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Aries Spears slams Lizzo

Aries Spears trashes Lizzo/YouTube

Aries body-shames Lizzo. 

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NEWARK — Aries Spears is fatphobic and proud. Only problem is he’s quite corpulent himself. The 47-year-old comedian is under fire after he lambasted Lizzo for being morbidly obese, saying she resembles a steaming pile of feces. Aries spewed the body-shaming remarks during a recent chinwag with “The Art of Dialogue.” When asked what he thought of Lizzo’s music, Aries said he couldn’t get over the fact she “looks like the sh*t 💩 emoji” before adding “she’s got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off.” Aries also said society is doing Lizzo and paunchy folks a disservice by advocating body positivity. Her fans, however, beg to differ. It’s their contention Lizzo, 34, must be in tip-top shape to dance, sing and play the flute. The “About Damn Time” singer addressed Aries’ comments while accepting a trophy at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

“For bitches that got something to say about me in the press… You know what? I’m not going to say nothing,” Lizzo ranted. “They be like, ‘Lizzo why don’t you clap back? Why don’t you clap back?’ ‘Cause, bitch, I’m winning, ho! Big bitch is winning, ho! Best revenge is your paper, bitch!” The audience expressed approbation with a thunderous round of applause.

Social media reaction was mixed. One person wrote, “Obese women and the alphabet mafia are one and the same. Both are trying to push a lifestyle and force everyone to accept it. They want to be treated ‘equal’ but special at the same time.” Another chimed in with, “Tired of these ugly men dogging supposedly ‘ugly women.’ Walk your talk n*gga #bitchbehavior.”  A third fan added, “I would wife Lizzo tho. She can cook and clean plus she’s a freak and a loyal big girl… shiiid ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾”

Does Aries owe Lizzo an apology?

Do big girls offer more cushion for the pushin?

Watch Aries and Lizzo excoriate each other.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They support all this “body positivity” to keep the competition down. Any
    and all in shape women use it to snuff the competition. Lmmfao!


  3. The topic was her music 🎶 not her looks. How did it take the turn about her looks.

  4. Aries kept it 100 like he should.
    The only reason why Lizzo is embarrassing obesity is because women are lying to her telling her she’s beautifu’l when she’s obviously not.

  5. America is turning into China. Its illegal for comedians to tell jokes and make people laugh. 🖕🏾

  6. C’mon man..Lizzo IS fat! To most men she is not desirable. That’s why 99 percent of her fan base is female.

  7. maaaane that shit was fuckin funny yo!(an pretty accurate lol 😆) we need to get the stick out our ass

  8. I can’t figure it out, why the fuck do Black women want women like LIZZO to be their public image for the world —- The LIZZO Black woman image is so ubiquitous that when a lot of guys in the dating market think of Black women, THEY THINK LIZZO and say hell no !!! Just as much as Black men need to clean up our public image, Black women need to do the same — The Lizzo Black women thing ain’t working for y’all, ESPECIALLY in the dating market.

  9. Aries tells the truth. I can’t believe how many people try normalizing Lizzo’s OBESITY…she’s not fat or thick. She’s OBESE..

  10. Well I don’t like to judge men but this n**** is ugly second part what he say about lizzo is true I will agree with him

  11. He is one to talk looking so fat while busy berating women’s looks. Lizzo should sue this fool for defamation of character.

  12. A lot of females will put on the hair hats, lashes, eagle claws, fake Fendi.. etc, and will do whatever they can to look “good” with all of the ornaments and adornments but the one thing they won’t do is go to the gym and eat a fucking salad.

  13. 😂I don’t understand why black women that aren’t big, bigger, or shaped like Lizzo have so much energy and tenacity are defending her. She hates and doesn’t like women, especially black women that isn’t her size or bigger. She belittled, bashed, and talked shit about how skinny and smaller they were. She said that black women that wasn’t her size looked sick, funny, weird, starving, and broke and black women said nothing. Why do you think that when she goes on tours or different events you never see a woman smaller than her. A lot of black women are the biggest hypocrites.

  14. I think they put this fatazz lady out there just to satisfy other fat women and give them hope…just like the Skittle rapper just gives other dumfux hope to keep trying to make it but the real talented ones with a positive message don’t get the love. IMO

  15. Aries spears look like a damn zombie from thriller, he know damn well he would hit lizzo if he had the chance

  16. Funny because women say the same ish behind closed doors. But out in open they got to defend her big azz

  17. My whole thing is it would be different if she didn’t throw all that in your face like these stripper rappers do. People don’t have to like fat bodies especially when you’re forcing it down everybody’s throats. It’s only body shaming when there’s a fat woman involved but men get body shamed all the time too about having a dad bod and what not we just don’t cry about it.

  18. Its already been said a lot of times she knows what shes doing. Them fat B*tches buy her music its the same thing with comedy look at gabriel Iglesia his whole image is being a fat mexican

  19. What women fail to realize is. Even though a man should not look like this fat ni@@a. Thing is he still is desired by women because he has MONEY. Fat women are never desirable even if they’re RICH. Being a fat woman doesn’t work at all

  20. @kill-a-cracka-Blackathon: BS, some bbw’s can get every bit of it… (the D/ the woof woof)

  21. He is fat tho… and he not that funny… and please I can not stand Lizzo… outside of that she is a phenomenal song writer and singer… I wish should would just take care of herself and show some f’n class in public… my G got his ass beat by Cory Holcombs sidekick… then tried to sue… He been angry for years because he thinks he should be held in higher regards than people like Kat Williams, Kevin Hart and many other comedians… the nigga trying to replace Paul Mooney… which is super weird… he just gave everyone in the industry a reason not to F wit him…

  22. I was wondering why I keep seeing overly fat people dressing like they 110lbs wtf shit hurts my eyes 4real…fuck lizzo 4 starting this

  23. i see no wrong in what he said… these big a$$ women out here promoting unhealthy lifestyles to the average women acting like that is cute..

  24. trust me i aint with the woke shit but hes wrong for this and just wrong in general. he comin off as a dated ignorant oldhead

  25. He got the nerve? He can’t even breath during his jokes and look sickly and high all the time. It’s always the fat dudes trying to diss women. Yet Lizzo tho she overweight remains positive and a role model. Why can’t Men do that?

  26. Remember when Monique was doing the same 💩. Promoting women to be fat and what did she do? Got weight loss surgery to get married to a SIMP.

  27. This fat ass bitch always looking for attention and controversy. There’s a lot of fine, attractive chubby women out there. She ain’t one of them.

  28. He is extremely disrespectful for comparing her to the shit emoji.. he look like his breath stink but i bet no one tells him that. They asked this clown about her music, he starts talking about how he can’t get pass her weight but I’ll be he listens to R Kelly and has no problem getting pass the thought of all those children R.kelly raped.

    He is right about the health issues though, real love is encouraging the ones you love to be a HEALTHY weight.

    If we wake up a month from now and we hear she passed away do to heart disease all you people propping up her unhealthy lifestyle are to blame.


  30. The funny thing is that most of the people here have an overweight person in their life, that they love and wouldn’t say these hurtful, rude things to! But because she’s in the public eye, they don’t have an emotional connection to her, then making these comments is acceptable.

    Also, HE’S making these type of comments!?! I can tell just by looking at him, that he suffers from hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and is at high risk of stroke.. because he is as obese as the woman he is putting down; however, he gets a pass for making these comments!?! GTFOH!!

    You misogynistic betch-men! I bet half of you MFz are overweight, too! Yet you’re here saying Lizzo is fat and defending this dumb mf.

    Go succ a dekk n lick your homies natz, and stop messing w us, fat women! GO!! Dumb mfz..

  31. I can see the future liver disease in his eyes. He needs to STFU and STFD! He got his negative press for this BS. He’s truly a piece of shit for this.

  32. ….this dude’s gut is about to smack me in the face…and he is talking about Lizzo?
    U literally have a pannus STOP

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