l


  10. When Tom went Tampa, I told a Co worker, I said then that the nfl was going to make sure he got to the superbowl and win. My co worker was like no. Sure enough it played out exactly like I said. I called it with the Lakers too when Kobe died.

  11. Pro Wrestlers know they are Actors. Professional sports are for the athletes to show their God-given abilities in front of their fans. This is an absolute CROCK OF $^@*. Pathetic and wrong.

  12. Look up a court case saying NFL is sport * entertainment * so they can PREDETERMINED outcome LEGAL per supreme court

  13. To all you fans, I have to first say, I have not watched a second of live football coverage since the tuck rule game. And I never will. I don’t have a “team” a dog in the fight. This is a business and run as such to maximize profits. The nfl has the same court order as the wwe and roller derby, designated as sports entertainment. This is clearly written on the back of the event tickets. The rigging, scripting is blatantly obvious. Yet codependent people, “fans” can’t or won’t accept this. Wake up, you’re being played for a fool by billionaire owners and millionaire players.

    If you think rigging or scripting is something new, think again. The nfl was founded by degenerate gamblers who wanted another stream of revenue from horse racing. Think about that for minute. Of course, most people think super bowl III was the first big game fixed. Nope, it happened in ’47, owner Charles Bidwell who owned the then Chicago Cardinals and whose health was starting to fail in ’46, wanted a championship to help his struggling franchise. And with collusion in place from the other owners, a very mediocre Chicago Cardinal team “won” that nfl championship. It was posthumous since Bidwell died April of ’47, but a fixed championship for owner Charles Bidwell none the less. And more importantly for the Bidwell family who still own the Cardinals today in Arizona.

    There are hundreds of examples of scripting, rigging, fixing, whatever you want to call it. We all have better things to do than watching this excrement. Hope you all find value and true meaning in your lives. God bless 🕆

  14. Does it mean that when tom Brady finally retires football might go back to being the way it used to be before roger Goodell turned it into a scripted 3 ring circus like McMahon and his steroid pumping degenerate actors? Or is it gonna go on like this with Patrick mahomes playing the part of the “new tom Brady “?. I just wish football would be football again, let the players do what they love doing, playing football, and let the best team win. Im just saying you guys……..👍👍👍👍

  15. Who’s here after their team got knocked out the playoffs. Buffalo@kc rigged.


  17. Epstein didnt kill himself biden didnt get 81 million votes and mcdermott kicked it away to LOSE not to win for the next woke golden boy

  18. Yeah I believe it this kind of s*** happened in the election when the cheating Democrats evilly stoled the election away from Donald Trump

  19. 49ers fan here, yeah Vegas took over the NFL. You’ll notice alot of sacks where line just let’s them through. A player running for a touchdown will cut with nobody in front of them so a tackle can be made, a fumble here a pick there etc. I put alot of games under a microscope and see it all the time but that’s the way it is. It’s sports entertainment and listed that way to avoid lawsuits.

  20. It’s all rigged for god’s sake. How can you support these idiots when they compare their product to the WWE? Besides the woke garbage turned me off for good and don’t miss it at all.

  21. Like they said. Its just entertainment. In otherwords. To keep us distracted from what there doing behind our backs as usual. What happened to this country? What happened to americans. Am very disappointed. ** this world we live in . cant say nothing bad about our country God bless america. Its my country n Ill die defending it along with my family. Brothers all we need now is boxing rigged also. Say it isnt so.

  22. Everything on TV is fake, rigged, and a total fraud. Except CNN. How could George Costanza lie to you??

  23. “It’s easier to fool them than to convince them that they have been
    fooled.”..look at society, politics,history,etc…take heed sheep

  24. KC was winning on top of bangles until halftime then couldn’t score a touchdown but only a field goal. Check out all the games in the past they scored way more then 3 points so tell me something that it’s not rigged

  25. Now that they are in bed with the gambling industry it’s beyond fixed! No way the Patriots should’ve won as much as they did.

  26. Just watch the Chiefs man, the Chiefs are intentionally letting teams score to make the game closer. Mahomes has been throwing the ball in the dirt a lot this year. Mahomes is so good he can turn it off and on like a switch. The refs look worse than ever before. And what’s with taunting, is that a “woke” penalty? LoL

  27. The Bible says many shall be deceived and NFL is the in part with the Anti-christ that is also Anti-Blacks playing Quarterbacks . 32 teams and not one black owners, because the black ownership would expose the racism and would be winning the Superbowl because blacks can win without white Quarterbacks and white players and that’s a fact. Can you imagine 4 white players in the secondary and haven’t seen 3 white wide receiver since Green Bay Packers had Carrol Dale #84 Boyd Dowler #86 Max McGee #85 the New York Jets Don Maynard #13 Bake Turner#83 George Sauer #87 San Diego Chargers Lance Alworth #19 Gary Garrison #27 Walker Gillette #84 back in 1970 !

  28. Now we have to bet on who we think the gambling & NFL syndicate is going to choose to win the SuperBowl! These people need to be prosecuted for defrauding the Public. Serious prison time!

  29. The federal government needs to do something about organized crime, fixing games and the NFL.

  30. Rigged. Fraud. Brian Flores is right . NFL owners now can bet on their own teams to win or lose they already know the outcome. Criminal!

  31. The NFL is like a multi billion dollar company with offices or branches around the world where each office/branch (NFL teams) competes against each other to see who will profit the most at the expense of their employees (players) and customers (fans)


  33. The NFL is absolutely rigged. This season and the first few games of the post season have 100% proven that.

  34. I don’t like the WWE and since the NFL is sports entertainment and not a real sport anymore. Might as well watch UFC at least the fights are real. If I want to see wrestling I’ll watch Mexican Lucha libre. If I want to watch real football and real wrestling I’ll watch college matches and football.

  35. Man I’ve been trying to open peoples eyes up to the fakeness for years but some people just choose to remain sheep

  36. If we stopped investing passion, our stress and money into something we cannot change regardless of if it is rigged or not we all can start to feel better……After the game win or lose the players drive home in their high end cars to their million dollar homes, the best championship I watched this year was my youngest daughter’s 8th grade basketball championship win and my oldest daughter’s 10th grade lacrosse season championship hands down.

  37. The NFL is a scripted reality show that is getting hard to sell to those that don’t have a covid shot haha

  38. It’s sad people will still watch year after year. The people I ask say it doesn’t matter either or because they would still watch it.

  39. They told Mahomes to throw that game. And like a good employee, he did as he was told.

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