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Jimmy the Greek claimed Blacks taking over sports

Jimmy the Greek spoke his mind/ESPN

Jimmy “The Greek” lauded blacks. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NEW YORK — Thanks to Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, we finally know why there’s a paucity of negro coaches. A viral Black History video shows the late sportscaster saying if African Americans dominate coaching, Caucasians won’t have a métier in big revenue sports because Mandingo athletes have completely taken over. Roughly 75% of NFL and NBA rosters are chocolate. “If they take over coaching like everybody wants them to, there’s not gonna be anything left for the white people,” Jimmy told a WRC-TV reporter in 1988. “All the players are black. The only thing that whites control is the coaching jobs. That’s all that’s left for ’em. The black talent is beautiful, it’s great. The only thing left for the whites is a couple of coaching jobs.” Jimmy also said black athletes are superior to other ethnicities due to slavery. “The black [man] is a better athlete to begin with because he’s been bred to be that way,” he explained. “Because of his high thighs and big thighs that go up into his back. And they can jump higher and run faster because of their bigger thighs.”

“I’m telling you that the black [man] is the better athlete,” Jimmy continued. “He practices to be the better athlete and he’s bred to be the better athlete because this goes all the way to the Civil War when, during the slave trading, the owner, the slave owner, would breed his big woman so that he would have a big black kid, see. That’s where it all started.”

Fast legs? Big thighs? Sh*t, for a minute I thought Jimmy was talkin’ about KFC. He also failed to mention our big d*cks. Jimmy added kerosene to the inferno when he called white athletes “lazy.” CBS fired his ass, claiming he spewed racist remarks.

Do you share Jimmy’s sentiment?

Should white men stick to coaching?

Watch the controversial video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. He just told the truth in who controls everything. May not be right but it was the truth

  2. Considering where we are today on the coaching front, the nation owes Jimmy the Greek a huge apology. Jimmy was right and white boys are protecting those head coaching jobs with all their collective might.

  3. people seem to think that it was the black folks that canceled him but it wasn’t… see, he said the quiet part out loud and the nfl exec’s and higher ups weren’t having it…. its clear as day in 2022 when you see the amount of black head coaches in the NFL … exactly 1 as of now and that one hasn’t had a losing season in 15 years .. hello bar….

  4. same reason they didnt want black people to learn to read & write why they didnt let black people own guns they were afraid of losing power.

  5. “he also failed to mention our big dicks” 😂😂😂

    Blog King nailed it!!!!!

  6. Jimmy The Greek and Pete Rose will always have my admiration, despite their scandals. The make one mistake, and they are thrown to the wolves. The rest of their accomplishments are apparently irrelevant.

  7. He spoke what owners talked about behind the scene and their behavior shows exactly what Brian Flores talking about today.

  8. Jimmy was right. Now they have black female NFL coaches, chicks who never even set foot on the turf are telling grown ass men what plays to run.

  9. It’s always white people who get offended for something that has nothing to do with them that makes everything go haywire..

  10. Blacks don’t want to be head coaches because they outearned the coaching profession during their playing days. Why would Shaq, Michael Strahan or some player of that caliber want to bother being a head coach? They make millions just being on TV.

  11. Black people are better athletes its a fact whats racist about that lmao

  12. all jimmy the greek did was tell the truth, the touchy feely left wing demoKKKrats didnt like that hahahahaha

  13. that’s not racist…he’s just saying he admires how good black people are to the sports culture and he’s not surprised if more black coaches and commentators are going to replace what was predominantly a white job at the time. this is the same mis-understanding as that norm macdonald radio segment where the host thought norm macdonald was just calling black people poor. He’s saying black people are generally poorer than white people and to deny this is to deny that there’s any problem that black communities face, meaning if you don’t think black people are generally poorer than white people then you won’t even begin the thought process to that there is racism in society causing inequality because you’d already think they’re equal to begin with.

  14. if things keep going the way they are, NBA will be mostly white euro players lol

  15. This isn’t racist at all. He was being honestly positive for black people

  16. Jimmy the Greek spoke the gospel truth and even back then the white man couldn’t stand the truth that the black man was better at anything than him.

  17. He paid the price for opening his mouth at the wrong time. If this guy had been born 30 years earlier, OR 30 years later, and said the same shit, AND even wayyyy worse things (in politically correctness terms), he would not have been fired, but people would encourage him to run for president, or some other lesser office. Thinking of Nixon, and Trump, as examples.

  18. His comments today would land him a job at Fox News or better yet MTG new hubby.

  19. Archie Bunker said it before Jimmy the Greek and his show wasn’t cancelled……

  20. I mean the slaves were at an advantage in aerodynamic sports off rip since they came from west Africa who people forget is a literal jungle, they were made when thick thighs and butts as well as skinny waists and lanky muscles. The only thing wrong (scientifically) is saying the slave owners made them like that

  21. It’s not necessarily the words that sting the most (at least vis-a-vis public perception/management controlled by the usual suspects (lol)) in this snippet of an interview; it’s the general tone and tenor of the Greek’s that is most offensive to said kakistocracy: it’s more or less Jimmy the Greek – a mouthpiece for the kakistocracy that runs the NFL (i.e., the usual suspects lol) – signaling to the white majority that your time has come and gone; and, moreover, the present – and future – is the time of the minority (i.e., black)! That is all!!

  22. He’s right about the coaching jobs because the NFL had to come up with the rooney rule just to interview black coaches thats almost 20 years after

  23. Jimmy the Greek was fired and disgraced. Idiotic talking heads like Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman are never out of work. And don’t even get me started on Stuart “Boo-ya!” Scott. If he were still alive, he’d STILL be working. Don’t tell me this world, and especially the world of sports media culture, isn’t completely f*cked up.

  24. Jimmy the Greek‘ He’s telling the truth blacks are the better athletes you take a big black woman 👩🏿 you breed her to a Big black man you come out with big black strong football players !!!!!

  25. The firing of Jimmy the Greek, much like what happened to Al Campanis, was not some noble statement against “Racism” it was one of the earliest examples of how much political correctness has destroyed the First Amendment in our society where people can lose their jobs and livelihoods for merely what they say (and in neither cases were the remarks in question ones that were blatantly racist in the sense of using racial epithets etc.) The real hypocritical irony is how the PC Left who pushes for people to lose their jobs over what they say are the same people who to this day get up on their high horses about the evils of 1950s blacklisting against Hollywood Communists.

  26. Jimmy “the Greek” and Al campanis were cancelled long before cancel culture, was invented.

  27. Jimmy the Greek was not racist. I am tired of the racist term getting thrown around. Stuff like this is why real racism is not taken seriously anymore

  28. The only thing Jimmy was guilty of, was telling the truth. There are very real physiological differences between blacks and other races. Anyone who was studied Physiology in college can tell you so. It isn’t racist, it’s science. But in this country, truth {even science} takes a back seat to political correctness.

  29. It didn’t seem like he was trying to be racist! He was just saying the black players are the vast majority of the players! And the only way white guys can even be apart of it is by coaching!
    I know what he’s saying but black men should not be limited to just playing! When their playing days are over, some will wanna get into coaching! Which he also said he thinks will eventually happen anyway!

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