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Did Illuminati kill Coolio?

Coolio passed away at 59/YouTube

Coolio dead at 59. 

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LOS ANGELES — Coolio, who achieved mainstream acclaim with “Fantastic Voyage,” has migrated to that big “Gangsta’s Paradise” in the sky. The Grammy winner kicked the bucket Wednesday night. He was only 59. Now there’s scuttlebutt of a drug overdose mainly because Coolio’s cadaver was found sprawled out on a friend’s restroom floor near the toilet. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Social media reaction was melancholic. One fan wrote, “He’s up in thug mansion with Pac, Biggie and all the rest.” Another added, “Rest on your Fantastic Voyage COOLIO🙏🏾. Gone too Soon!” Coolio (né Artis Leon Ivey Jr.) won a Grammy for “Gangsta’s Paradise” — the 1995 song from the soundtrack of Michelle Pfeiffer’s film “Dangerous Minds.” The rapper was accouched in Pennsylvania but he moved to Compton in the ’90s to attend community college.

Coolio also volunteered as a firefighter prior to devoting himself full-time to hip-hop.

Back in April, Coolio broke the Illuminati troth by exposing lewd sex acts he was asked to perform with gay men. He declined. Now he’s dead. “You would think that I would be a prime candidate for… the Illuminati or the elite society,” Coolio said during a chinwag with Hip Hop Uncensored. “I’ve had mothaf*ckas come at me on some weirdo sh*t, like on some gay sh*t and I was like what?”

Coolio leaves behind 10 children.

Do you think he was killed?

Watch Coolio put the Illuminati on blast.

Share your thoughts.

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  2. Now he’s dead and u can tell he was very careful of his words. I recalled this video today when he passed. This interview cost him his life yo!

  3. No disrespect but Coolio’s toxicology report is undoubtedly gonna be the envy of us all.😆

  4. They killed him. He didn’t die of health issues. The Cabal / Illuminati is real. He was a sacrifice. Just like Kobe was a sacrifice as well. Stop pretending this doesn’t exist…Michael, Prince, Kobe, Nipsey…they’re were all sacrificed/ murdered by the Cabal.

  5. and just like that he dies soon after this interview … after he said there is more he wants to say, yeaaah …

  6. So as soon as he does this interview he dies !!!! WTF is goin on around here ?

  7. Makes sense now that ever!
    Taking him out only confirms what he said is true!
    Long Live the King: Coolio.
    Rest Easy God son

  8. And trust what I say these Freemasons are also locked in with these Civil Rights Agencies and Attorneys and Courts!!

  9. Ron o Neal said he was asked to get in bed with a monkey and he was fired for refusing

  10. Freemason sacrificed him for opening his mouth.
    People who conduct these types of interviews need to realise when you put out this content you are sealing their fate smh…

    Well done, hope your pleased with yourself FFS!!!

  11. Amazing how just before they die, there’s an interview somewhere hmm

    The interviewers are in on this shit as well.

    Whitney went to Oprah.

    Aretha was interviewed.

    MJ was interviewed.

    DMX was talking.

    Left EyE was talking.

    These weren’t ordinary interviews.

    Stephanie Mills had an interview of the special kind.

    Keep both eyes open. The truth ain’t hard to cee.

  12. rip coolio, its a fact what he says and famous people who speak and expose these evil devil worshipers end up dead after, and they say in the media that it was a suicide or overdose or accident and bs like that.


  14. The devil owns and controls the music industry. He uses the”fake jews” to run it. All of the industry is polluted even if you think not. Every music contract is a contract with the devil regardless if you sell your soul “officially” or not. Yes, all of the music industry including the ones you named are under the power of the devil to destroy souls while people are dancing and singing, they are worshiping the devil. Every song is prayed over by witches before the final release to the public. This is the spells of addiction, to the death culture which has powers over those who listen to it. You see nothing wrong with what they do in their videos, or the vile destruction of their words. They speak their destruction and act it out, and no one cares until another death. So many Black men fear death in that buisness but they sacrifice themselves for fools gold. White men and women are laughing at them, they are a team used by the nati to help destroy Black people who have no clue. Then we hear rest in peace from people who have no relationship with God, or the Prince OF Peace. Man controls nothing after death. Only those who lived their lives for the Lord will have peace after death. The devil has no peace and is already destined for eternal destruction. How many more of your favorite rappers or singers have to die this way before you admit the TRUTH? Will you ignore the obvious? Are you afraid because you have no relationship with God, and no protection? The devil is taking souls to hell while rappers and singers promote hell. Which god do you serve? You can not have it both ways. Make your choice before you leave this earth, Heaven or HELL.

  15. The only thing I can say is that I hope he knew God and found Christ 🙌 Life is a spiritual journey and the enemy is the devil and his demons. They are here to steal, kill, and destroy, and if you fight the darkness you will find the light.

  16. Coolio has been irrelvant for a while now. Theres videos of him cooking BBQ and mess years ago, trying to make a living. He did it to himself man, hes old, did drugs, not a healthy dude. His heart paid the price. I like conspiracys as much as the next guy, but not coolio, he was hot in the 90’s, that was his streak.

  17. He was worth more dead than alive. The “death clause” it’s called
    when you no longer produce for them. He knew too much and he was
    no longer of any use to them. Especially Black men. You are a target.
    We as a people belong to Yah, and our gifts and talents were never supposed to
    be given to this world and that wicked Industry! They work for Satan straight up. There’s a
    spiritual war going on here. Hollywood, the music Industry, Sports, and Politics all work in
    accordance with the god of this world. This stuff is real folks!

  18. Well once you sign up too be part of the music gang yes I call it that they never let you go until u die that’s the end of your contract you talk you die you don’t hold up ur agreement then you get black ball in front of the world only a few thinks it real an other’s think you crazy

  19. This is why I believe Tupac was targeted. They used the circumstances surrounding his life to take him out because he had the mindset, the platform and the following to turn many away from the industry and seek to build their own platform before it’s time.

  20. They didn’t kill him but something did that’s killing us all , Don’t forget your winter shot people yeeee haaaaw !! It’s goooood fir you

  21. He’s in eternal hell and regretting the very day that he was born.
    Africa is the mother of idolatry. That’s why Africa suffers so much. You can take your foolish self back to Africa.

  22. Of course he was killed! You don’t sell your soul to the devil, and join secret society’s and talk about it”, duh!

  23. The irony was I saw this video the same morning he passes, as if it was put in the algorithm. Smh. When I saw the vid I was nervous for him.

  24. This music game is a satanic trap with promises of God like status and 💰 and women and endless rivers of self satisfying lusts. If you’re not BORN AGAIN IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME You will fall to all of satans traps. REPENT AND SUBMIT YOUR LIFE TO JESUS NOW.

  25. He’s probably talking about that secret society shtye with the illuminati, and free Masonry Everybody in today’s music industry are apart of it. Most of them don’t realize they’ve made a deal with the devil for fame, and fortune. Those singers, and rappers aren’t the head of it, but they’re puppets dancing to the tunes of the elite in this world. Also the gospel singers as well if they have a record deal with the record companies. The Rothschilds, and Rockefellers ect. Even the American presidents are apart of it, and most of today’s pastors are apart of it. It isn’t a religion, but they believe in a Supreme ruler of the universe, but not The Father God and Jesus Christ, but their leader is Satan. That’s why I don’t follow any entertainers, singers, actors none of them anymore, because their god is the devil. Singers like Jaheim who was once a big star also Barbara Weathers formerly of Atlantic Starr all of a sudden they weren’t in the industry anymore. In my opinion, only my opinion I believe they were asked to joined this secret society for continued fame, and fortune, but they turned it down. I’ve heard Barbara Weathers say, in an interview, there are just somethings I won’t do. Beyonce, Jay-Z, John Legend all singers, and rappers in today’s music industry are apart of this secret society. I’m not trying to convince anybody to believe me, I have no proof, but this is only my opinion.

  26. Has anyone told STACY DASH THAT COOLIO HAS DIED⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

  27. Coolio & prodigy both were sacrificed they tried to expose the music industry on their interviews. & guess what happened to them died few months later. Many more prior tried to expose them pac killuminate, mj, pimp c, dmx & many more. They just want puppets in the industry like lil wayne etc

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