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A Black singles mixer has women, but no men at all

Singles mixer features all women/YouTube

Black women left hangin.’

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DALLAS — Somewhere Kevin Samuels is saying, “Told ya so.” A viral TikTok video shows a prepossessing black chick complaining about a Singles Mixer where only women showed up. That’s not a misprint. The debacle took place at Kona Grill in Dallas, Texas. Cell phone footage shows dozens of sexy bachelorettes sedentary at tables, waiting for someone to spit game. But there wasn’t a man in sight. Even Pookie and Ray Ray stayed home. To add insult to desolation, Tyrese’s “Lately” can be heard in the background. Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Why would any black man go to a mixer to get interrogated? Lol.” Another chimed in with, “Why go to that place when all you will meet is entitled, masculine women who are just average, single mothers with some other guy on child support, wanna be bosses to emasculate guys? No thanks, I’m not helping you pay your bills because you won’t help me pay mine. Nor will I be a baby step daddy. Not a good investment with a woman like this regardless of color, but especially black women.” A third observer added, “Aren’t black women the ones saying they don’t need a man?” One dude said, “We keep telling black women it’s not their looks, but their attitude.”

Do you agree?

Are black women difficult to date?

Watch the sad video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I guess we can all say good bye to the black community in 50+ yrs. because no one is getting with each other…no matter who you want to blame, its simply not happening! there will only be biracials & africans/islander black people here in the U.S…oh well!🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. Why would a man attend a singles mixer where most of the women likely aren’t even single? We live in a generation of secret relationships, FWBs, and situationships where most blk women are only publicly single and keep some private sneaky link in the back burner in case god doesn’t send “Mr. Right”. Why should a quality man make an effort to court you, date you, and likely get rejected if the last guy you had sex or children with didn’t even have to show up? 🤷‍♂️

  3. More men having taking the red 💊. There has been an attack on masculinity. We have to get back to bring “men” 💯

  4. Serious question, what benefit is it to date, deal with, or marry a black woman?

  5. Because they’re trash!!! No one is willing to date and deal with the foolishness…

  6. This is in the Bible you-know! “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.” Isaiah 4:1 Ouch-time!

  7. I think a lot of black men,just do not want black women, they have other options,just deal with it and move on,u look pretty desperate and pathetic, u have other options as well just explore and examine them.

  8. You can’t publicly declare your hatred and disdain for a group of men and then expect to have access to them. Many black men listened when they were told that they were not good enough, dusties, expendable, etc. Modern black women have created their own issues with their foul mouths and arrogant attitudes. I’m sure these were the same women who celebrated the passing of K.S. They will need to work overtime to undo the years of damage that they’ve created in the relationship between black men and black women.

  9. Black women think they have Black men on lock. As if they wouldn’t dare choose another race over them. No self respecting man is going to MIX his good energy with a bad attitude in a dress. Child please!!

  10. What if it was non blk women that threw the mixer, wonder what the turn out would be? 🤔

  11. We need to show these sistas some love. They were trying. They could’ve just as easily set up one of those swirler mixers.

  12. There are tons of black women in Ghana and those rich countries in Africa so why settle for a stateside chick that doesn’t care about the average black man? Men are finding better traditional women else where heck some goin the Thai and Phillipino route. If you ain’t happy just don’t settle if they are already miserable you’re not gonna survive. So do you Brothas.

  13. Even Pookie & Ray-Ray avoided this place🤔😳🧐you can’t make this💩up dog…all that energy used hating😡on Kevin Samuels(RIP)has led women to this point..they don’t have a problem, they have a situation, a ditch they can’t climb out of, a tight corner of a painted floor without room to maneuver from… Fabolous calls it A Cold Summer, get used to it🔥💯♍💎😷😎

  14. Men need to go where they’re actually likes & respected irregardless of race & ethnicity.

  15. They at the mixers and we on call of duty or 2k 😂 better start playing video games ladies.

  16. Funny thing is they are so in demand from men of all other races. Well, where were they? Looked like open season to me so any man could have shown up but none did? Spin that swirlers.

  17. Men tired of these women Bs. None of them had drinks or food on the table because they was expecting men to pay. Lol

  18. As a black woman i think the mixer event was stupid to do. The women wouldnt have found a decent dude to date. BM are interracial dating BW might as well too. I meet a lot of nice men that aint black. Non black men are always interested in getting to know me not so much black men. When black guys do approach me its always the ghetto one that broke. I have nothing in common with ghetto black men because i dont act like where i come from.

  19. Buy them drinks, feed them and that’s the extent of what you walk away with, a bill.

  20. Many MANY MANY black men do not want to date black women anymore; it’s not worth the risk, heartache, headache, and it’s not worth our peace-of-minds. MANY MANY black women bring drama, multiple men’s kids, more drama, uber masculine energy with all that “boss lady”, “Yaaaaassss Queen” mindset that we DO NOT want to deal with. Many MANY MANY black men would rather either be single, or date white women and asian women rather than deal with a black woman. Many MANY MANY black men no longer see black women as “prime cuts” anymore, rather, “if it’s all that left, then I suppose I’ll take it” kinda women. They did it to themselves by abusing black men over the years; belting, berratting, talking down, manipulating, and abusing brothas; now we are OUT. Chuck the deuces, and gone. Sistas can fend for themselves apparently, so BYE FELICIA!!

  21. There’s a Famous Saying..”That the struggle is real”..Out here.. Today’s women are finding out. 😐😐😐😐😐

  22. Most modern black men and women are incompatible based on what I’m seeing. We should all date other races and be happy.😊 There, problem solved.

  23. Theses days remind me of the stories about plantations.
    The slave master would always promote a female Field slave to a house slave, as long as she does what she is told.
    The slave masters however treat the black man like sh?t
    Nothing’s really changed. I think black women know what going on in the world but don’t want to change. All I can say, black women need to wake up. We are waiting

  24. Ain’t nothing like seeing these so called sisters getting dissed! I love it!

  25. Whoever put this “Mixer” together should also put together another one advertising BM seeking WW and other races of women type of mixer to see if the numbers change drastically.
    That would be a great experiment and something worth documenting. This way we would see for ourselves, if it just BW who they don’t want to deal with?

  26. Dumbasses thought they were going to get showered with free food and drinks while talking down on the men that showed up lol 😆

  27. Damn, These beautiful ladies made time out of their schedules, got dressed up really nice to meet a man. And all you niggas can do is project, make assumptions and judge at y’all’s mama house.

    No wonder y’all are having so much trouble with black women. Y’all too bitter🤷🏾‍♀️

  28. Lets face it. They’re not looking for mates, they’re looking for material for their account. Probably would’ve called all the men who came dusties anyway. Men didn’t give them the satisfaction to do so and they’re mad.

  29. Superficial views on the black man (King Dingaling) aka Chad or Ray-Ray. However black men are supposed to accept their (BW) Over aggressive, Overtly masculine, Self-entitled, Uncooperative, Unsubmissive attitudes about what they want (In a man) without any reciprocation. Then the Iceberg moment for me was the icey way many BW reacted and or responded to Kevin Samuels death. I will never support a sister without check all of the boxes after seeing how hostile they’ve become towards black men. NEVER…🙄
    The saddest part is I was in support for the misunderstood BW. Not now cry me a fVcking river.😢 I still won’t support that amongst many other things of today. Also why do so many of them (BW) wear these ridiculous hair styles, lashes, nails, and clothes styles. You can not tell the difference between BW and the Transmen/women🙃 from any direction. This is suppose to be simple but somehow we’ve screwed this shyte up. Kevin Samuels said it best, “You just can’t make this shyte up.” I will warn as many men that will listen to wake the fVck up.

  30. I would of shown up with a white woman as a date and had dinner right in front of them 😈

  31. We been “aint shit” for the last 25 years …what you think was gonna happen…now we just want a nut 🤷🏿‍♂️

  32. Blk women has muddied the waters so bad over the past 10 to 15 years by calling the police, playing victim , becoming so materialistic, store bought and lying about everything that men would rather go fishing instead!

  33. Men are mostly at work, thats where i would be if the sun is still out, not at no dam speed dating mixer BS 🤦🏾.

  34. I always found it funny how bw all of a sudden are interested in “black love” once they get ran through. Bw don’t have power to date out like that. Most of them been getting knock down by zaddy already and zaddy dipped afterwards. Zaddy dont want them like they think lol

  35. I stop dating black women long time ago it’s more of a headache then an investment. I’m good I love not dealing with bitter bitches

  36. I bet none of the women there would have given me the time of day lol I find it hilarious the men just checked out 🤣🤣

  37. The government tricked they stupid ass into being single, broke and lonely

  38. Slow Golf Clap to all the men who were aware of this event and gave it a hard Pass. You chose not to be fodder for their social media cannon. It’s a leftover woman’s dream to record herself turning down a respectable man who doesn’t suit her tastes and post it for Likes and Co-sign Comments. You also chose not to be judged by 30 and 40-something careerist single mothers with Altimas that gave their prime years to the Pookies around the way but now expect you to “qualify” for their attention. You placed a higher value on yourself and your time and I salute you for that.

  39. I am so glad I was too nice and not hood enough for BW back in the day! They did me a huge favor. I’m 42, no kids, vasectomy, and a Becky with a tubal ligation(snipped, burnt plus IUD). We travel and she pays her half or the whole thing. Yup, thank you BW!

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