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Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson calling it quits

Janelle & Tessa calling it quits/YouTube

Janelle and Tessa are done.

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LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in Janelle Monáe’s gay relationship because it’s done. The Kansas City native and Marvel actress Tessa Thompson are calling it quits after 3 years of copulation. Rumor has it they’re sick and tired of carpet munching and they’re ready for the “D.” Tessa, 38, confirmed the severance on Twitter, saying, “Single & Ready to Pringle.” Janelle, 36, countered with a homogeneous tweet that reads: “Reclaiming my body, my happiness, my beautiful smile, my freedom, my time, my agency ❤️‍🔥on purpose and with great intent.❤️‍🔥🥰😝😎” If you recall, the quondam lovebirds first connected in 2015 when Tessa performed as a backup dancer in Janelle’s “Yoga” music video. They became a hot LGBT item in 2019. That’s why nobody saw this coming. ‘They were together and inseparable. Both beautiful and talented,” said a close source.

“It’s a shame that they didn’t last.”

Social media reaction was ho-hum. One fan wrote, “It’s Hollywood. They didn’t get famous reading the Bible, they all sleep around and do whatever fame calls for.” Another chimed in with, “All I know is… I love them EQUALLY, and PRAY I can impregnate them BOTH!!! Ahhhh, dreaming is healthy, dreaming about healthy QUEENS, SO SOOTHING!!!!”

A third person added, “I couldn’t care less because Tessa hates men and white people.”

What’s your take?

Should Janelle and Tessa get back together or remain sundered?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I think Janelle and Thompson are too FINE…. what ever they do is good…..I luuuuuuv them both

  2. I would pay to c them jamming together… SHIIDDD… don’t care who , or what they commitments R.. just let me have front row🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. At the risk of being called a homophobe, here’s my unsolicited take… Their relationship made me like each of them less.. I only know Tessa from Ragnarok and Creed (cool in Thor, meh in Creed) and as weird as it is I liked some of Monae’s early music. It’s not the gay thing that strikes me, they just seem too damn weird for my taste. I hope they reach all the successes that they work for, sincerely, but I won’t be going outta my way to support them.

  4. Who cares? Love jenelle and who cares who shes with. I’m pan sexual and I respect her and her privacy. Get over it.

  5. Whether if they are together or not I love the both of them 🙌🏾 ❣️❣️❣️❣️ very talented beautiful ladies!!! Period

  6. How in the hell these two sexy ass women couldn’t find a real man? Shit i know i love both of them. Dam

  7. I want them to be together SOOOOOOO freaking bad! I think they are the hottest black couple, and love their support of each other.

  8. They broke up about a couple years ago. Tessa started dating that guy from Blood Orange. Janelle’s dating Nate Wonder and a model/actress named Stephanie Silva. She’s that blonde that was with her at Beyonce’s album release party.

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