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Black man attacks Asian customer at McDonald’s

Asian man attacked at McDonald’s/NYPD

Hungry thug assaults Asian man.

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MANHATTAN — Police officials in Manhattan, New York are investigating after a ravenous black dude beat the sh*t out of a 53-year-old Asian man at McDonald’s. The unprovoked ass-whuppin’ transpired early Monday morning while the victim was ordering breakfast from a self-serve kiosk. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows the assailant thwacking the old man multiple times before robbing his ass. A corpulent Hispanic customer descried the pummeling but didn’t intervene. He just stood and watched. Employees also refused to get involved. The victim suffered severe head trauma and other injuries. Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “Asians need to start carrying mace, knives, guns, something to fight back. The imagery of Asians in NYC these days is that of soft, timid, and frankly, easy robbery victims.” Another chimed in with, “The big dude just stood there and watched. I really hate humans.”

A third viewer added, “All jokes aside. To All Negroes: What is wrong with y’all? Why do you behave violently? Is it genetics or something else is going on? Please, I mean no disrespect. Just trying to understand” to which a fourth viewer replied, “The same reason y’all rape, pillage, and colonize, throw your people in concentration camps, murder by the millions, invade countries and then act like you were there first, you know the sh*t y’all do. What’s y’all excuse? Just trying to understand, no disrespect of course.”

Police said the perpetrator purloined the victim’s wallet and cellphone.

Watch the McBeatdown.

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  2. We all knew it was going to be a nigga robbing the man. Do you niggas still wonder why nobody trusts your kind.

  3. Unless there’s a gun or knife….fight back, you’re going to get f**ked up. At least make it difficult for them, they might get frustrated and leave you alone. Women should disregard that advice and just give up the belongings.

  4. I keep telling yall to stay away from Tyrone, yall not listening. They’re broke, and mad about being so broke. 💯

  5. When I get older I’m gonna stay in shape and keep my pistol on me. These fools crazy now a days.

  6. blacks are cowards, dude sits at home all day playing xbox collecting foodstamps

  7. It’s bum clowns like this that make it hard for me to go to the stores in my hoodie without being eyeballed like 🤨

  8. Every thing comes back in this world and the next…for all the times u black mayates attacked our Old mexican or Asian People will come back on your kids 100 x times worse…

    Get ready

  9. Robbing people at McDonald’s is dumb enough because odds are most customers there don’t have a lot of money. Then to top it off, no mask and no weapon? What a rétard.

  10. Imagine how great America would be now if we left the slaves in Africa.

  11. @bigpsych: Nah Asians are pretty cool. I went to Asia years ago and was treated with love. I’m a dark skin Black guy by the way.

  12. BLACKS is the most vile, nastiest. disgusting low IQ violent specie ever to live..

  13. I dream of a day when there are no more negros. What a wonderful time it will be.

  14. This world is full of disgusting ass people.

  15. Hmm, the victim is asian FYi guys . And guess who’s the suspect of this horrible attacks?
    Leave asian alone .

  16. The victim needs to get a man card. Learn to fight back with your fist with a knife with mace or better yet with a firearm.

  17. And the reason why the other person can stand there and look at that, and not do nothing about it, is because he does not see the other person as his fellow citizens or his fellow man… and the real criminal is the guy that stood by and didn’t do a damn thing… He’s a true American

  18. I’m 53 and I promise you this. That scumbags day would have ended a hell of a lot different if he had picked on me.

  19. I absolutely hate how everyone expects the bystander to help, maybe he decided he didn’t want his ass whooped, I myself would’ve helped but im 6ft 240lbs, im imposing, but there are other ppl who are just tryna get through the day and shit like that doesn’t concern them, I don’t expect ppl to intervene and stop an assualt

  20. I’m really going to start carrying a kitchen knife and let some1 try to run up on me so I can gut they face out in pure torture and claim self defense

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