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Kanye and Candace Owens repping White Lives Matter

Ye & Candace in hot water/Twitter

Ye & Candace make statement.

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PARIS — Rapper Ye (né Kanye West) and conservative commentator Candace Owens, who are both black, caused quite a scene at Yeezy’s Paris Fashion Week extravaganza when they showed up at the French capital donning long-sleeved “White Lives Matter” t-shirts. Talk about ruffling some feathers. The publicity stunt took place October 3rd, just days after Candace called Kim Kardashian a “prostitute” and Kris Jenner her “pimp.” Ye and Candace’s controversial choice of vogue pissed-off Black Lives Matter proponents; many of whom advocated for social justice while spearheading the war against white supremacy and police brutality. Social media reaction was priceless. One detractor wrote, “Kanye standing side by side with Candace, the same woman that called his ex-wife and mother of his children a whore??? 😂😂😂 I have to laugh.”

Another disparager chimed in with, “Kanye is cloned. He has to be.” A third observer added, “You know it’s a damn shame. Malcolm X was murdered. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered. Yet these two ass clowns walking around like this. Just blows my mind.” This ain’t the first time Ye and Candace collaborated to make a political fashion statement. In 2018, he made her a bunch of “Blexit” t-shirts that were designed to encourage African American voters to egress the Democratic Party.

Ye and Candace are staunch apologists for President Donald Trump.

Many people are calling ’em Koon-Ye and Coondace.

Would it have made more sense to wear “All Lives Matter” t-shirts?

Are Ye and Candace selling out?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I like how Muricans think Kanye is weird and crazy because he’s one of those few people with COMMON SENSE

  2. Wait until they find out that they’re black, their one collective brain is going to explode.

  3. I mean… white lives do matter. All lives matter. If you disagree, then you aren’t a real liberal…

  4. Owens looks mentally afflicted. She has an abnormal look about herself. She needs to be committed.

  5. here’s a question I have for Candice??? at the white supremacist rallies where they wear their hoods is it her face under the hood that’s a fair question to ask right

  6. Bitc% please shut the fk up just wait. What are you going to say when all of your RIGHTS get taken away.

  7. These 2 idiots are such a waste of Humanity. They’re from the bowels and spew nothing but garbage to try to remain relevant until they can suck as much cash from fellow idiots who lack the intelligence to have their own identity.

    Grifters true, but ignorant at best in all things relevant. They’re like apostates from hell. Will do or say anything to start a fight. Then sell anything they can come up with to the rest of the dumb ass fools who want to join the nest of fellow morons and say, “Hey…look at me, I’m with the other idiots too. I must be special. ”

    Try picking up a book and do a little brain exercise you frigging Troglodyte’s? All they can do is suck up to their Golden Pumpkin by clawing at each other to see who can get as far up Trump’s enormous, crap covered ass.

    Their little bubbles will pop soon and they’ll scatter like the roaches in their kitchens late at night when the eye of Justice sends them scattering back to the rocks they climbed out of.

    Sometimes you just have to clean house of these pests in one fell swoop. Karma’s a coming and YeCandy will soon drop off the map when Trump steps on their heads like a cockroack to the road.

    Rock Onward

  8. Saturday Night Live needs to do a segment wherein Candice, Kanye, and Clarence Thomas are all together in a back room having a party where they are all dunking Oreos into tall, ice-cold glasses of milk.

  9. Kanye has been a jackass for a long time. Just a disgusting person who hates Black people- both him and Candice “dumbass” Owens.

  10. Owens and West. Two useful idiots for the price of one. Working hard on behalf of those who’d not piss on them if they suddenly self-combusted.

  11. Why should a t-shirt with the words white lives matter be controversial??

    Do white lives not matter???

  12. I have a problem with the leftist woke narrative. Tell me one simple thing, why is it “OK” to wear a Black Lives Matter shirt but “offensive” to wear a White Lives Matter shirt? Hmmm? It’s disgusting how the leftists are pushing their agenda

  13. They baited the hell out of you losers. They showed the true hypocrisy and hate towards white people by wearing the shirts and waiting for a reaction and they got one. You guys are eating out of their hands like pigeons. Wearing shirts for other races is ok but if its white lives matter all of a sudden its wrong. people are so dumb

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