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A Black singles mixer has women, but no men at all

Singles mixer features all women/YouTube

Black women left hangin.’

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DALLAS — Somewhere Kevin Samuels is saying, “Told ya so.” A viral TikTok video shows a prepossessing black chick complaining about a Singles Mixer where only women showed up. That’s not a misprint. The debacle took place at Kona Grill in Dallas, Texas. Cell phone footage shows dozens of sexy bachelorettes sedentary at tables, waiting for someone to spit game. But there wasn’t a man in sight. Even Pookie and Ray Ray stayed home. To add insult to desolation, Tyrese’s “Lately” can be heard in the background. Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Why would any black man go to a mixer to get interrogated? Lol.” Another chimed in with, “Why go to that place when all you will meet is entitled, masculine women who are just average, single mothers with some other guy on child support, wanna be bosses to emasculate guys? No thanks, I’m not helping you pay your bills because you won’t help me pay mine. Nor will I be a baby step daddy. Not a good investment with a woman like this regardless of color, but especially black women.” A third observer added, “Aren’t black women the ones saying they don’t need a man?” One dude said, “We keep telling black women it’s not their looks, but their attitude.”

Do you agree?

Are black women difficult to date?

Watch the sad video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. first of all it’s too damn hot gas is too damn High to be wasting time to a group of men who don’t even care for black women and that are racist as hell like a damn Nazi towards their own women and praise nonblack women to be going to a damn mixer you ain’t going to catch me at that mess LOL these women should of known Better but hey at least they tried that’s all you can do you either going to fail or succeed life is just ups and downs well they should take this as a learning lesson all I can say. I am not wasting my gas all my time on a damn Mixer lol 😆

  2. Gotta tell the truth on this one. BW have become totally separated from BM. So why would BM go to this mixer? To be around a bunch of women who don’t care what men want and value sisterhood above all else? Ok. Well if that’s the case be with your sisters then. 🤷🏾‍♂️ We won’t go to the mixer.

  3. 🤨🤨🤨🤨 BM are tired of the Modern day BW drama and their Unrealistic standards. Brothers have moved on SYSBM, BM have more options 👍👍👍👍

  4. They are waiting for a brother to drive up in a Rolls Royce, get out, 6’5 a lean 240 Ex-NFL player, Who now owns 3 billion dollar companies. 😂 lol

  5. Men don’t show up to stuff like that. It’s a “girly” event. A group of dudes aren’t about to go to a singles mixer. That’s advertised to single women. If you want to find a man, go to a place where men are. A sports bar or a gym.

  6. Kevin Samuels would’ve had a field day with this topic. RIP The GOAT 🙏 Winter indeed has come!!!

  7. I’d never show up to a mixer for only black women they are stupid, they need to learn how to be side pieces to white and Latin women

  8. go latina or white black men these women should’ve been respecting there racial match long ago. A black man should naturally have the most attractive black women before any race of men yet we see sisters swirling and dating white men for $$$ 😂💀🤡

  9. Bro let’s be honest….nobody wants to deal with a modern black women and her delusional irrational ass point of view of how everything in life starts with her and she should be treated like a queen even though she behaves like a free hoe. Good move gents.

  10. Black women let white feminist come in and corrupt they mind then the white feminist turned they back on them smh…..I’m happy black men waking up let the simps have them

  11. Most black women have screwed up mentalities, and are very cold, my lady is a latina, and I would never trade her for a BW, latin women are much more loving, affectionate and passionate BM are sick of all the BW that think they are some prize, bc they have a job and a car —-

  12. They want men to be their dream makers while they are non supportive of us with their materialistic selfish selves.

  13. Too bad ladies. Instead of that masculine energy so many of you display you need to learn how to be soft, feminine and sweet.



  15. Who wants to go on a interview date. You can meet a woman that works at Wal-Mart and she will still think she is better

  16. Positive K said it 30years ago:
    You know what they say about those who sweat themself, you might find yourself by yourself!

  17. A prime example of When you play stupid games you win stupid prizes! These heffas get no pity from me!😂

  18. What everyone is forgetting, is that black men were not the only men invited to this event. It was open to all men. But clearly no men of any race showed up. So as usual black men are being blamed. Again.

  19. Modern women: I wanna give my son the world
    Us: beotch you cant even give him a father

  20. I can give you one reason,,, OPTIONS. We got them. We are desired. If sistas don’t want to adapt and be submissive to us,,,,kick rocks,,,,we don’t need you

  21. I Don’t and won’t chase no female! Shit I won’t even crack on a chick she has to holla at me.

  22. Sistas y’all gotta understand, most Brothas want fine Librarians and bookworms for wives. We don’t want our women showing they goods to tha world EVERYTIME y’all leave the house.

  23. Men are tired of trying too. Tired of women looking for a savior instead of a partner. Tired of women bashing all men and expect for us not to clown other women. Tired of these sexually confused women that don’t know whether they want a woman or a man. Tired of them thinking we have to kiss their asses. Tired of these half naked side chicks with all these rules on what a real man supposed to be.

  24. Modern day women think that men are supposed to pay them just for being a woman they are so entitled that they think they don’t have to earn anything men are supposed to give it to them and don’t have nothing to offer if it wasn’t for sex what dealings do a man have with a woman and if they ain’t putting out none they shouldn’t expect any funds

  25. Men are realizing ain’t no woman out here worth dating let alone a relationship.. twerking, masculine energy, hell of body count and miles , I mean it’s not even worth the time .

  26. @Nathan Davis: I don’t really agree. I think all they are worth is dating. I’ll be your boyfriend and you have your own stuff and I have mine. Soon as it isn’t fun anymore I move onto the next. That’s all they are worth. Marriage isn’t even a topic of discussion with me

  27. How do you periodically demonize, ridicule, belittle and shame brothas; yet on-the-other-hand, they are dressed in their best trying to position themselves to get picked by the very same men they shame?!

  28. Dating is just dumb period in this era. Make no mistake women and feminism did this.
    They wanted to be independent so badly and evolve they never stopped to think whether men would want what they changed into. It worked for awhile because men were so bluepilled and thirsty .

    Men are now waking up working in ourselves which in turn opens more options for us to. I fear things may never go back to how it was. This is the new norm

  29. Mannnnnn for what you get and have to go thru with most modern women, it’s just not worth the effort a lot of the time. Compared to women even just 20yrs ago the women today want you to do way more to impress them but you get none of the loyalty or respect that you’d get with women back in the day. In other words the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

  30. Kevin Samuels broke the sister code he put Brothers up on game now these black women out here exposed

  31. I don’t see not 1real lady in the bunch… fake this fake that….go home together

  32. It’s sad but this is the result of THEIR OWN unrealistic expectations of men! Why would the so-called “average” man waste his time and energy on a room full of females who thinks so little of him? I don’t feel sorry for them at all…they’ve spoken and men have heard them!!! Have fun with your puppies and kittens!!!!!

  33. I don’t see how this is sad how does the saying goes be careful what you wish for so having tic tok vidz talking all kinds of dumb stuff men are not going to argue or fuss with you no just the opposite and leave you to your own vices they have no one to blame but themselves.

  34. These women digging themselves into a hole they won’t be able to climb out of. They gonna need you way before you need them. These women are a perfect example of how to be successful at burning bridges.

  35. My husband is black and he says he tried but the black women he met wanted too much but didn’t have as much to offer and the attitudes & cheating he couldn’t deal with. Happy & blessed to have him in my life❤️✌️💪🙏🌎💯

  36. Well, well, well… those thot baby mammas are looking tired. Black men are more accepted and appreciated by Asian and white women, so why would they go here?

  37. Ladies and gentlemen these are the women that celebrated kevin samuels dying 😕 ladies and gentlemen these are the women who told you ya aint shit youse a bum ass ni55a youse this you are that these are the women that are left overs and quite frankly nobody really want…a woman’s prime is from 17-25 after that its over 😕 this is why there are arranged marriages in some cultures

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