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Joe Biden: ‘To prepare for hurricane, get vaccinated’

Biden links vaccine with hurricane/YouTube

Biden pushing hurricane vaccine. 

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WASHINGTON — A viral video shows President Joe Biden telling Florida residents the best way to prepare for a hurricane is to get vaccinated. And he said it with a straight face. “A vital part of preparing for hurricane season is to get vaccinated now,” Biden proclaimed while reading a teleprompter during a FEMA briefing. “Everything is more complicated if you’re not vaccinated and a hurricane or a natural disaster hits.” If you recall, just a few days ago, Biden told Americans the COVID pandemic is over. Yet, he’s still pushing the vaccine. Sleepy Joe has dementia so he probably forgot what he said. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “Get the vaccine, you may still get hit by the hurricane but it wont be as serious.” Another chimed in with, “He just said the pandemic is over.” A third observer added, “Get vaccinated against becoming a Democrat,” to which another person replied, “Please remove this CLOWN 🤡. GET YOUR HURRICANE VACCINE NOW.”

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who once promoted the vaccine, is calling for it to be suspended.

Watch Biden and Dr. Aseem address the public.

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  2. How is this person allowed to be on the mic…let alone the president? It’s mind boggling how rigged the system is

  3. This is so insane to me. Its like his handlers just don’t even give a shit any more “make sure you say a word from our sponsor joe” this government has become a parody of itself.

  4. They are playing God . They can make hurricanes that’s why he is certain about major catastrophic events . End times ppl

  5. This has to be the dumbest president we’ve ever had. I hope everyone got vaccinated for tornado season.

  6. What about earthquakes, floods, land slides, wild fires, and tornadoes.??
    Is the best thing to prepare for them is to get vaccinated???

    *tornado heading towards my house.
    ME: Damn, i should’ve gotten vaccinated, it wouldve stopped this.

  7. He sounds like he’s barely hanging on. Can’t even talk in complete sentences

  8. This guy has to read this! Just think of that! He has to read that he’s taking a storm seriously! Lmfao! I just can’t! Worst president in history!

  9. “Don’t get caught by the next storm, get vaccinated.”

    Ya hear that? Get a vaccine and you and your loved ones will be safe from weather 😑

  10. Porky pig is more eloquent. A hurricane is coming, you must inject chemicals? Makes sense to me 🤣

  11. Get supplies, hunker down, stay dry, keep safe….
    And get vaccinated.

    Lol. Wtf?!

  12. I did not know that the vacine gives you hurricane stopping super powers. I am definitely getting it now. Do you have to say go go gadget super floaty arms or does it just automatically happen when dealing with the floods. More information please, this could save your life. Lmao

  13. You people that dumb to take that poison because the wicked FDA approved it are slow. Who do you think own the private COMPANY THE FDA ? SAME SERPENTS: GATES, FAUCI, etc

  14. In the comments on this video, 99% of peoples are against him. And even 100% of people i know are against him and they all are trump fans including myself. Then how the heck did this guy win the election??? Can someone please explain it to me….i only know one person out of 1000 who voted for biden.

  15. This is not the president of the United States this is merely a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party

  16. Just get the hurricane vaccine and you won’t get the hurricane!
    C’mon man!

  17. You can just vaccinate them when they get to the camps 🤣🤣🤣 If it’s really that much of a concern 🥺

  18. Biden was right. If everyone in Florida got vaccinated, Hurricane Ian would of went somewhere else.

  19. This man is so being used as a puppet. What the f*** does vaccines and masks have to do with hurricanes?? What a joke!

  20. Yes that makes sense. We all need a vaccine that doesn’t work but maybe just maybe it’ll protect us from a hurricane

  21. I got covid 19 TWICE (& Im still fine).

    Take your VITAMINS and drink plenty of water.

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