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Baby daddy kills girlfriend, decapitated her ‘internally’

Mayzio killed Deandrea then lied/YouTube

Mayzio murdered Deandrea. 

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CINCINNATI — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Mayzio Arnold was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama then lied to police. The homicide transpired February 15th in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 25-year-old malefactor was arrested and charged Wednesday, July 13th. According to court docs, Mayzio pummeled 24-year-old Deandrea Funchess to death then told police she died from a drug overdose. However, 5 months later, a coroner discovered Mayzio beat Deandrea so severely, the ligaments of her spinal column were detached from the base of her skull. In other words, Deandrea was “internally decapitated” via atlanto-occipital dislocation. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One person wrote, “What a monster! I hope he gets the death penalty!” Another added, “I can’t for the life of me understand why beautiful women fall for these losers! It’s so stupid.” Bernadette Davis, Deandrea’s mother, told reporters she spoke with Mayzio several times since her daughter’s quietus. She had no idea he was capable of murder. “It’s really a shocker right now to find out that he’s responsible for this,” Bernadette said. “From day one, it never made sense to me.”

Deandrea was a nursing home worker.

She and Mayzio have two children together.

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  1. No offense but look at him.. do you honestly think that’s what an upstanding man looks like? 🤔🤔

  2. that medical examiner doing these autopsy needs to be double checked because this person is not qualified clearly

  3. At this point, when y’all see somebody dating your mentally unstable brother/cousin/friend, warn them…. ‘Red flags’ can come later into a relationship and sometimes when it’s too late but family knows from childhood when a person isn’t right.

  4. I’m speechless….smh prayers to her family and friends… What is going on with the human race as a whole?

  5. I wish folks stop brushing this stuff under the rug. People have mental problems and DON’T want to admit it. These folks crazy and don’t want to admit it. People need to admit to these folks that they see a huge problem in these people.

  6. As being a man seeing this horrific stuff being done to our woman is sick if it was me and my girl getting into it I’ll pack my shyt and go I ain’t got time to jeopardize my freedom over a misunderstanding..I rather create peace with her after our break up and keep my distance..because it’s big world out there and different people to see and places to go and to love yourself work hard with discipline with honor..maybe 1 day she would want you back..but murdering her is a coward act..nothing ain’t cool about being in the facility full of men neither..and she got killed on my birthday..that’s wild..this ain’t going to sit right the baby’s..RIP Deandrea👸🏾🙏🏿🥀🕊

  7. What kind of rage does a person have to have to do something like this??

  8. Clearly young women need to want more out of life than dick 🍆. Want a career meet date move on past dating. Stop getting stuck dating. Want a career a husband a family business homes. This can’t keep happening. Look at this man he had nothing to offer her but BABIES.

  9. Some women are so needy desperate & loose. Attention seeker do anything for $$$ & will have a baby by any man just because. It’s nothing wrong with wanting to be desired by a man , but women have to learn to love themselves & have some integrity. Having a man’s baby letting him physically abuse you ain’t love. Hopefully, women will see this want & make better choices. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 For the family & who ever reads this. All women be safe 💜💜💜

  10. I don’t understand how they initially came up with an overdose. For her spine to have been separated from her skull internally, shouldn’t there have been bruising? I don’t understand. Is the coroner incompetent, or is it just evident that I don’t know science? Seems like it should have been obvious from the second they found her that there was abuse.

  11. It’s absurd that they initially ruled it as an accidental overdose…these coroners and etc don’t care smh

  12. Ladies, ladies, ladies pleas if u with a man and he hit u one time just run no chances for him , the first red flag get out ,seen enough of this sad incidents and I hate men who beat on woman . Just give me a minute with them cowards.

  13. So how you get an overdose out of a internal decapitation??? I’ll wait. I’m literally hurt for those children and her family.that is so sad. She gone via murder and this sicko making more children. Done pissed me off. This 🌎 demonic. How can folks sleep at night doing crap like this.

  14. It took 5 months for toxicology reports and an autopsy to see she was decapitated

  15. Wow the level of EVIL it takes to kill someone & decapitate them & you’re supposed to love them is DEMONIC👹& exactly why I’m at peace being & staying single RIP no one deserves to die that way.Condolences to her family & friends🙏☹️

  16. “Decapitated” means to cut the head off of the body. “Internally decapitated” is an incredibly stupid and nonsensical phrase. What happened to her was a severed spinal cord, not decapitation.

  17. This is so very 💔. R.I.P. sweet lady. 🕊Just like we have to teach our young black males how to respond when stopped by police, we must educate our young black women about Narcissistic Controlling Abusive relationships. These offenses are so common now. I’m not sure as a culture we were prepared for this. It truly takes a village. Start identifying and highlighting these things to our youth. Helping them problem solving skills and open honest communication… and the importance of seeking help when needed. I’m so glad they found the true cause of her death. Heavenly Father, protect her children, they will need all the support they can get. 🙏🏽Give her extended family the strength to support them at this time and always.

  18. I guarantee the dude sagged his pants. Women if a man saggs his pants he has a inner hatred towards females and children trust me when I say this

  19. As black people. We need to do better. Men and women. Women please if you don’t here it from me, please stop playing these emotional and mental game with these men and vice versa. It’s fun and games until someone is seriously hurt or worse. Black people please let’s get it right. I LOVE YOU if no one told you today. WE NEED EACH OTHER! Stop this Foolishness. Games cause lives.

  20. He snapped her neck? Dam. He mustve beat the shit outta that girl.

  21. Women choose these types of men. Don’t feel bad for them. The nice guys she ignored would have treated her great.

  22. A lot of the comments are sick. It just shows you how much misogyny there is on here

  23. I hate weak men like this he would’ve been shot dead fwm

  24. The police department was negligent in not informing the victim’s family that the boyfriend was a suspect. He could have killed them too. The other issue is stating that her daughter died of a drug overdose disparaging her memory. The police would not like to be told that their loved one died from an overdose. There is a serious problem when any emergency personnel cannot see that someone is decapitated. This is completely disrespectful.

  25. O well, they keep choosing these tatted up pant sagging single unmarried mommas boys! Goes with the territory.

  26. I mean this what’s happen when yall wanna be with so called street dudes

  27. This sad these young women are dying by the hands of young men by a phenomenal rate! A generation of emotional men!

  28. We women go though alot carring babies whatever that we eat the baby eat whatever we drink the baby drink we breastfeed these babies we have to make sure they have food in their mouth and when the men gets into his feelings the first thing he wants to do is k i l l

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