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Alex Stein attacks Vegas

Alex Stein trolls city council/YouTube

Alex Stein rips Vegas. 

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LAS VEGAS — A viral YouTube video shows comedic rapper Alex Stein excoriating city council members — claiming Las Vegas businessmen routinely swindle tourists. Alex, who has made a habit of trolling public forums nationwide, also accused casino owners of gettin’ customers drunk on purpose to rip ’em off. “I think these casinos take advantage of people by giving people free drinks and they become vulnerable and end up gambling more money than they have,” he told Mayor Carolyn Goodman. “And I was a victim of that and I lost a lot of money.” After revealing his wife’s boyfriend got her pregnant, Alex claimed he was sexually assaulted by a transgender prostitute who took advantage of his inebriation. “You’re preying on people like me,” he ranted. “Then I end up meeting a nice Filipino girl. I take her back to my hotel room. Come to find out, it cost money for her service… I end up having a good time. We start kissing. We take off her clothes. She has male genitalia. She’s a transgender.”

Mayor Goodman quickly cut him off then had marshals escort his ass out the building. Alex did, however, commend the council for funding a 24-hour COVID vaccine operation on Fremont Street — the first in the United States. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “Vegas gives people free drinks and then encourages people to gamble? The Hell you say sir!”

Another added, “The vaccine on Fremont… too funny! 😂😂”

Do you share Alex’s sentiment?

Are casino owners culpable for gambling debt?

Watch Alex’s rant and his appearance on Jason Whitlock’s “Fearless” podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Is this a spoof?? I’m serious. Why is this guy talking like he’s on Dr. Phil? And isn’t Vegas all about drinking & gambling? If he’s been there before, then ban him from all counsel meetings.

  2. These city council officials are bureaucracy at its lowest form of mundane shittiness

  3. Those council people are all treasonous fools,, those council people should be dealt with like treasonous fools used too be dealt with back in the day!!!!!!!

  4. Marshals remove him.. goodbye! goodbye!

    Spoken like they are kings and queens of the past right?

  5. That old bag is part of the problem. 11 years as mayor? How about term limits.

  6. These people are pathetic! They just want to get rich off of people’s addictions, sickening!!

  7. What really cracks me up the most is how he can keep a straight face when he does all this.

  8. What a complete idiot! If I were the mayor I would of kicked that dude out too. What about personal responsibility? I guarantee no casino dragged him in, made him drink , made him gamble , and then forced that hooker on him. Blaming the casinos for gambling problems is like blaming McDonald’s for you being fat. Ridiculous.

  9. They have flagged Alex throughout the US 🤣 they are all on notice now

  10. The good news was the 24/7 vaccination happening on the streets of Vegas.

  11. OMG my wifes boyfriend? LOL , Vegas is nothing but a suckers paradise to empty every damn cent out of your pockets!! If you dont realize these people are nothing but crooks and grifters , I have a bridge for sale in downtown Manhattan. What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas, ESPECIALLY ALL YOUR MONEY!

  12. the officer was laughing cause he knows it was awesome.. keep up the good work Mr. Stein..

  13. It’s what Casinos do, they don’t give you the advantage, so they can make more money. They love scamming tourists. Vegas is a tourist town. That’s how they make money. I also find that casinos are mean to their employees. So glad Alex is standing up against this.

  14. i sure hate that there was no rapping. he is one of the greatest rappers of all time.

  15. Alex Stein is funny. He’s doing this country a great service by exposing corruption and stupidity. Go get’em Alex!

  16. The Black dude behind Alex made some pretty good expressions, lol.

  17. The entire degenerate and hypocritical culture of the left should be mocked and ridiculed constantly.

  18. Ahhahah what a loser, your wife’s boyfriend? It’s not your fault u got drunk and gambled all your money away??? HahahHHahHA

  19. LOLLLLL SHES ACTUALLY SHUSHING HIM as he’s trying to explain getting cucked.

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