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Jealous boyfriend murders girlfriend over social media

Tridarius shot Jakavia dead/YouTube

Boyfriend kills baby mama. 

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PENSACOLA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. The city of Pensacola, Florida is in mourning after Tridarius Gray murdered his ex-girlfriend — Jakavia Simmons — before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired May 16th at Stoddert Place Apartments in front of their 4-month-old daughter. It also took place roughly one hour after Jakavia posted her single status on social media. According to court docs, the quondam lovebirds experienced contretemps when Jakavia wrote “SINGLE AS HELLL” on her Facebook profile. After insinuating if he can’t have her no one will, Tridarius shot Jakavia multiple times before turning the gun on himself. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. “An adult male was engaged in an argument with an adult female, took a gun and fired at the adult female before turning the gun on himself,” said Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons before adding “an infant child” witnessed the tragedy.

Jakavia’s uncle, Cory Richardson, said Tridarius and his niece were happy and laughing the last time he saw ’em. Nobody forecasted this despite the fact Tridarius has been arrested multiple times. “I saw both of them yesterday,” he told reporters. “Very shocking.”

Social media reaction was fierce. One reader wrote, “The sad thing about these relationships is that men can’t seem to move forward after a break up. They rather end their life.” Another chimed in with, “Why do people have to post everything in their lives on social media? There’s no privacy in their lives, none.” A third person added, “Being single looks better and better.” 

Tridarius and Jakavia were only together a year.

The little girl is orphaned.

Should people share their dating status on social media?

Will women one day realize Pookie & Ray Ray are bad for their health?

Watch alarming coverage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Men really need to stop treating women as if they own them and can rid the world of them when they choose.

  2. He was definitely less of a man. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Pray that her daughter, as she grows, make her mom very proud of her, every step of the way.

  3. People need to teach their children how to communicate with one another and how to accept rejection!

  4. My condolences to this beautiful young lady and her family. If I havent said before I’ll say it again. Our young ladies are being systematically wiped out. It’s going to get worse.

  5. I got out of an abusive marriage , wrote and published a book detailing my experiences….A Jealous Person Will Kill You, Literally!

  6. Try to not force a guy to be a father AND THEN decide he ain’t Shit and you’re a qween who can do better 🙄😹😒👩🏿‍⚖️

  7. My ex showed up and busted my windows out but because he found out that I didn’t even leave him for another Man , he spared my life .

  8. This is happening a lot glad I’m single and not available people are crazy nowadays they want to have a side peace but can’t handle it when their woman cuts them free their is other people in the world instead they leaving kids orphaned 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  9. These stories are becoming relentless which is so sick, wicked, and evil Jesus ✝️🤦🏽‍♀️😩😩🙏🏾🕊❤️‍🩹

  10. Lord have your way… you still is Lord… we are living in our last days…. Repent for your soul. These peoples is killing each other at a tic of an emotion. Young men killing each other every other day they killing they baby mothers… just pray

  11. This seems to be a common thing when someone wants to leave . To kill them .

  12. I don’t claim to have the answers but I guess the biggest sacrifice someone needs to make whenever in a domestic violence situation is to leave town or relocate to another city (change your name) far, far away. I understand that this is easily said but it’s just one solution. This means, leaving family and friends. My great-grandmother did that. She saved and spared my grandmother. Getting help from family, friends and the system hasn’t been as reliable. I know this is not easy to do when you’re close to family. My heart is sadden to hear SO MANY SIMILAR STORIES.

  13. Evil is all around us and it has the ability to disguise itself as love. Ppl please when you getting out of a bad relationship. Just leave move back home where you can be with love ones or better yet relocate totally. Don’t be quick to posting relationship status on social media. Because u trigger people dark side. No you shouldn’t have to worry about their feelings but you do because look at this situation. Controlling evil. She changed her relationship status and he flipped took her life, took her away from her child, family and loved ones. Don’t argue just leave. Move across country. Get off social media stop letting people know every step you take. When you come face to face with evil you have to take necessary steps to be safe.God help us all. This is sad. I remember my ex inviting me out for a late nite walk outta the blue our marriage was failing. To this day I don’t have much to say. I could feel the evil around him. I later found where he put life insurance on me and listed himself as beneficiary. God has given us wisdom use it

  14. Once again a very sad story about a loving mother who had to lose her life because a selfish man couldn’t take the fact that they weren’t good together anymore so he took her life and took the cowardly way out by killing himself. My sincere condolences sorry for your loss praying for your family

  15. Beautiful young ladies please stop dating these thugs , trash. It’s costing you , your lives. Stop giving yourselves to boys and men that don’t deserve you and don’t know how to treat you. They don’t care about you, are themselves.

  16. The man been arrested 4 x. The most recent is May 1, 2022 for aggravated assault. This long criminal record is a red flag. He was a goon. Ticking time bomb. 💣

  17. Damn shame. Ladies sometimes you have to try and leave in silence. Posting everything on social media can set off a crazy ex. Prayers to the family.

  18. A lot of times females post stuff like that in order to upset her boyfriend and a lot of times it backfires on them and many times they end up losing their life because of it. Him not understanding how spiteful girls are, he made a temporary problem the end of both their lives when in fact she most likely would’ve ended up back in a relationship with him sooner or later and girls need to remember that many men will not let her take his daughter and hook up with some other man and it’s no use getting a restraining order against him but it’s just a piece of paper that a bullet can easily shoot a hole in. Use your head and be smart and never assume you know someone or else you will find yourself getting to know them as they are blowing your brains out

  19. I hate how they always take their life after taking someone else life . Just skip them and deal with your own demons …. I will never understand that , you taking them from this world and from people that love them for what ?? Then you turn around and end your own life , just take yours . Sorry but not sorry

  20. Females love going on social media right after a breakup to let everybody know.

  21. He could have moved on with his life and still be in his child’s life but unfortunately he chose not to. Now their child is without both parents and it’s not fair. I have kids myself and I think about this possibly happening to them. He could have just walked away. If my boyfriend and I breakup and never get back together I am just going to stay a single parent. You never know who is crazy and who is not.

  22. You can’t break up anymore.. these men weak as weeds… YEESH….RIP…

  23. Lord have mercy! The majority of these men have decided the only way we going to leave our marriages and relationships is in a body bag.
    I have decided to trust no man and just be single, travel, enjoy time with my girls and pursue my life goals. 😇🕊🙏🏾
    Travel well and RIP beautiful

  24. No Ring No Baby. That’s what I’m telling my daughter (future). You got to not only be financially stable but mentally stable as well. A lot dudes out here ain’t ready for that responsibility. RIP to her 🙏🏿

  25. Every day occurrence. Sympathy to her mom and family. Young girls you really need to take heed of all the murders going on in this time. Keep your personal business off of all social media. Stop taking up with these men you hardly know and having a baby with him. These relationships are very easy to start, but very, very hard to stop, mostly end with terrible consequences.
    There are so many black mothers that have done so much to raise their girls, mostly single women, and to see that life snuffed out over a simple relationship must be horrible.

  26. Never fall in love men… The emotional state it will have you in will be your undoing… Sad all the way around.

  27. This is NOT love. This is NOT LOVE. This is being controlling, dominating, and hateful. If this male loved this woman and child, he wouldn’t have ever harmed her. Now this poor child has to grown up in the world without parents. This is getting really old. Men love to talk but they cannot handle rejection, they can’t handle breakups, they cannot accept when people want to move on. You have no right or control over anybody! This makes me so angry omg!

  28. A coward on so many levels! He had to take her with him.. if you’re ever going to do it dont involve anyone w/ your choice! && to have done it in front of the one hes taking her from!! I hope he rots

  29. This is what happens when you date thugs let alone SIMP As thugs 🧽

  30. It’s beyond my comprehension that SOME men think it’s perfectly okay to murder a woman/mother. It’s such a selfish act. And then the coward, takes his own life. Smdh.
    My heart goes out to the victim, her kid and her family. 💔

  31. Stay away from Social Media when you are going through hardships in a relationship pls!
    Leave smoothly & quietly is the way to go!

  32. Him doing this proves that she was right to try and leave him. Freaking DEMONIC coward! 😑

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