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Megan details Tory Lanez shooting with Gayle King

Megan claims Tory shot her/CBS

Megan snitching on Tory.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NEW YORK — A viral video shows Megan Thee Stallion singing like a canary about the Tory Lanez shooting incident that transpired two years ago in Los Angeles. Tory, 29, allegedly shot the rapper in her pinkie toe (à la Della Reese in Harlem Nights) following contretemps over a soirée they attended. “He said ‘dance bitch’ and started shooting,” Megan, 27, told CBS anchor Gayle King while sedentary. “He shot a couple of times.” Megan was lugubrious yet didn’t shed one damn tear. Social media reaction was cold-blooded. One viewer wrote, “She’s lying y’all will see.” Another chimed in with, “Am I the only one not seeing any tears? The story has changed multiple times now from her.” A third observer added, “Celebrate ghetto culture and this is what happens.” Tory was thrown in jail July 12, 2020. He pleaded not guilty to assault and weapons charges.

Shortly after Tory’s arrest, Megan disseminated a tell-all video accusing his black ass of attempted murder. “Yes, this n*gga Tory shot me,” she ranted during an Instagram Live session. “You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lyin’ and sh*t. Stop lyin’. Why lie?” It should be noted, investigators didn’t find any gunshot residue on Tory’s hands.

However, Megan’s BFF — Kelsey Nicole — had traces of cartridge discharge on her’s.

Is Megan telling the truth? Or is she a goddamn lie?

Watch the interview.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Megan was shot by Tory. Tory gave the gun to Kelsey that’s why she had the residue on her hands too. Maybe the “eye witness “ lied and not Megan. I think the interview was fine and talking about it was helpful. The way she’s being treated is awful! Tory will go to jail.

  2. I still believe that Kelsey her ex best friend shot her because of finding out that Megan was sleeping with Tory too or maybe 🤔 Tory and Kelsey was was scuffling with the gun and it went off when in the heat of the argument!!! What’s in the dark definitely comes to light 💡 😘😘❤️🙏🏾❤️❤️👍🏽👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥💰💰

  3. Megan is clearly in distress, and she is trying to protect everyone, not realizing that these people may not have her best interest at heart.

    We have to try to understand that, Megan has lost not only her mom, but dad, and grandmother, she is looking for that bond, and she hasn’t had the time to really grieve. She is torn between “snitching” and standing up for herself.

    She stated that her anxiety has “gotten” worse, which indicates that she may have already been diagnosed with anxiety, among other things (based off of her statements). I am curious to see how this turns out though.

    Take a look at Lil Kim “I still took it to trial even though I knew”, street code is real, to some people, even if it means sacrificing yourself. Trauma bonding, is also very real.

  4. She a liar. Her Instagram post says “f**** two best friends”, but then denies having sex w/ him. Megan, try keeping up w/ your lies 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Someone shot you and you went back into the car with him 🤣 she can’t keep up with her own lies

  6. I’ve been saying this from the start, this is sounding like another Juicy Smollett.

  7. The girls fought and tory and the bodyguard tried to brake it up and shit went left.

  8. I still believe that it was an accident due to emotions involved. I think Kelsey caught them because why when they were told to exit the car they are naked? Two, I think that Kelsey grabbed the gun and Tory may have tried to take the gun away and it could have fired and that could have led to megan being shot. Or Kelsey and Megan could have been fighting over the gun. Either way I think it was an accident it was not intended to shoot her but because emotions are involved, betrayal between two best friends, and a man. Fourth, Tory and Kelsey story NEVER changed from the start. Meg on the other hand has not. This interview was a bad decision as it was for Robert Kelly, this is incriminating and unfortunately it be our very own to do it to us. Know your Rights!

  9. She had to have done this interview without her lawyers knowledge cuz there’s js no way they would have agreed with her doing this!

  10. Gayle do not give af smh you can hear it and her voice 🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. Its crazy how yall trynna justify a man shooting an unarmed woman. Like who lies about being shot

  12. Honestly I think Kelsey was drunk in her feelings and grabbed the gun and Tory seen that shit they were fighting for it and the gun went off point blank period

  13. She lying about not having sex with him that man dropped two whole albums about fucking her behind Kelsey’s back in DETAIL. He even threw her dogs in there and she mentioned it too in her songs? Ma’am please

  14. I think they all were drunk/high. Kelsey found out about Meghan and Tory. Kelsey and Meghan argue. Kelsey grabs gun. In the midst of still arguing yells the”Dance, Bih” comment while aiming gun at Meghan. Tory tries to take it away, gun goes off in the struggle, Meghan is shot. Kelsey blames Tory. Kelsey sends text to the manager 3hrs after incident to cover herself. Meghan not sure who shot her, has her team (based on Kelsey’s text) telling her it was Tory, her bestie (Kelsey) is telling her it was Tory and Tory’s apologizing,not for shooting her but for her getting hurt, is now convinced Tory was the one who shot her. I wasn’t there… I don’t know… Just my theory🤷🏾‍♀️

  15. I believe she is lying, I think she tried to shoot him and their was a struggle and accidentally shot herself. The police couldn’t find ANY gun powder on his hands, they did ballistics on him and came back empty after detaining him but they had to let him go cause he didn’t do it, they quickly put a gag order on Tory to keep him from speaking the truth. So many evil women are ready to label this man. Fellas pay attention to your woman if she supports meghan in this case dump her it’s for your own safety

  16. Even after this interview I still knew she was lying! You thots can’t fool me how you get shot in your foot and record a whole music video dancing in high heels and 💩

    Women need to hold her accountable and cancel her they’re the main ones that listen to thot rap

  17. This Girl Body Language Doesn’t Match her story and I don’t think Gayle buying this Bs 🤣🤣🤣

  18. There’s always 3 sides to a story and this is only hers yes she was shot it was said it was her friend and then Tory Lane just because she’s crying crocodile tears does not mean she’s telling the truth! When she asked her did she have a sexual relationship with him and she hesitated and laughed she was lying y’all believe anything because it’s a female and she’s crying just like Amber heard making all these allegations but everyone around her has proof and she recorded herself that she was the abuser! Megan fell out with her friend for a reason! There’s no question she was shot don’t believe it was by him

  19. Come on Megan 🙄🙄🙄you literally crying and sniffing with no tears…face dry as a powder box..tissue dry no makeup on the tissue…she was on stage dancing and shaking it just a few days later ….long as I been in medical school I’ve never seen that

  20. According to the doctor it was only glass. She is a damn BOZO 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  21. This story dont make any sense!! Why would someone (who is arguing with someone else already) just turn their attention to you and say dance bitch and start shooting at you? Because you tried to exit the vehicle? Remember people withholding info is the same as lying..she a LIAR period.

  22. I know a liar when I see one, I say protect women by all means but she lying this is ridiculous

  23. Who on Megan’s team let her get on TV like that? Bad bad idea. And her response to the relationship with Tory question smacks of a big old lie. This is one of the most confusing situations involving violence that I have heard recently. I think she’s holding out on telling the full truth, something else happened and I hope justice is served correctly. I bet Megan is regretting a lot of her choices right now

  24. I THINK: Tory Meg and kelsey was at the party with Kylie. Tory was flirting with Kylie, Meg didn’t like it and was ready to go. They left, riding back, Meg was Mad at Tory. They got into alil argument probably alil mushy of the head from Meg to Tory. The truth about Tory and Meg fckn (even tho she said she didn’t) comes out to kelsey who is dealing with Tory as well. neither knew till then. Tension goes up more. Kelsey and Meg going at it about dealing with Tory (Kelsey live mentioned meg always go after her dudes so that could have been brought up) they start fighting. Because Kelsey chain and nails was on the scene, so maybe Kelsey was losing abit. Tory could have got into it trying to break it up, or could like 1 over the other better, or he could of not been feeling Meg anymore and was on Kelsey side. Meg could have started swinging on him and he started to fight her back because of her size. Security may have tried but his job is to protect Tory. so he got involved so at this point, I think, Meg vs Kelsey, Tory, and security. And I heard from another tea giver kelsey had part shooting the gun. So she could of snapped and said ima kill this btch, took the gun fired But not really aiming. The powder could have gotten on them both because 1 shot and the other tried to get it away. And I never knew 1 female that would not be scared enough to take the gun from a man without thinking he could shoot me., Men will do it but women if so not many. I know i said allot but, if they was concerned about careers, friendship, or not getting anyone in trouble, why not just say it was the security guard who I’m sure Carries a gun? Just throw him under(not saying its ok but if u going to throw anyone Under why not him) and then say it was an accident, trying to calm the situation He fired a warning shots because they all was fighting, I’m sure he has a right to carry the gun so they wont go to jail for a gun charge and he may not go to jail for attempt, also with them saying she actually was not shot. Done and over with… But truth will come out.

  25. 🚨 The only people gullible enough to believe this, I pity you. Gayle blatantly brought up Megan’s parents’ deaths in order to trigger her crocodile tears, and then strategically asked her about the ‘incident’ with Tory Lanez after she got Megan to cry, and gain the sympathy out of people. I watched this whole video and never saw any proof that Tory shot Megan. If she got shot in both feet, why was she walkin’ perfectly upright in the police video, and why was there only a little bit of blood on the sidewalk? I didn’t see any blood on top or on the side of any of her feet. Don’t bring up the “medical report” without showin’ us the medical report and the X-rays. You know what rhymes with truth? PROOF. She lyin’. Shame on you, Gayle! Where was this tenderness at when you took a dump on Kobe Bryant’s corpse?

  26. She’s a liar they were smashing and she lied to the police stop lying so damn much but he did shoot her lol

  27. Ain’t nobody shoot this girl, she 🧢. The medical examiner said she had glass in her feet. But she said he shot her. I been around guns for a while and I know for a fact that there are so many bones 🦴 in the foot. If you take a bullet in one you wouldn’t be twerking in heels three weeks later. Stop all these fairy tales.


    Who in the sam heck charlie brown made that line up?? 🤣☠️😂☠️😂

  29. Says a lot about our country when you are more afraid of the police killing everyone in the car than a guy with a gun. I probably would have been afraid to mention gunplay had occurred also. So glad the ER doctor found the bullet wounds right before the police left, and now justice can be done. I hope she gets justice and people can stop calling her a liar. So sorry about her parents dying. She is extra talented and deserves a happy life.

  30. Megan needs to work on her fake crying. Also, this interview was a terrible idea and her PR team needs to be fired.

  31. I don’t believe a single word of this. First off, she’s not crying at all. Secondly, her linguistics and body language suggests a lot of deception going on. She keeps using the word “and” to make her story come together, a lot like Jussie Smollett did with his interview with Robin Roberts. She also keeps switching from past to present tense language while telling this story, which is really, really, bad.

  32. Y’all are so quick to not believe women no matter what the evidence are and it’s really showing that you have a small D!ck.

    Like shut your little dicklet up damn

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