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Boyfriend killed girlfriend, stuffed body in ‘frigerator

Nathan murdered Sherbert Maddox/YouTube

Girlfriend’s body found in frig. 

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PROVIDENCE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Nathan Cooper, 53, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his girlfriend, Sherbert “Strawberry” Maddox, then stuffed her corpse in his refrigerator. The heinous crime transpired in March at Nathan’s apartment in Providence, Rhode Island. When detectives discovered Sherbert’s body, they learned she had been refrigerated for several days. According to police reports, Nathan shot Sherbert multiple times with a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun then wrapped her cadaver in towels and plastic bags prior to refrigeration. He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Sherbert’s family is struggling to come to grips with the tragedy despite the fact Nathan has a history of beating Sherbert, 40, to a bloody pulp. He’s been jailed several times for domestic violence.

“My mom called me this morning and let me know that her boyfriend killed her and put her in the refrigerator like a piece of steak,” cousin Shermaine Johnson told WSAZ-TV. Sherbert’s sister, Nakia Maddox-Pigues, said Nathan is gonna get what he deserves. “I want the world to know that justice will be served for my sister,” she vowed. “You took a part of my family that we can never get back. Your day is coming.” Sherbert’s family members yelled obscenities at Nathan and threatened to kill him during the arraignment.

Should Nathan get life in prison or the death penalty?

Watch the report and his court appearance.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Maybe we need to hit the back alley and ABORT our abuser’s & murderer’s 😢😡🤬because we BIRTH YOU PHOQ🤯ER’S 😢😢Yes, think about that for a few ticks 🤬just disgusting. We lay our lives on the line in the valley of shadow & death to birth your children and you MURDER US GTPOH 💔 😢

  2. I cannot fathom domestic violence in and of itself. To be murdered by the hand of someone you should have been protecting is the upmost betrayal. What kind of monster can sleep yards away from a FRIDGE containing the deceased body of a beautiful woman who had their entire life ripped away?! I wish her and her family justice. May that family heal the best they can. We hear you.

  3. Glad this world is ending soon. Everybody had a chance to seek Jesus and repent

  4. Throw the damn book at him make sure he never gets out of jail , cheap bastard !!!!

  5. That’s insane that’s some demonic stuff that’s what happens when you take on mindset of white Supremacy and you are social path and or psychopath I believe no one with that kind of mindset should be around people and drugs open your spirit up to do bad stuff drugs are not just dangerous to body but dangerous to spirit and soul

  6. He looks unclean, demonic. Some people have the spirit of God and some have the spirit of the devil. I’m telling you we are living in the last of the days man. The devil is literally possessing folks whose vessels is open and over taking them.


  8. What a coward he do not deserve to be called a man or a human being I pray that the law punish him with every inch of the law on Earth there is but the ultimate judge will come from the Lord Jesus Christ he will wish that he was never born.

  9. yelling? if it was me, I would have jumped over every cop there and just strangle every ounce of life from this murderer… Just saying…

  10. POS dusty. Rot in hell. Dv is off the chain. Leave the home when he is gone. Don’t risk your life. They never change. Rip. You don’t need no boyfriend. IAM loving being single. Rip. Red flags are always there

  11. she is so beautiful. this is a sick world. i hope that excuse of a human rots in prison forever. rest in peace Strawberry🕊

  12. Strawberry 🍓 the world is going to miss you. Love you girl R.i.P

  13. Any sign of abuse from a man you should walk away before you fall in love even after you fall in love and find this out. My ex husband of 6 months never gave me flowers, but when I left him he brings flowers to my sister’s house. I should have left him with all the signs he was showing, but the night that he hit me, the next morning I left and never went back. Ladys he will do it again!

  14. he had prior convictions…. I bet she new that an got with him anyway like most black women do make poor choices when it comes to relationships they rather lay up with a convict then a real man

  15. She looked so young! She had so much more life to live and give and he took it. I’m getting worried about myself. I’m trying with the BC but my hatefulness for BM is growing stronger everyday. I do not care for them. And I never even dated one. It’s just to much I hate them I can honestly say I hate BM with a passion and that is so sad because I am a black woman. God help me

  16. This what happens when you choose pookie and ray-ray types. Sorry for the victim but she must have known what type of dude this guy is from the start. Accountability/responsibility goes a long way.

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