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Road Rage: Outbreak of fisticuffs on the freeway

A video has gone viral that shows a handful of drivers and passengers duking it out in the middle of the street during a road rage skirmish. The free-for-all took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cell phone footage shows a quintet of motorists having contretemps prior to the outbreak of fisticuffs. After several punches were thrown, a Cuban/Black guy grabbed a baseball bat and started swinging aimlessly. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “Epic fail from the egghead with the bat. P*ssy couldn’t even make contact. Every swing was a whiff.” Another chimed in with, “Grown men getting they ass whooped by some kids.” A third observer added, “Blacks stay using weapons” to which another viewer replied, “Whites stay calling the cops.” The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the incident.

Watch the melee.

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  1. As soon as they pulled the weapon because they were losing I would have knocked out the screaming lady

  2. white boy throw a Mui Thai Knee and missed , He watches too much MMA lol

  3. Straight up… Props to both parties. There wasn’t a clear winner but they both got after it and got shit poppin. Not run away or get washed like little weaklings

  4. That’s sad 2 grown A S S men can’t even take a A S S whooping lmfao no wonder all the stores across America are running out of tampons

  5. Old school pulled out a bat not knowing niggas pulling pistols now days 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. White boi handled his business. Dirty spiics cheated and went out like biitches

  7. @This_Really_Happened: they ran away and got a baseball bat……and you giving them props. you a whole bitchh kys

  8. they should have been strapped and like Slick rick said… rat a tat tatted and everybody scattered

  9. Black man n the car a bitccch white boy call black man an “N” he want white boy phone number. Fucccking cooons

  10. Was a even 2 on 2, and that 8itch ran to get the bat. Throw hands like a man short shorts.

  11. Nïggá need to clean them corn chip bags in his car instead of recording random street fights.

  12. just gun the monkey down once he starts swinging a deadly weapon, put the crazed ape down where he belongs.

  13. My girl know I don’t road rage. Ill give you 1-2 chances to leave or let me leave. If you still pressing me… Now I want to kill you

  14. Weak azz spandex rockin’ niqqa couldnt drop that frail azz troglodyte.
    Went & got a Louisville slugger & STILL didn’t inflict no damage.
    Passed it to his boy & his boy could barely crack a taillight with it…smh.
    L’s all around for everyone involved

  15. Everyone crying about them old ass dudes getting a bat. Ain’t no rules only rule is make it home.

  16. White boys was giving them the business. They had to go get weapons.

  17. He would of took out that bat and all you would of heard was clap clap clap from my gun.

  18. N1ggga behind the camera lying to these white boys kissing ash. Fight was 50/50 till the bat came out, then the Cubans took over..😂 Why he lying to them saying the white boys were winning? 🤔 Cuban dude was feeding the bigger white dude.

  19. Can one fight happen in America that doesn’t involve coward shit. Americans can’t throw hands this website proves it over and over again

  20. The future is genderless eunichs. your children will be chemically castrated zombies that eat “plant” based chemical “meat” products.

  21. As soon as they brought out the bay, it would of been green light on that lady

  22. **Always some dirty NlGGA standing there providing dummb comments..

  23. I don’t call for the use of guns in a fist fight, but as soon at that fucker got the bat, that’s attempted murder and my life is more important than his.

  24. Latina Jada Smith instigated the whole fight, all sides was keeping it verbal up until she snaked her way in and then it got violent immediately after

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