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Elderly school bus driver assaults elementary kid

McNabb beat up a kid/St. Helena Parish

Bus driver assaults kid. 

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ST. HELENA PARISH — Jerome McNabb, a 72-year-old school bus driver, was thrown in the slammer after he beat the sh*t out of an elementary school kid. The Louisiana ass-whuppin’ transpired Friday afternoon on the bus in front of students. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows McNabb punching the corpulent child multiple times before kicking him. The video was turned over to St. Helena Parish Superintendent Kelli Joseph who reached out to Sheriff Nat Williams. An arrest quickly ensued. “It’s something we will not tolerate,” said Williams. “The superintendent called us and showed us the video. He was arrested immediately.” McNabb is charged with simple battery on a juvenile. He was also fired. “We immediately investigated the actions of the driver of the bus company that is contracted to transport our learners,” said Joseph. “There’s no excuse! There’s no excuse!”

A close source called the kid a “problem child.” An eyewitness said the boy instigated the beatdown by expectorating in McNabb’s countenance. But, like Joseph said, there’s no excuse. Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “When you don’t whoop your kid’s azz when it needs to be, don’t be upset or surprised when someone else eventually does.” Another chimed in with, “That’s why I won’t be a school bus driver… these kids bad as f*ck.” A third observer added, “I bet he was raised by a single mother.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. The punishment for beating the kid is free room and board three free meals a day and free medical.

  2. That child deserves every punch… If you got a big mouth, step up or shut da hell out !

  3. I was mad asf til I seen the fat bad @$$ kid get up at the end shootin birds and shit then I was just a little upset cause some of these kids be bad asf foreal

  4. Looks to me like the fat lil’ ǹỉǵǵa needed a good beat down. It’s obvious his mamy ain’t doing 💩 in terms of teaching respect and discipline. Perhaps, “bus driver of the month” is more appropriate?

  5. Lil mufucka got on old schools last nerve..old ni99a had a PTSD attack on that child🤦🏾

  6. This is crazy to see as a mother. I couldn’t imagine a grown stranger beating on my child like that. He’s a problem child..aka he’s bad as 💩. Does he have mental issues? Or do his parents just not GAF. Environmental influences come secondary to parental influences..should he be in a special school ? Should he be home schooled? Should he be banned from riding the school bus where his parents have to take him to school ? The driver is clearly wrong since he should know better..but the problem child needs help. Will he get it?

  7. For a 72 year old man to snap, that kid mustve thought he was a bully or somethin

  8. Teachers aren’t baby sitters and they don’t teach home training muthafuckas don’t understand that concept and wonder why shyt like this happens to their child

  9. @Sicko: Nigga please STFU you prolly 16 years old talkin. Your goofy asf in your mind all children whose brains are not fully developed and need adult guidance should act like military vets at all times. Nigga they are growing and going through puberty. Horomones going crazy it’s not uncommon ir unnatural for a kid to act out. Judging by the fact that your a degenerate happy a child was beat up proves to me you yourself would have agreed to taking that whoppin from a grown stranger. If my kid acts up LET ME KNOW so i can properly go about it not attack them like a damn man. That kid could have a concussion for just simply acting up. You need help/guidance.

  10. You can’t let them bad azz kids get to u you might as well quit your job why be a bus Driver

  11. If the kid is known to be a problem child why cant you just kill the child and save the world from a new Hitler

  12. he got off lucky to just get arrested so far, the dad should’ve put him in the ground

  13. That man is dead at this point, you hit my child for any reason what so ever I’m doing 30 years in a maximum security prison for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon💯%FACTZ👀

  14. Back in the day my dad used to whoop me. These kids have it easy

  15. Got me fked up. If im 70 and you talking shlt, ill whoop your as$ even if you are a kid.

  16. hopefully none of you in the comment section ever have kids if you think this is acceptable you LOSERS

  17. When I read that kid was a problem child , I can stand behide the driver in this. We all remember those fockers in school run thier mouths thinkn shit wont happen.

  18. If he got his ass whipped at home for acting up, it wouldn’t have to be done by a stranger. Side note if anyone of you motherphuckers put your hands on my kid especially like this nigga did you one dead son of a b!tch.

  19. What the hell is a 72 year old man driving bad ass kids around all day anyways.

  20. We would’ve jumped him as kids. What’s wrong with these youth..just watching

  21. You know that kid was bad af .. and egging the situation .. lord give me the strength to deal with them punk ašš kids and not kill them or beat them into an inch of their life amen 🙏

  22. Knikkers beating their own kind. Happens every day. Typical nig behavior. Nothing to see here but a deserved beat down of this kid.

  23. @A-Mack: Idgaf if he spit at yo face … u touch my kid I’ll be inside ur bus Beating da life outta you … nvm shooting you dats 2easy . I rather beat da life outta u

  24. That is likely the most discipline that obese diabetic boy will ever get.

  25. HAHA that NIGGLET got what he deserved.. we need more heroes like this bus driver..

  26. Somebody gotta teach these lil shit stains, this guy is a hero…. Something blks don’t know how to do is raising kids!!!! Keep up the hard work. Ur doing the lord’s work

  27. That teenager’s single mom watched the video and was secretly thanking the bus driver for kicking her son’s azz

  28. He had it up to here with these bad ass kids gave him an old school ass whooping because the parents failed to do so

  29. Old head was fed up with the b.s. only so much disrespect a man can take from children

  30. Everyone is mad at him but realistically that bad as-s child needed it! The man is trying to drive a bus with everybody life at risk an if this bad child cause him to have an accident you’ll be mad if he didn’t do anything! People so f’d up

  31. Yall are insane. Yes kids can be disrespectful and I understand that but this is unacceptable. He’s punching and kicking a kid like youd fight a grown ass man. I might have empathized with him if he gave the kid a smack just to put the fear in him a little bit, but that’s not really what’s going on here.

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