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Mahomes joins Fortnite

Mahomes newest member of Fortnite/YouTube

Mahomes joins Fortnite series.

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KANSAS CITY — Patrick Mahomes continues to make history. The star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs just became the first NFL player to join the Fortnite icon series. Epic Games executives made the big announcement Monday afternoon. The trailer was released shortly thereafter. Other athletes who were previously appended include LeBron James (basketball), Chloe Kim (snowboarding), Naomi Osaka (tennis), Harry Kane (soccer) and Marco Reus (soccer). Mahomes’ skin set can be purchased in the Item Shop. It contains the following: Patrick Mahomes Outfit, Gladiator Mindset Style, Gridiron Gladiator Back Bling, Snap Axes Pickaxe, Endzone Elite Wrap and Showtime Emote. Social media reaction was mixed. One viewer wrote, “Patrick Mahomes is the baby GOAT but his skin sucks.” Another added, Damn Patrick Mahomes! Lookin’ good dude.”

Not only is Mahomes featured in the game, he plays it daily with some of his Chiefs teammates. “It started as an offseason thing,” Mahomes told reporters. “You have more time in the offseason after you work out, after you watch film, you have time to play games and do those things. Some of the guys on the team already played so I just hopped on and started playing with them a little bit.”

Are you a fan of Mahomes’ gladiator-style skin?

Check out the trailer.

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  1. I am definitely going to be picking up patrick mahomes in fortnite

  2. I’m not a big football fan but this skin looks sick 🔥

  3. He is legit my favorite football player if I can’t get him I will be so mad

  4. Fortnite is finally stepping there game up again!! I hope they make more NFL player skins

  5. Absolutely love the skin! Amazing design and the face looks exactly like him. Congrats on getting the skin Mahomes!

  6. Blog King, can you please gift me the Patrick Mahomes bundle? My username is Fatbacks96

  7. I’m not a Kansas City Chiefs fan but man.. this guy is an AWESOME quarterback! Congrats to Mahomes on his Icon Series!

  8. What Mahomes skin do you think I should get? The regular one or the saucy style

  9. Kansas born and raised here, so unbelievably excited for this icon series skin. I’ve not really cared for most of the icons and collabs up to this point, but this one is an absolute must buy for me!

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