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Redbone damsel explains reason men stayin’ single

Much to the chagrin of single ladies worldwide, a viral video shows a young black chick elucidating why bachelors remain solitary and it has everything to do with pecuniary resources. The loquacious redbone excoriated self-absorbed popsies in the process, drawing the ire of many. “This is the reason a lot of men are single,” the vlogger explained. “Because if I buy a steak dinner for $40 now I have to buy double that each time and imagine if she’s ungrateful, imagine if she’s rude, imagine if she’s just using you, imagine if every date you’re going on just ends up being a failure. Because, you know what, men are catching on. Y’all scammin’ for free dates. Y’all scammin’ for money. Y’all scammin’ in general.” Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “The only time you’re gettin’ a free steak outta me is if you’re f*cking me and I know it before the meal.” Another chimed in with, “Wise words coming from her mouth but the tattoo on her face screams she’s a fool.” A third observer added, “These simp-ass n*ggas be tellin’ thots they’re queens. These broads be using men and they know beta males will defend that.”

You know times are bad when women concoct videos imploring men to eschew dating women.

We’re seeing these videos once a week.

Is desolation a byproduct of western culture?

Watch the controversial video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Factz, but they’ll figure it out in their late 30’s to mid 40’s when their hype slows down and they lucky to even get McDonald’s 😅🤣😂🤣😅

  2. Not all women are like that and those of us that will pay for HIM and OURSELVES GET USED SOMETIMES JUST LIKE MEN….in fact I would say it’s equal number women users and men users. Us good ones get used and sometimes it makes us a bit wiser and selfish

  3. I do cheap shit all the time. I invite biches over all the time to cook for them. Way cheaper than buying a half azz meal and I get to smash right there in the kitchen

  4. @Sunshine delight: You definitely ain’t finding wifey material doing that tho.

  5. Only the first date should be expensive to make a good impression but after that we just chiilin

  6. 100 my ex was using me she ain’t have no where to go I bought everything for her come to find out her ex nigga still saved in the phone as bugaboo bro I must of choked her a$$ out her sleep…then like a few days later she texted me saying I never got her car fixed lol

  7. If more men understood that they aren’t required to provide for any woman in any form that’s not their wife thus said the bible these women will start coming correct just too many simps is all.

  8. That’s why I got my passport, these western modern women are washed, Good luck out here fellas✌️

  9. If you spend money to get a woman in bed. She wins! She gets your money and dick which drains your energy to give her good sex. You win only when you get a virtuous woman as wife in a world filled with self-centered women.

  10. When men spend like this they’re trying to (compensate) for something they don’t have or something they want to be! Either he’s lame as fuck or Ugly with money!

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