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Tranny Shauna Brooks said Benzino ‘claps her cheeks’

Shauna reveals relationship with Benzino/YouTube

Benzino threatens Shauna. 

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ATLANTA — Hell hath no fury like a tranny scorn? Transgender model Shauna Brooks damn near broke the Internet last week when he divulged an alleged dalliance with “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Benzino. But if Shauna ain’t careful, he’s gonna end up six feet under. That’s because Benzino (né Raymond Leon Scott) threatened bodily harm during a Twitter diatribe for the ages. “You keep lying on me I am gonna hunt you down and Im going to jail,” he wrote. “This person has crossed a dangerous line and I’ve already accepted that at 56 years old I will die now or go to jail for the rest of my life over my name, reputation and legacy. This weirdo mf is playing with y’all, not me. He/she still haven’t said that we never met in person.” Benzino also issued a stern warning to media outlets and bloggers like yours truly. “Anybody, and I mean anybody who had written a blog or on YouTube tryna make money off of this is about to be sued,” he vowed. “This internet will get someone killed for real, and know this, on my mother I dare a mf to say something IN PERSON to me about this false bs.”

Benzino went on to say his lawyer is prepared to post bail to which Shauna, 32, replied, “He said if I had any ‘sense’😕 but just last week didn’t the ppl say you & your alleged ‘male friend’ CAVARIO ain’t have enough CENTS to pay the Red Roof Inn. Yet, talkin bout you got a legal team to make sure you’re on point with bail, while you PUBLICLY THREATEN me… OK DADDY🙄.” 

Daddy? That’s somethin’ a woman calls a man between the sheets.

Is Shauna wrong for tellin’ the world Benzino clapped his cheeks?

Do they make a cute couple?

Watch Benzino beg to keep their romance a secret in the Twitter video above.

Watch Shauna reveal details of their relationship below.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. People have dirt on you in the industry and they wait for you to do or say something that’s not right an if they feel like you dead wrong they start releasing the bad things about you and watch the public eat you alive. GAYBINO laughed at his daughter then tried to change it after the fact everyone wasn’t feeling it. Then he started shh with a lot of different people. He made his own bed. He crossed the wrong person and out came the videos. He’s definitely done.

  2. I don’t like this: This man has a daughter & family. She has no respect! He must have shut this thing down & cut her azz off so now she’s in its feelings & wants to humiliate him. This is how people get killed

  3. This is terrible, rather he is is gay or not, she had no right to out him.

  4. Y’all this shit is a broken record. If these niggas wanna play sword fighting behind closed doors thats their business. I dont give a fuck where another man stick his weasel. I’m just trying to work hard and secure a prosperous future for me and my wife.

  5. I will NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY PPL RECORD THEMSELVES TALKING TO OTHER PPL…. ppl are soooo F’ed up its like they are intentionally trying to stir some type of chaotic entrapment for others…. Just STOP…. It’s like recording one person that’s one race talking to another person that’s a different race…. Who Cares who you talk to or fuck…. Just stop leaking shit like it’s fucking world wide breaking news!!!!!

  6. TBH with all of these dudes having sex with their “homies” and “prison lovers” most of these thugs or whatever they call themselves in the streets can’t say anything. If he had sex with a transgender woman who cares? Sad truth is a lot of these transgender women are more feminine than a lot actual women. Dudes don’t want masculine women so they go elsewhere. It’s 2022 but if this was 10-15yrs ago it might have been different. If it’s embarrassing to you then that’s you. Look in the mirror and laugh at your own pain.

  7. Dude, stop with the bullshit. You like nuts & bolts, just admit it. A mf man is calling you ‘daddy’ and you ain’t saying shit about it,..suspect.

  8. I know teenagers date. I just wouldn’t want my children kissing, or doing to much hugging around the family. I believe it’s important to teach teenagers restraint. Would not have any of my son’s girlfriends in any family photo. My 19 year old daughter wouldn’t be allowed to bring a boyfriend to a family photo.

  9. Nigga is lying, he had some romance with her, man c’mon. YOU DON’T THREATEN TO MURDER SOMEONE WHO LYING AND U DONT CARE ABOUT. STOP PLAYING. YOU OLD AND DEEPLY CARED AND EXPIRMENTED. STOP LYIN BENZINO. Damn, people would fuckin respect you actually

  10. Shouldn’t this be illegal, having a conversation with someone that you think it’s private but you’re unknowingly being recorded, then that individual uses that recorded to their benefit on a public platform. I don’t care about that man’s preference as much as i don’t care about what gender the other male(by birth) wants to be. But why isn’t benzino allowed to sue,, if the tables were turned, I’m sure a lawyer could argue this as a hate crime? Why are these individuals able to record someone’s convo then make money off it while knowingly destroying the victim’s life? Let’s consider this from a legal perspective for once.

  11. Its funny how trans ppl & gay ppl wanna be accepted as equal but yet be the 1st to expose someone …shit is weird bruh

  12. This what I don’t UNDERSTAND…. Gay people and Trans wanna be Treated equal & be real women….But soon as they DON’T GET THEY WAY….they wanna Expose the Man for messing with them!!! That make no sense….that’s why u can’t trust a GAY PERSON 💯💯💯

  13. Yea he Bi and he like men straight up the transgender is still a dude she was born a man they dont have periods like us as women in anyway shape or form she is a man so Benzino is gay or Bi he caught straight up he like men I dont care how much she look like a woman she a man and he caught probably because he didnt give up the black mail money that what these down low men get I dont feel sorry for him at all. Thats why his wife dont want him he like men

  14. Stop choosing men who are not comfortable being with you openly. I feel like for some trans women this is a game for them you select men who are not ready to be in their truth then decide ok I’m going to expose this person because they aren’t ready stop this victim mentality when you sign up for it.

  15. I surprised that Shauna F*cks with Ben-zesty? She get flown to Dubai, men give her gifts and money. Benzino ain’t got S*ht!

  16. What he needs to explain is why he tried to fuck his lil sister when she was 15 & why he did fuck her daughter (his niece for you slow people’s)! I think it’s why his nephew shot him at his mother’s funeral! 😱

  17. Daddy? Wow fam.. jus tell da truth bro u caught.. ppl will respect it more if u keep it real.. lyin about it is y ppl get “bashed”

  18. This woman is living her truth, because she’s not gaining nothing, by exposing Benzino he’s broke 🤔

  19. Shauna is known to be a big lair this is why a lot of them transgender pop up dead

  20. I hate when ppl say her when God says him…..🤦🏾‍♂️That is an impostor. That doesn’t compare 2 a woman….. Women get pregnant!!!

  21. again…he called benzino “babes”….called him “daddy” when they were on the phone…and he never corrected, or checked shauna…he on the down low, and he’s just mad that it is found out. he wanna keep his “gangsta” image. lmao

  22. Sheesh Shauna playing a dangerous game, these man go crazy when you expose them!! I don’t understand why she doing this! Just let it gooo. Just leave it alone! He ain’t hinge right. She ain’t want all this out. Now she exposing allll her own business lol this is dumb! Then she still lying, of course they slept together, trying to make herself look good!

  23. I’ve always been told a true lady never tells her bedroom business. 🤷🏾‍♀️. This is very distasteful and who is he to out that man? That’s his personal business. I’m convinced the ones who do this are doing it purely for the attention. That is all bye lol

  24. This generation is ANNOYING. All they do is perpetuate sucking and fucking. Like this interview was to showcase what they are open to damn near a damn prostitute. All they were stressing was who wants them and making sexual connections if he/she is wanting so bad why get stuck on benzino. Why not expose those so called A-listers that want u so bad. On top of it seeming like this person approaches every association as if they want them which is coming off like an escort/prostitute. This shit is annoying so even if a man was just trying to be a friend they will still take it as they are coming on to them just from this interview. Not to mention they switched up that they aren’t connecting to the lbgt community but then later on they are. Not that I don’t think benzino is like that but this ain’t adding up.

  25. I believe Shauna 200 percent.

    Benzino is trying to portray the overly aggressive black man that feels he has to be homophobic and transphobic to keep his DL persona hidden
    from the public.

    Boy Bye.

    Shauna is not his first and won’t be his last.

    He got caught. Period!

  26. The Black community is more comfortable with you being D.L. and not talking about your gay or bi-ness. I’m 38 years old so I’ve seen Paul Mooney, my favorite comedian of all time NEVER came out and people knew his tea, Eddie Murphy, Teddy Pendergrass where caught with t-girls multiple x’s, Luther Vandross, my favorite male singer of all time never came out,, Prince and Rick James publicly crossdressed and NEVER came out, the list goes on and on! The minute you come out, the black community will Lil Nas X you! We gotta realize that before we were colonized, we had African L.G.B.T.Q, Kings and Queens!

  27. This is 🐂💩 and part of the reason it’s violence against that community.

  28. I think she’s full of it! She said she was given an opportunity to be intimate with Benzino but didn’t take it…lol…sounds more like he didn’t want no parts of you! He was trying to become familiar with who you were/are during the Love and Hip Hop season.
    Now, Stevie J probably knew of you, and that’s why you were being discussed!
    I’ve never heard of you before all of this Benzino mess but I sat and listened to your side just now, and I could tell you were lying about certain parts of your story…shame on you!! 🤥

  29. This is how you know these trans dudes know they’re men deep inside. If you believe you’re a woman then why out a man for being on the down low for hooking up with you🤣🤣🤣🤣. You’re a woman right?

    Overall I think this man is lying. Alot of talking in circles and making up scenarios to save face for being busted out for lying. Just admit you was trying to ruin a man’s reputation and it went wrong dude🤣🤣🤣


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