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Jealous high school junior butchered his ex-girlfriend

Tierra Hall brutally murdered/Discovery

Jealous boyfriend kills ex. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

DURHAM — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Kelton Fox was thrown in the slammer after he butchered his ex-girlfriend, 17-year-old Tierra Hall, because she broke up with him. The fatal stabbing transpired March 28, 2015 in Durham, North Carolina. But it took a while to finalize the case. According to police reports, Tierra severed ties with Kelton because he was “too clingy.” Both were students at Charles E. Jordan High School. Refusing to take “no” for an answer, Kelton snatched Tierra’s cell phone in the hallway then marched out the school. Tierra followed him around the block and they had contretemps. Moments later, Kelton returned to school with his sleeves pulled over his hands. He went straight to the restroom but didn’t attend class. Police discovered Tierra’s lacerated corpse lying face down on the porch of an abandoned house Kelton’s mom used to live in. Tierra was stabbed at least 14 times in the head, face and chest. School surveillance footage confirmed Kelton as the suspect.

Investigators also found graffiti on the deserted home that read “King K tha Savage” — Kelton’s moniker. The 17-year-old malefactor was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 12 years in prison. “It’s a shame that many of our youth resort to violence to settle many of their issues,” said Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez. The crime was featured on season 9, episode 8 of “See No Evil” and it’s titled “Savage By Name.” Koteya Hall, Tierra’s mom, can’t believe her baby is gone. “I loved her so much. I just do not understand,” Koteya bemoaned, choking back tears. “I need to know why. I need to know why. I’m angry.”

Koteya also said Kelton pretended to be the perfect gentleman. She didn’t see this coming. “He was so mannerable,” Koteya recounted. “He shook my hand. It was ‘yes ma’am, no ma’am.’ He made sure she got in the house before he left. I had no reason to think that he would do anything to her. I thought he loved her.”

Kelton told the court he’s non compos mentis and the black male judge must’ve bought it.

He got a measly 12-year sentence which means he’s scheduled for manumission in 2027.

Watch the sad report, surveillance footage and Kelton’s court appearance.

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  1. He’s going g to kill again when they release him in 2027, why did they give him such short time😫🤬

  2. She has a face of an ANGEL.. Fly High ANGEL 🕊️🕊️🕊️💐🌹.

  3. I wonder why she followed him, he never stopped or slowed down. Poor young lady didn’t know she was following the devil.

  4. He’ll be released in 2027 … young enough to mess up or end another black woman’s life.

  5. It hurts to see my fellow sister’s & mother’s to go through all this pain. When a man can’t take rejection. Just leave & move on. But some of these brothers think they own the woman. So if they can’t have them no one else can. This guy only get 12 to15 years, when he should get life. Only GOD can help us through hard times like these. GOD bless the Mother & Family 🙏🏽

  6. Warn young females about safety. I once had a boyfriend who got so angry it looked like his eye pupils where moving crazy too. I left him and later he got into trouble and is doing 35 years in prison. Run, run from red flags 👍👍

  7. @R G: She followed him because he had her cell phone. Didnt you read the article?

  8. They need classes in H.S. teaching signs of domestic violence to prevent this type of tragedy. Prayers for the Mother who lost her Daughter No one should feel that kind of pain. Prayers for the youth! Value of life has no meaning. So heartbreaking.

  9. Wow her mom looks like she could be her sister she looks so young like a teenager

  10. Any Young Girls Seeing This , PLEASE From The First Sign & Gut Feeling . From The Moment , He Hits You , Please Leave ! Get Him Arrested. It’s Easier Said Than Done But It’s Real Life . Some Of Us Live To Warn Another & Some Don’t. Please 💔💔💔💔

  11. Speechless!!! Angry!!! And DISGUSTED that he still gets to come home and restart his life!!! Seems very unfair to the victim and family and sends the wrong kind of message that such a vicious and PREMEDITATED crime, will be punished but with a slap on the wrist compared to what should be served! Her life was snatched and his should be too!!!

  12. @Miss. Black: Yea buddy kind of got off easy. I guess the way it happened.

  13. He did not get any real time for this murder. He will get out of jail and murder another woman.

  14. 12 years?………stabbed 14 times??? No justice once so ever. This poor mother….I feel horrible. he deserves LIFE period!

  15. At this point, it’s not even worth dating these boys in high school. Just focus on your grades and your education. Focus on what you’re going to do with your life after you graduate, and only hang with friends who are focused on the same. This is so so sad. This young lady did everything she could possibly do. The only other thing I’d say is to avoid boys who aren’t focused on their goals and who don’t have nothing going for themselves. And don’t let them just say their potential – you have to see them doing it and their actions have to line up with what they’re saying. Clearly she saw the red flags and left. That’s all you can do once someone has deceived you into thinking they are good when they are not. But his pseudo name gave him away (King Savage). Take those things as red flags. They’re telling you who they are. And I can’t believe this guy only got 12 yrs. Clearly what he did was premeditated because he lured her specifically there.

  16. These young Bulls aren’t Bulls anymore they are the Cows .. they are feminine and sweet and emotional like their Mom .. Men when you run from your son they become your daughter.

  17. Out in 2027??! So like 5 more years left for murdering this precious child. The justice system is out of hand. Don’t give 2 fucks if he’s 17 he knew exactly what he was doing, he knew exactly where to lure her to & for him to have returned so quickly he had that planned out.


  19. Good morning, l am sorry for the young lady and her family. The young man knew if he took her phone, she would follow him to get it back, and she followed him and lost her life, People you can get another cell phone ,she should have let him had that phone and reported it to the campus police, or principal, he already knew he was going to kill her, he lured her out to follow him by taking her phone. His mother knew he was violent because every mother knows their child, some people uphold their kids in their wrong doings, some parents are afraid of their kids.💯🙏💯

  20. Please start teaching children that their cell phones and information can be replaced. Let the MF have it. It’s a phone.
    Stop raising these over emotional males. They need fathers and a positivemale presence in their homes and in their lives. A mother can not teach a son how to be a Man!
    One more thing, this young ladies life meant nothing to the law.

  21. The reason this guy took this girl’s phone is so that she would follow him to the location where he killed her. He kept trying to snatch her phone in the hallway. The camera showed everything. These kids were able to just leave the school like this?

    All this guy got was 12 years and he’s getting out in 2027??? This guy should’ve gotten life. This guy will kill another woman again later in life. I think once any person has killed, they should have to register just has a sex offender has to. No one cares about him not being able to vote and his mental illness that’s why you take your medication. This is why the mother should’ve never allowed her daughter to have a boyfriend. Where was this young girl’s father? I guarantee you he’s abused this girl before.

    My mother would’ve never allowed me to have a boyfriend or even be having sexual relations while I was living in her home. These Black women who are parents of young girls are terrible today. Black women start supervising your daughters and stop letting them freely roam whenever and wherever they want. I couldn’t just leave school and follow some boy. This mother will feel guilty for the rest of her life. Another thing I noticed is the girl laughing when the boy snatched the phone from her like it was a joke. This guy wasn’t even remorseful.

  22. thats real sad, and it was a black male judge that gave him such a short sentence. they needed to lock that little boy up and never let him out cause hes going to do it again.

  23. Let these material items GOOOOOOOOO!!! Young ladies, DO NOT EVER LEAVE FROM A PUBLIC PLACE over someone taking something that could easily be replaced. He planned this…the mother should appeal the 12 years and make sure he DOES NOT get out so soon. 💙🙏🏾🥲

  24. Young men. I’ve been there. Puppy love, you’ll get over it, find a new life to live. Honestly, I suggest not to get into anything serious until you’re mentally capable of handling the possibility of breaking up.

  25. The justice system failed this beautiful young lady. I’m scared this psycho will get out in 5 years and do the same thing to someone else he’s obsessed with. 17 or not he needs to be jailed for the rest of his life. This is so sad.

  26. These brothers can’t take rejection, Just move on & find someone else. But these guys think they own the woman♀️. They feel like if they can’t have them no one else can. Murdering the woman means both person life is lost. God bless the victim Family 🙏🏽

  27. To have him sentenced to a minimum of less than how long she lived on this earth is disgusting. Ok so he gets released and lives the rest of his adult life, what happens when he becomes obsessed with another girl and gets told no!

  28. Ladies of all ages when a guy shows signs of control, abuse of any kind, obsession..WATCH OUT..GET AWAY…STAY AWAY..Don’t LOOK BACK..End all communication abs definitely don’t ever go anywhere with the person.

  29. He literally walked up with the intent to take her phone knowing that she would follow him, and led her somewhere to kill her. Most ADULTS don’t even think things out that far.

  30. I left every clingy guy that I was with. It’s definitely a red flag for me. I’ve dealt with guys calling me three times a day, constantly texting me, watching me constantly. It’s just something wrong with those types.

  31. What is it with all these unstable men both young and old? Women outnumber men by 10:1. Why can’t these clowns move on?! There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Too many young and older men are behaving more and more like savage beasts.

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