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Evil thug shot dead after biting off officer’s finger

Quarles shot dead by police/YouTube

Ruthless villain shot dead.

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BALTIMORE — A video has gone viral that shows a shirtless, unarmed black man gettin’ blown to smithereens after he thwacked a police officer in his countenance before masticating the finger of another. The sanguinary ordeal transpired January 30th at a residence in Baltimore, Maryland. Police body cam footage shows 20-year-old Dyonta Quarles Jr. throwing punches at officers after they tried to place him in handcuffs. One of the cops discharged a stun gun but it had no effect. Seconds later, a scuffle broke out and Quarles ended up on the floor. That’s when the recalcitrant negro sunk his teeth into Officer J. Ricci’s hand, splashing blood all over the place. “He’s biting my f*cking finger off,” Ricci screamed as he wailed in pain. “Shoot that motherf*cker, goddamn it!” At least three gunshots can be heard. Quarles was pronounced dead at the scene.

None of this sh*t would’ve happened had police not responded to a domestic violence call.

Quarles’ mom dialed 911 and told the dispatcher her son was actin’ a mothaf*ckin’ fool.

Officers were initially denied ingress so they kicked the door in.

The cop who had his finger manducated also suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Entire situation coulda been avoided if that man didn’t attack the officer. The body cam gives you an idea of what they gotta deal with, but we look at it in retrospect under the title “unarmed man.” The police don’t always know they unarmed. And they ARE armed as well, so when you wrestling on the ground there’s a chance that Glock is getting took and used against you. This man was wilding out, no arguing that. So many of these situations start out as domestics. The female calls the cops on the male. But when the police arrive, the female suddenly flips the script and regret calling, or she interferes with the cops trying to do their job and starts screaming making everything all the more tense. We talk a lot of sh*t about the police but until you step in they shoes and actually deal with what they deal with on a daily basis, you just a man with a opinion. That officer screamed like a b**ch though. N having your finger bit ain’t equal to taking a life, but as I said above. If that man laid on the floor while his lady sat there screaming, none of this would have ever happened.

  2. Awwwww neegaa it’s just a flesh wound, shut chur BIOTCH azz up! Finger was prolly bland AF and need salt.

  3. His name was Dyonta Quarles? Last name seems appropriate with his actions. And that first name… smh. It’s like these apes just spin a wheel of syllables. “DEE-ON-TAY, this iglet shall be named dyonta.”

  4. im guessing the taser made him clench his jaw even harder on that finger

  5. You never have to shoot an unarmed man The cops weak and need to be taking off the streets If 6 guys can’t take in one man they shouldn’t be in the field

  6. When I was 16yo I got into a fight with a kid at school…..
    He bit me in the shoulder so hard my whole body went numb..
    2 days later I was in the hospital with a 105 degree fever that wouldn’t go down…
    10 days in the hospital .!!! Almost killed me….human bites are no joke.!

  7. Thank you for your service officers.
    The beast fails to obey…
    It must be destroyed.
    Listen to momma cry, you made that thing, you failed to raise it right, it is dead because you failed…
    you should have never been allowed to breed

  8. 20 y/o living at home and fighting his own Momma? I have zero sympathy.

  9. Love how the useless female cop quits and turns away just prior to the shooting. Get females the fuck out of law enforcement.

  10. I don’t know that I agree that this young man had to be shot but most definitely he should have been detained it appears there were several officers and only the one young man I just don’t agree that he had to be killed I’m so sorry for his love ones🙏🏾

  11. The screams of this mother who was in fear for her life from her son and to see how out of control and dangerous he was is heartbreaking. I pray the officer who sustained the majority of this animals rage recovers quickly and doesn’t suffer life long damage to his finger from being almost bitten off. To hear his screams of pain and agony was horrific. This officer was truly courageous to have suffered a traumatic brain injury from being beaten in the head and having his finger almost bitten off and still able to stop this maniac. Only an animal would attack his mother and then try to bite another persons finger off!

  12. I smacked my daughter in the face once when she bit me.
    She never did it again.

  13. Sheesh, that made MY fingers hurt just watching it. Definitely a justified/good shoot.

  14. He got what he deserved
    Holding your mom captive
    Fighting the police
    Karma’s a b****

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