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Redbone damsel explains reason men stayin’ single

Much to the chagrin of single ladies worldwide, a viral video shows a young black chick elucidating why bachelors remain solitary and it has everything to do with pecuniary resources. The loquacious redbone excoriated self-absorbed popsies in the process, drawing the ire of many. “This is the reason a lot of men are single,” the vlogger explained. “Because if I buy a steak dinner for $40 now I have to buy double that each time and imagine if she’s ungrateful, imagine if she’s rude, imagine if she’s just using you, imagine if every date you’re going on just ends up being a failure. Because, you know what, men are catching on. Y’all scammin’ for free dates. Y’all scammin’ for money. Y’all scammin’ in general.” Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “The only time you’re gettin’ a free steak outta me is if you’re f*cking me and I know it before the meal.” Another chimed in with, “Wise words coming from her mouth but the tattoo on her face screams she’s a fool.” A third observer added, “These simp-ass n*ggas be tellin’ thots they’re queens. These broads be using men and they know beta males will defend that.”

You know times are bad when women concoct videos imploring men to eschew dating women.

We’re seeing these videos once a week.

Is desolation a byproduct of western culture?

Watch the controversial video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Beautiful sistah….but people with face tattoos 90% of the time have mental issues. I don’t care how big or small the tattoo is. If it’s on their face, walk the other way. Seriously! They have mental issues.

  2. Wait, if most men are single that means most women are single right? I mean I’m sure that this woman went to the census bureau and collected her facts and didn’t come up with these “facts” off the top of her head and present them as truth because people are gullible and love negativity….. certain classes of people are especially gullible when it comes to facts that aren’t actually facts. Ok, on with these made up statistics. Perhaps men are busy dating each other ….black men in particular seem to love that man kitty.

  3. it really aint that hard. Going thru that shxt right now 5 yrs of fun and games but now u realize u’re with someone that u have completely nothing in common with. When u try the intentions get ridiculed. They mistreat u and then get mad when u call em out on it But then want to be cute when they need something. Its a HORRIBLE EMOTIONAL roller coaster. Except the sex but even that now has slowly died away too. lol help me

  4. The problem with women nowadays is they don’t give 2 shits about what a man wants period. God forbid that a guy has standards and preferences….women see that and think misogyny.

  5. That’s why they hate Kevin Samuel. Black women hate the truth about themselves

    We need a female Kevin Samuel to rise up

  6. The thing is that most men initiate the date so if he doesn’t wanna pay then dont ask….why is this logic so difficult to yall

  7. If a woman is working and got cash and shes not taking care of the food once in a while, shes just taking advantage. If they’re planning on getting married and serious then their money will be yours so it shouldn’t matter. But if they don’t even offer then they’re selfish and care more about themselves then you..also this entitled feminist shit fucked a lot of good women up.

  8. Feminism still teaches women to be promiscuous while they’re young and attractive instead of finding a suitable partner to build a family/have a healthy relationship with.

  9. I’m 30 and single for this exact reason 🤣😂 I refuse to baby sit anyone regardless of how curvy she is..

  10. It’s gotta be hard out there for singles. Imma pray for yall.

  11. A woman’s biological clock runs out after age 35. Many women are already doomed, they just don’t know it yet. Heck, even a 30 year old woman is in trouble. That means she has 5 years to get married & have kids, if she doesn’t ghost a guy over the pettiest reason. After 35 your not worth marrying.

  12. These bummy ass females aint worth shttt. Shout out to the females who shine light on them.

  13. these modern day woman are masculine now & they are Succubus Jezebel Lilith Spirits…..they will lead you astray mentality, physical, emotionally, spirituality….they use lust to destroy men, dont lower your vibration

  14. Be careful men with these out of nowhere Red Pill Tramps trying to sympathize with men’s needs all of a sudden. Where was this rhetoric 5 years ago when feminism was in full steam destroying men right and left. The environment is changing and a collapse is inedible so these “switch hitters” are seeking their primal urge for security and that’s men. They see that feminism has abandon them and it was all political while wasting their best years only to come on the other side with face tattoo’s and high body counts. Go Your Own Way……

  15. True facts!! I rather just go on Tinder and pay 100.00 for the night.. I aint got time to be catering to these hoes!!

  16. Sorry liberal hos keep your legs closed now or come see Bobby B, my pull out game strong

  17. It’s gonna be a bunch of woman with big fake asses weave and liposuction trying to dog this woman out.

  18. @Get a job: I’m still not buying a dam thing! She lucky she gettin this diik!

  19. If a woman brags about smoking weed just like a man she a hoe

  20. most men are simps and work for whites and pay taxes to them lol

  21. Test a hoe. On y’all first date take her bird watching and take a bag of snacks. If she get mad she’s not the one

  22. men are single cuz yall be grown af and still dont have your shît together thats the problem . you expect a baddie to be with a broke niqqa ?

  23. Feminists and liberals really brainwashed females into thinking they can be a thot without consequence.

  24. These women thinks men should support their entire existence

    Most men can’t even support their own self on a 100k up north

    Just for a piece of pu$$y?

    I’d rather beat my meat and be happy

  25. White women been wanting to try every other race but their own a lot I’ve seen in usa

  26. @Frank the Tank: a man is posed to provide for a woman tho . if you broke you have no business tryna be with an attractive woman

  27. I take advantage of single moms with EBT benefits

  28. @AbathingNFT#CyberPirate🌐🏴‍☠️: I use men for their money and dick 🍆 even though i have both of those things myself

  29. @Domestic Diva: Well most of yah broke…. got child support…. baby daddies… only take photos with your ass sticking out… only come outside with your ass sticking out… want men to do everything for you… then go jump on the next man d!ck

  30. She said Men are catching on.. like they thought dudes were stupid all along

  31. If she does not want to su*k your di*k why are you spending money on her or taking her anywhere in the first place? You think that steak dinner gonna change her mind?…. Well with some bird heads it might but the point is don’t spend money on women you are not fu*king.

  32. She’s right. Made the mistake and bought a chick a $100 candle last week because I liked her and the way that she made me feel and haven’t heard from her since. Lesson Learned….lol

  33. I dont pander to women , and I dont like tattooes on faces but this girl with the glasses get all all my protection ….gotta keep good hearted women protected and safe …..and let the little boys keep the ratchet evil ones

  34. She’s right. I wasn’t even aware of this “free dinner” date scam until recently. Those women make it hard for the women with true intentions. Vice versa, cause men do this stuff too! Long goes to days of a decent relationship with a loyal gentlemen that holds a classy lady on his arm. Here’s the thing ladies, don’t be so quick to have a man pay for ANYTHING! I don’t know why people in this day and age think a man should pay for the first date. Men let’s be real, if she can’t pay for her own dinner on that first date I hope this date is more of a question and answer session so you can dive deeper into her profile. I get it if the man wants to and does pay but I still think a women should enter that date with her independence and leave with it! Even if the man offers let him know, you got this! Just like there’s nothing wrong with treating a women sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with treating a man sometimes or yourself. If women don’t want a broke a$$ man, why should a man want a broke a$$ women.

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