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Angry mom exposes baby daddy for starvin’ her kids

Baby mama under attack/YouTube

Baby mama slams baby daddy.

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows a quarrelsome black chick in Atlanta cussin’ out her baby daddy because he bought their son a Happy Meal from McDonald’s while refusing to buy sustenance for her other 3 kids who aren’t his. Ain’t that a b*tch? The fecund damsel, scheduled to receive her food stamps on the 11th, said it’s discourteous to purchase fast food for one kid and not all; hence her rationale for exposing the sperm donor of her youngest child. “Look y’all. Every f*cking day my baby daddy come here with one f*cking meal for my child,” she said. “But I have 3 other kids. We have one kid together but he only want to come and bring one thing at McDonald’s. But what about my other kids?” Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Girl bye! That man ain’t obligated to feed yo’ tribe.” Another chimed in with, “No one said to have all those kids.”

A third observer added, “I thought she got her food stamps on the 7th?”

Was dad in the wrong?

Should the little boy be allowed to ingest McDonald’s in front of his siblings?

Watch crazy footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Oh, I get it. Make the father who takes care of his child take up the slack for your other bum ass baby father(s)….

  2. There are 3 ways to handle this.. Take the meal and divide it among all of the kids giving them a few bites each. Eat the food yourself and feed the kids something else. Give the guy some cash and have him go pick up 3 more happy meals for the rest of the kids.

  3. So she had 3 kids prior…Homeboy “CaptainSaveAHoe”!!!!!!!!!!! Fellas don’t do it!

  4. I still hope she dies a slow and painful cancer. She’s a rotten animal for doing what she did.

  5. I’m 50ty 50ty on this one
    She should have got the meal and split it between the children.

  6. We need to have a female draft get some of these women to ruin other countries for a change…a batallion of dusty hoes like this would destroy Russia in weeks

  7. Wrap it up fellas. This is the future of “queens” 🤢

  8. So if he buy clothes for his son. You want him to clothed the other 3… fuck that get your shit together girl. Now your son has to go hungry. 1) you don’t have your stamps. 2) you already said they hungry. 3) you just admitted you can’t take care of your kids. You said 2 different dates about when you get your stamps. Props out to DAD, mom you need parenting advice, classes, skills, help, and so on.

  9. This is where your tax dollars is going to support ppl like this

  10. Kevin Samuels would of had a field day with this 😂 you can’t make this shit up

  11. I agree with the mother on this only because she said she was waiting on her food stamps so she may need a lil help that does not mean she can’t take care of her kids a lot of people struggle and it is real to solve this issue he should’ve fed the whole house including mom a real man does those things, how would he feel if she fed her 2 kids and not his because of the divination he is causing amongst them? Also he knows that she has other kids its not about feeding one he has to feed all to avoid this situation he could’ve not went so far as to create a life with a woman who already had kids its a whole package stop being a boy grow up kids remember stuff like this smh so disgusted this is the mentality of a lot of so called men, I know plenty of men who would have no problem feeding her kids or anyone else’s wether they are biological or not for that matter where is the love people we supposed to help and uplift each other not bash her cause she feels some type of way about her kids she was supposed to snap and he is supposed to understand love n peace yall

  12. She needs to get her ass to work if she’s only depending on food stamps to raise 4 children! Hell no ..

  13. See 1st class entitlement. She was even waiting to fight him, showing she has been demanding this. And since it was the kid’s favorite. I guess now he has to buy the favorite food of 4 kids, frequently. My heart goes out to the other kids but if she could afford to throw food away, she can afford to buy it. Also, not everything is solved by fighting. Sometimes, it’s good to ask for help, rather assuming it’s your right. The guy even said he would have considered it if it was one or 2 others, showing that he is willing to support. That’s better than nothing, and not that it’s his responsibility but still better than this fighting wc is even a bad example for the kids. I blame him for laying with this. Sleep with dogs, rise with fleas.

  14. Toxic females like her is the reason why relationships don’t last. The shit she is saying has nothing to do about him feeding his son. And she threw the shit on the ground for no reason that’s childish behavior

  15. Black women, stop having babies by different men. You should be having babies with you husbands and only your husbands. If you can’t get one, don’t have one, can’t keep one, then y’all need to keep your legs closed and work on yourselves. Don’t no man owe you anything. If you leave you man you shouldn’t get shit!

  16. Ma’am buy some beans, rice, grits, oatmeal, potatoes, soup, tuna fish, peanut butter, jelly, etc…. to stretch your food stamps from month to month…. Utilize your local food pantries….

  17. If this man starts to bring food for this woman’s other children she’s gonna start expecting him to start paying school fees extracurricular activities and clothes, and she could potentially get him on the hook for child support for those other kids they do it in other states for men are paying for children that aren’t theirs. You need to draw the line if she can’t take care for her children she should’ve swallowed them. I said what i said

  18. He’s been coming there every day to bring his child food? What a terrible dude he is

  19. I get that the other kids will feel bad and jealous that they didn’t get McDonald too, but in the end its not his responsibility to take care of the kids that isn’t biologically his. He is already bringing his kid food, thats more than her other baby daddy could.
    she doing this kind of shit makes me wonder how many other times did this guy bring his kids stuff and she just threw it away.

  20. I bet if he got a DNA test, the one kid isn’t even his. This bitch is community property.

  21. My daughter’s father brings her toys and clothes and whatever she needs while my other kids are here. That’s perfectly fine. But when he buys food, he buys enough for everybody.. The way we were raised, it was considered rude to eat in front of people and not offer any. Besides, what child don’t like McDonald’s? I get her point but her delivery was wack and recording it was wack. He could have taken the child out to eat and have one on one time. Otherwise, I agree, bring enough for all the kids. Has nothing to do with them not being his responsibility, it’s common courtesy and compassion. Imagine if Jesus only fed his disciples and let the multitude go hungry? This world lacks the Characteristics of Jesus.

  22. @GiftedHands: So when he brings his kid food at school he gotta bring the whole school food? 😂

  23. I’m old school…feed one, feed all. Instead of McDonald’s buy some groceries. No, he’s not obligated but he knew she was a package deal when he hooked up with her. Sis, make sure you get your tubes tied. Don’t have any more kids. Go back to school, get your degree and level up. My Mom always told me to have my own money and don’t depend on a man. You might need to go to the food bank or skip a few meals to sacrifice for your kids. No, he not obligated but a real man, IMO would have made sure all the children were feed. Clearly, she is struggling. We all know times is hard for everyone. High value BM and the most desirable shouldn’t have no problem buying Mickey’s Ds. I might not like her delivery but I agree. Feed one, feed all. I hope the other babies’ daddies will step up too. It’s both parents responsibility to take care of these kids. Sis, you was wrong to record this. BW are the most unprotected group. We get blamed for everything. Please take a break from men.

  24. Is this mother for real, why isn’t she in the kitchen cooking for those kids? Are you telling me she can’t boil a pot of rice, fry some sardines with tomatoes and steam some vegetables ?
    I don’t know her situation but she said she gets food stamps Instead of getting mad with the father who brought McDonald’s, for his child, learn to shop for food wisely and learn to cook. It’s cheaper and all four children will be fed everyday.

  25. Bish can pick up a shift at McDonald’s so she can feed them kids

  26. Dollar menu gone…McDonald’s even expensive these days 🤣🤣🤣

  27. First she said she gets food stamps on the 7th. Then she says the 11th. Which is it you horrible freeloading mother?

  28. Why is the african american society so fucking toxic all the time????

  29. Lol 😂 the welfare queen complaining bout not getting food stamps

  30. What is this world coming to? I have never heard of such immoral behavior! LOL Where I come from you don’t bring food to one child and not the others whether it is your children or not. My father brought food to all of the children that was not his and this was what was common in my community in cases where it was not the biological children. My father was a good man, generous with high morals, he was just a generous person who like to help others in need period, they didn’t have to be blood. I see a lot of dysfunctional self centered people making comments as if this is ok. What type of example does this send to the child? That it is ok to eat in front of his siblings? I could not eat in front of no one that is just rude, especially my own brothers and sisters. I had to just stop reading the comments because it is too disturbing. What is this world coming to? So self-centered and dysfunctional people.

  31. It doesn’t look good to bring food for one child and not the other. He could have bought a pizza from Little Caesars. What would it have cost $7. We all understand it’s not his obligation, but let’s not punish the other children.

  32. First of all everything doesn’t need to be put out there. Why videotape it and not talk to him in private? Second of all people have to make way better choices of whom they are laying down with and making babies. These children out here deserve better than this!

  33. She probably sells her food stamps to get her hair done.. and buy some weed. And the other baby daddies are locked up. What a piece of trash. This video should be enough for this guy to get custody of his kid

  34. I bet you money his child for mcdonalds that what she hoped for was the whole internet to jump on his case about what he did so she can seem like the good guy and him the villian one big mac meal is 11.28 judging by the bag size I don’t think that’s what he got but lets say he did if it was her perfect world he would be leaving McDonald’s paying 45.12 and whatever the taxes is where he from now i dont know about yall but 45 dollers is a lot for 3 kids that aint mine. i know it’s finna be bad seeing they younger brother eat good but they gotta know that they mama made her bed fucked a dude in it with no protection and now she gotta sleep in it.
    god bliss to the baby daddy and the four other children

  35. “You knew what you was getting into when you had a baby with me”
    Fellas…do I have to spell it out?

  36. So she’s going to refuse to feed their kid because this man didn’t bring food for all of them? That’s fucked up.

  37. Guys… If you don’t want to deal with women like this then you must use a condom when you’re going to smash. If you have sex without a condom then explode inside the woman, that’s on you, you know what you’re doing, and you know what to expect.

  38. Some of the shit I swear you cant make it up. I don’t even believe this shit,she is fucking crazy. Loony Toon

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