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White officer tased a black teenager outside Taco Bell

Taco John's

The Lima Police Department is under fire after a white cop used his taser on a negro zombie. The incident transpired April 11, 2021 at Taco Bell in Lima, Ohio. It was also captured on video. Body cam footage shows officers confronting a group of teen miscreants in the parking lot. An employee called 911 because they played their music too loud, violated curfew and refused to egress the property. As one of ’em was gettin’ arrested for disorderly conduct, a Hispanic teen started mouthing off to the cops. “What you doing n*gga?” said the thug. “He’s 17. That’s a minor.” When the black teen reached into his pocket, all hell broke loose. “He’s got his hand in his pocket! Get your hand out the pocket!” the officer screamed before zapping the corpulent negro with 50,000 volts.

Watch the video.

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  1. The cop is trying to convince himself kids resisted arrest that’s why he keeps saying it

  2. I was taught to respect authority, and all adults! That’s probably a huge reason why I’m still alive and some of my friends aren’t and I’m 26 years old. I’d rather go to jail because my mom and uncle would’ve killed me if they took me home

  3. the arrogance of these punks is disgusting. they really think they’re something- in reality they’re low IQ losers who will end up cleaning toilets in prison.

  4. I can’t imagine what these police go through, someday there’ll be no law and order.

  5. What a bunch of a holes. I’m so glad that my children never behaved like this. I would have whipped there asses.

  6. HE got mad because the guy was dancing and told him he didnt have an i.d, all he had to do is tell them to turn the music down pls

  7. This is a result of bad parenting and a generation of free ranging children. When you have disrespectful kids they soon become disrespecting adults. These kids thought since they were underage the cops couldn’t touch them, haha. Wrong..

  8. That kid with the jacket got arrested for nothing he was just trying to stand up for his boy

  9. I’m always amazed at how the US pits it’s own citizens against each other.
    So many horrible videos coming out of the ‘land of the free’ everyday.
    So sad. So needless. So permanent.
    God bless America?

  10. For loud music and curfew? Isn’t their demonrats they can be dealing with instead of kids? Demonrats are the real criminals.

  11. Police are about to get fired and pay a ton! 💰 Kids were wrong…. But this was handled verrryyyyyyy unprofessionally! 👀

  12. I see you old people that let government play in your buts have a lot to say but the younger people are done with it YOU OLD PEOPLE VOTED IN THE WRONG PEOPLE,FUKED UP THE ECONOMY,FUKED UP THE ENVIRONMENT AND DONT START ON THE oppression,SEGREGATION AND REDLINING THAT BUILT 3rd world country’s 15 mins from super malls .you PEOPLE SAID NOTHING WITH THOSE SITUATIONS EVERYONE WAS JUST EATING PIE GETTING BUT FKED but don’t let me play my music loud

  13. …That’s the people MLK sacrificed his life for?? …☝🏻😌

  14. Just the mere idea that I would have to face my father when I got home kept me from all of this jackassery when I was a kid. Thanks Dad for raising us right. Miss you.

  15. DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS and a nihilistic, immoral society who doesn’t want any guidelines drawn. We are a doomed species.

  16. This is heart wrenching….what has happened to people? We have laws for a reason. Please obey the police always.

  17. This aggressive cop should be FIRED!
    But we all know that this type of cop will always get away with their unacceptable behavior!

  18. We live in a society where Police Officers have become Substitute Parents.

  19. These kids are punks, but this cop is a clown. Dude would be in jail himself if he wasn’t wearing that badge. Dude lost his cool in a second. Could have handled that way different.

  20. Dude I used to get busted for curfew all the time back in the day. They would take me to jail and my mom would have to come get me but I never acted like a lil bitch about it lol

  21. I mean it’s clear as day the officer escalated the situation and used excessive force the 1st victim was literally talking into the officers bodycam priror and the officer still didn’t care he was being recorded and arrested the man on false charges. The officer continues onward by shooting a unarmed victim with his taser. The officer should be fired and brought up on assault charges, the officers voice in the video is also telling. The officer is a loose cannon and unprofessional letting his emotions get the best of him he wouldn’t even qualify to work in fast food with that composure.

  22. What is this racist azz news outlet? Bet you or your ignorant followers will say Any of this BS to people’s face. Disgusting. We gonna find out exactly who you are though.

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