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Aries Spears slams Lizzo

Aries Spears trashes Lizzo/YouTube

Aries body-shames Lizzo. 

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NEWARK — Aries Spears is fatphobic and proud. Only problem is he’s quite corpulent himself. The 47-year-old comedian is under fire after he lambasted Lizzo for being morbidly obese, saying she resembles a steaming pile of feces. Aries spewed the body-shaming remarks during a recent chinwag with “The Art of Dialogue.” When asked what he thought of Lizzo’s music, Aries said he couldn’t get over the fact she “looks like the sh*t 💩 emoji” before adding “she’s got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off.” Aries also said society is doing Lizzo and paunchy folks a disservice by advocating body positivity. Her fans, however, beg to differ. It’s their contention Lizzo, 34, must be in tip-top shape to dance, sing and play the flute. The “About Damn Time” singer addressed Aries’ comments while accepting a trophy at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

“For bitches that got something to say about me in the press… You know what? I’m not going to say nothing,” Lizzo ranted. “They be like, ‘Lizzo why don’t you clap back? Why don’t you clap back?’ ‘Cause, bitch, I’m winning, ho! Big bitch is winning, ho! Best revenge is your paper, bitch!” The audience expressed approbation with a thunderous round of applause.

Social media reaction was mixed. One person wrote, “Obese women and the alphabet mafia are one and the same. Both are trying to push a lifestyle and force everyone to accept it. They want to be treated ‘equal’ but special at the same time.” Another chimed in with, “Tired of these ugly men dogging supposedly ‘ugly women.’ Walk your talk n*gga #bitchbehavior.”  A third fan added, “I would wife Lizzo tho. She can cook and clean plus she’s a freak and a loyal big girl… shiiid ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾”

Does Aries owe Lizzo an apology?

Do big girls offer more cushion for the pushin?

Watch Aries and Lizzo excoriate each other.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. He saying what the world be thinkin. It’s okay to be confident but your health is equally if not more important than being comfy and unhealthy. Not to mention, she do be a lil extra with her weight and showing off her body. He ain’t lying. Nobody is keeping it a hundred with her. They just riding the wave. God forbid something happen to her and weight be the issue.

  2. I almost forgot this nigga got 2 pieced up by that radio dj HAHAHAHAHA

  3. We all are over weight u dont see us on national tv or in public twerking showing all ass and dimples looking like barely cooked mash potatoes

  4. But lizzo is vegan for 1 and works out for 2 and 3 this dude is fucking sweating big Mac sauce in this video talking about she’s fat with his belly hanging low and double chin jiggling every time he opens his trap 🤢

  5. He said what hundreds of millions of people want to say. Good for Aries!! She needs to stick to just “singing”. Pretty please…we don’t need or want to see any more semi-naked Lizzo pics. Yuck! That funk comes right through my computer monitor.

  6. He looks like canned dog food and built like a 10lb bag of potatoes. The audacity of some people.

  7. The interviewer set that question up… He knew what was going to happen when he mentioned Lizzo name…🤣😂😭

  8. I’m no fan of Lizzo explicit behavior but this walrus looking dude defintely has no room to joke about what anybody looks like

  9. She exercises, owns a shapewear line, is a millionaire, is a kind person and a great musician, she can play an instrument, and we have this fat melted alcoholic insulting a great woman, but when God is offended you will be checked !!

  10. Where is the lie?

    LizzO is fat also she is built like a plate of potatoes
    lizzo wears inappropriate clothing for her size!
    He is a comedian and actually he was stating facts
    Why is everything someone says or does scrutinized and subject to judgement?
    His profession is comedy where he is given the access to make us laugh sometime at someone else’s expense!
    To me he did nothing wrong

    Have a good day everyone

  11. Lmao he right though. Lizzo is huge and she up here shakin all 320lbs of her ass around like its cute

  12. We love to criticize each other. Is he talking to the overweight bitches in his family about their weight?

  13. As a healthcare worker I know how important it is to try to stay in shape. I’m hard on myself. But has this dude looked in the mirror?. I don’t understand why he is attacking Lizzo I just don’t get it when did this become OK for black man to attack black women.? Oh I’m sorry it’s been OK for a long time! Stop pls and trust me I’m not saying that it’s OK to be overweight because being overweight is unhealthy but she has openly said that she has her struggles so leave the girl alone and let her live her life.

  14. @Luckygirl80: There’s plenty of skinny people with higher blood pressure , cholesterol than bigger people, being obese doesn’t mean immediate unhealthiness, it just means your numbers can get bad over time and later on cause problems, but plenty of skinny people develop health problems down the road as well due to genetics, smoking etc… so respectfully everyone should mind their own business when it comes to health because currently there are heavier people than you rn that technically in a doctors office could show up with better numbers than you ☺️☺️ Lizzo works out more than many people smaller than her and can afford a variety of foods, many skinny people lay in bed all day and eat ramen cause it’s all they can afford

  15. They’re all facts. Lizzie is fat, music is okay, face is kinda cute. Aries is funny, he’s not attractive, he fat, look like he lives in is his mama house in the basement & wears 10 year old, dirty Air Force 1s…what’s subjective, y’all know y’all agree what’s presented in front of you🤣

  16. Let ignorant people dig their own grave if they don’t want to work out and they want to have diabetes and they want to have heart disease that’s their own problem there’s 8 billion people on the planet

  17. Real talk….I don’t desire a fat ass woman….period. I said it ,. Get it together

  18. Society needs more shame. Shame is what promotes good morals and decency. If there was no shame, humans would behave deplorably. If you’re a slut, a fat ass, or a bitch, then you should be shamed and called out. This new generation calls everything “blank-shaming” or “blank-phobic” and it’s like, shut up already. Y’all are fact phobic and moral shaming daily so get wrecked.

  19. Weak ass comedian blaming everyone but his own lack of talent for his mistake..nice try fat boy

  20. Just remember inside every big fat disgustingly, morbidly obese cow is a beautiful, delicious steak.

  21. Once again it’s okay for a man to be fat as long as they are funny but a woman who is fat no matter how multitalented they are is a no. I’m sick of shit like this.

  22. wow saying such things about lizzo I don’t think he’s got any Swagger I don’t think this man is sexy in any way shape or form but lizzo on the other hand is extremely beautiful and just because she’s a bigger lady I think it makes her even hotter so to the hell with the haters….. didn’t your mama teach you if you ain’t got nothing nice to say you don’t say nothing at all

  23. As women we need to start telling each other the truth about our weight, our attitude and the choices we make in partners and having babies out of wedlock by multiple men. We gotta do better to create healthy black families again. There…I said it and I won’t take it back.

  24. My man is a little pudgy, short and I love him to death. He is a wonderful, sweet, caring man that loves me and keeps me up when I’m down. Black women laugh, say he’s short, even one of his male friends asked if I was drunk when I decided to be with him. There is some weird double standard when it comes to men. Oddly, obese black woman are the first ones to comment on others looks…I have a heavy friend that says she doesn’t date fat men because their fat, but gets mad when men reject her because she’s fat 🤣 you can’t make this shit up…

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