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Fearless: CDC says COVID vaccine totally ineffective

Kyrie Irving vindicated/Clutchpoints

CDC says vaccine ineffective. 

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NASHVILLE — On episode 274 of Jason Whitlock’s “Fearless” podcast, Blaze TV host Steve Deace confabulated the CDC’s assertion that the COVID vaccine is completely ineffective against coronavirus. Recent studies also show China’s mRNA panacea is potentially hazardous to our health. So why are people still being coerced to take it? “We know from numerous studies that these spike proteins produced by these vaccines love to hang out in the ovaries and the testes,” Deace said. “That’s why we’ve got studies showing 42 percent of women are having menstrual irregularities; including post-menopausal bleeding. We’ve got studies showing sperm motility decreases for up to 6 months after being fully vaccinated. And then, of course, there are the cardiac issues.” Whitlock and quondam NFL receiver T.J. Moe then went on to say ESPN owes Kyrie Irving, Aaron Rodgers and Cole Beasley an apology for lambasting their decision to not get vaccinated.

If you recall, NBA pundit Stephen A. Smith called Irving “stupid” for eschewing the jab. Ditto for NFL analyst Ryan Clark who labeled Rodgers “entitled” and “self-centered” for politely declining. Not sure why. Many doctors and nurses still won’t get injected. Not to mention, during an appearance on Fox News, former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx said she and her staff knew the vaccine wouldn’t work.

Yet, Americans were issued mandates from government officials and employers to get inoculated anyway.

Do you agree with Whitlock and Co?

Should unvaccinated people receive a public apology?

Watch the explosive podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. And yet, with all this information being revealed Novak Djokovic is still being banned from the US Open. This is all a nefarious agenda for greed and control. Taking out our strongest and healthiest from athletes to military personnel will definitely help with population control.

  2. I got fired over vaccination.Unfortunately I won’t get an apology and I don’t have 100 mil in the bank.Little easier to take a stand when you have that kind of money.

  3. Now that we have proven Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have done absolutely nothing to slow the spread of Covid-19 and masks are slightly increasing the rate it spreads, what do we do? Clearly the FDA asking to hide the vaccine safety data until 2077 is not a good sign. We also have Peer Reviewed Studies showing waning immunity at 6 weeks after the 2nd dose. Just truly pathetic. The only vaccine that works against Omicron or Delta is Novavax. Why aren’t we using it?

  4. These sports talking heads on radio and TV, still talk about Kyrie as if he’s the crazy one who hurt his team by not complying with the experimental shot.

    Not, NY’s policy was idiotic, but rather, they blame Kyrie!!! Wow.

  5. Stephen A is so ignorant. I cannot believe I ever listened to him. He is a FOOL.

  6. No Jab for me! I never trusted the criminals that pushed this narrative.

  7. Kirk Cousins as well deserved an apology too. He’s a Christian and his father a minister or sumthing and they attacked his father about Kirk not taken shot.

  8. We all have to do sh*t we don’t want to do in order to participate in a democratic society. Pay taxes, car insurance, avoid assaulting people we hate, etc. When did a poke become such a f*cking touchy subject? Nobody’s being hauled off to death camps. These people want to be oppressed so bad.

  9. Stephen A., along with a lot of pastors all across the country. After all the finger-wagging, emotional and spiritual manipulation from pulpits about “loving your neighbor,” they owe their congregants an apology too.


  11. It’s very aggravating watching Stephen stupid Smith. How dumb does he look now. Awesome for exposing him

  12. People like Ryan Clark, Chris Broussard and other fake Christians are not true believers in Christ our LORD. They put away the commandments of the heavenly father for men’s/ world traditions. James 5:15 GOD EXPLAINS WHAT TO DO IF YOU GET SICK, and Colossians 2:8 EXPLAINS how not to follow the philosophies & world traditions of men. ALL HOLIDAYS ARE TRADITIONS OF MEN THINK ABOUT TRUE BELIEVERS THINK LISTEN TO GOD

  13. Please let us not forget Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic, who refused to get the jab and also did not kneel for the anthem during the Marxist BLM summer of Breonna Floyd. Jonathan Isaac was the most astute and eloquent representative of the unpopular stances he took. Jonathan wears his Christian values on his sleeve

  14. It takes ten years to properly make a vaccine.. it takes ten years to properly make a vaccine..

  15. The sad thing is, it wasn’t all that long ago that Stephen A used to call out people on his side for doing bad things, acting stupid, etc. Ten years ago, he sounded more like Cosby. Well, he did sell out and now just spews the espn woke narrative. Sad. I can’t imagine he sleeps well.

  16. I am not sure if Jonathan Issacs or Michael Porter were vilified as much as Kyrie but they didn’t get the vaccine. Issacs also refused to kneel during all that Kaepernick initiated hoopla. A very devout Christian man. HE IS FEARLESS. He’s written a book titled Why I Stand.

  17. I took the covid shot last year after my co worker almost died in the hospital with Covid. And one actually did die. From Covid. I personally never got Covid. And idk if the shot had anything to do with it or not. But about 30 to 35 of my co workers got Covid and I didn’t. Im a Christian ✝️ and God gave us free will. What I totally disagree with is the government was forcing people to take a shot. That was wrong.

  18. Ryan Clark a well respected former football player was speaking more about how Aaron Rodgers lied about his vaccination status and the impact of his teammates around him. Ryan was specifically endorsing the vaccine. That’s fair.

  19. It’s not a vaccine it’s Just bullshit,if it was a vaccine it would work ffs

  20. Cole Beasley deserves an apology and a job………. he’s still unemployed

  21. We’re supposedly over populated .. I feel they were trying to get rid of us tbh .. my boss literally begged me to take it , I’m glad I didn’t!! Had us all locked up indoor , causing ppl to get suicidal.. wake up ppl!! Blinding us with these “emergency payments” .. something in me told me this wasn’t right . Everyone deserves more than an apology!! Ppl have lost lives , jobs , homes!!! Ridiculous , sharing this with everyone I know – not to prove I was right but for their safety 😇💯

  22. I’m a Democratic BUT ANYWAYz An AMERICAN 1st.

    I’m Sooooooo Fucking Sick of how My Party has Completely SOLD OUT to Bill Gates Buying ALL the Nations Farmland & coincidentally Our Nations Food storage Warehouse burning down at the same time 🔥🔥…. Check The Data in the last 18 months MORE food storages burnt up randomly then in the last 85 years combined

    So 18 months of Biden whom I sadly voted for …. Ironically during this time, 18 of our country food storages was Burnt Down WHICH is more than the last 105 years worth of food storage fires combined

    Bill Gates the FireMan & The Vaccine patent !!!! Ummm 🧐 Bill Gates Don’t you also own the News Outlets Also Ummm 🧐

  23. What I’ve never understood is how NOT being vaxed put others who were vaxed in “danger”. They weren’t immune from catching Covid by taking it in the first place. Stephen A. actually almost died and he was bolstered up! It may have saved his life, sure. But he still caught it and had to fight back to health even with it.

  24. Wow…my mom begged me to get the vaccine, and I wouldn’t do it. Glad I listened to myself. I don’t trust the government

  25. It’s a bio weapon that completely wipes out your natural immunity. Also it’s held together with 2 hiv proteins…

  26. Kyrie is a shit hero though, cuz he just goes against anything anyone tells him. If you go against everything just to argue eventually you will be right.

  27. Kyrie Irving once believed that the earth was flat and that it didnt rotate around the sun. He also thought CIA tried to kill Bob Marley because he was spreading love and bringing people together. Kyrie also thought the Federal Reserve played a role in the assassination of JFK because JFK wanted to “end the bank cartel in the world. This guy is NOT smart and he wasn’t right this whole time either. Nobody said vaccines would PREVENT you from getting sick. That is not what vaccines do. Vaccines help you build up certain antibodies to help you fight certain illnesses if you were to catch them. I am surprised that Jason Whitlock and the rest of the right wing didn’t know that.

  28. It’s hard for grown men to lead nowadays, raising them to be good little socialists. I knew Kyrie was right all along.

  29. They are never going to admit that they were wrong. What I’ve realized is that half of our country is completely stupid. They follow everything they see on main stream media and will vilify anyone who doesnt have the same mindset as them. If you actually think for yourself they look at you as though something is wrong with you. Calling them sheep is actually a compliment, they are really worse than that.

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