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Did Illuminati kill Coolio?

Coolio passed away at 59/YouTube

Coolio dead at 59. 

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LOS ANGELES — Coolio, who achieved mainstream acclaim with “Fantastic Voyage,” has migrated to that big “Gangsta’s Paradise” in the sky. The Grammy winner kicked the bucket Wednesday night. He was only 59. Now there’s scuttlebutt of a drug overdose mainly because Coolio’s cadaver was found sprawled out on a friend’s restroom floor near the toilet. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Social media reaction was melancholic. One fan wrote, “He’s up in thug mansion with Pac, Biggie and all the rest.” Another added, “Rest on your Fantastic Voyage COOLIO🙏🏾. Gone too Soon!” Coolio (né Artis Leon Ivey Jr.) won a Grammy for “Gangsta’s Paradise” — the 1995 song from the soundtrack of Michelle Pfeiffer’s film “Dangerous Minds.” The rapper was accouched in Pennsylvania but he moved to Compton in the ’90s to attend community college.

Coolio also volunteered as a firefighter prior to devoting himself full-time to hip-hop.

Back in April, Coolio broke the Illuminati troth by exposing lewd sex acts he was asked to perform with gay men. He declined. Now he’s dead. “You would think that I would be a prime candidate for… the Illuminati or the elite society,” Coolio said during a chinwag with Hip Hop Uncensored. “I’ve had mothaf*ckas come at me on some weirdo sh*t, like on some gay sh*t and I was like what?”

Coolio leaves behind 10 children.

Do you think he was killed?

Watch Coolio put the Illuminati on blast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. People love to say everything is a conspiracy theory!!! So I guess this is one? Let’s face the fact the INDUSTRY is satanic,demonic or however you want to put it that’s just what it is… SLEEP IN PEACE KING 💔

  2. So he got taken out bc he exposed the puppet masters in the entertainment industry. Sad

  3. everytime the elites are fixing to be exposed, they kill the person thats going to tell.

  4. I think people need to stop worshipping these celebrities. Do You KNow What they Do behind close doors? They are just people.

  5. If the public knew what the eye in the pyramid represents they wouldn’t accept it. It represents the anus (brown eye) ritual sodomy. The monarch butterfly is another symbol for trauma based mind control that the saturnian cults have been using for thousands of years. The pelvis looks like a butterfly and mind control is achieved through sodomy and breaking a person’s psyche. It’s most effective with a child around the age of three, when a child is traumatised to it’s absolute breaking point the psyche essentially short circuits as it tries to escape the traumatic event within it’s mind. This splits the mind into different alters and sends them off to the (M)agic (K)ingdom or their own fake reality to become ‘illuminated’ into the saturnian cult. There’s a reason police wear a masonic black and white checkerboard pattern on their hats and judges wear saturnalia black, the upper echelons of police and government are freemasons and their god is saturn who is the god of law and authority. The higher up’s are involved with child sacrifice and are placed in positions of power to look after each other because no one likes pedophiles apart from other pedophiles. The lower level masons don’t realise their 33rd degree masters abuse and sacrifice children for Baal/Lucifer/Moloch. It’s a secret society within a secret society. There are 33 individual bones within the human spine. Sodomy + MK = trauma/mind control.

  6. The satanic occult is real in Hollywood, amongst elites, government. The reality we live is very much an illusive one. The truth is not an easy pill to swallow.

  7. The realest shit he said was “EVIL IS FUCKING WINNING.” THATS THE WORLD IN A NUTSHELL

  8. The illuminati aka elites may have had a hand in Aalliyah’s death…that plane crash should be revisited… they got tired of Rkelly’s mess…he’ll eventually will be done away with… they are behind the current Admin in wrecking this nation… they took out JFK, his Brother and his Son… Coolio sacrificed his life for the truth r.i.p. our beloved one… when it comes to these so called secret societies… one thing is certain… there is a scripture in the Bible that states ‘there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed’… their day is soon upon them… what’s done in the dark always comes to light… Roe vs Wade all of a sudden is illegal?! The elites are concerned about their food supply… yes cannibalism is practiced… Hillary is one of many up there… so forth and so on…

  9. Coolio was murdered because he broke his vow of silence he was sworn under by penalty of death. All members of Freemasonry and Illuminati are required to take this oath. If anyone wants deeper truth and insight, check out “X Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion – By Altiyan Childs”.

  10. … I love my black people but the rap music that’s bringing the hood life out of the hood and into main society where our children can be influenced by the negativity of their lyrics needs to be checked.. country and western music and other genres do not spread violence, disrespect for women, love of drugs and money to their audiences.. hip Hop has brought more violence into our society.. my heart goes out to these young men who choose to join the industry for various reasons, most likely money, but in the end they only meet their end.. we don’t need to be exposed to hip Hop because it is not conducive to our progress…the culling will continue until the message is changed… and for the protection of our posterity, so be it…

  11. Deez rappers out here dropping like flies, it seems every week a rapper turns up dead. But overall Coolio was that guy in his era, R.I.P to da OG Homie Coolio💯

  12. I’m 59 now but will I live to see 60 the way things is going I don’t know 🕊⚰️ rest in gangsta paridise 1963-2022

  13. cocaine will do that to U sooner or later all that rubbish U put into your body will come back to haunt U so people who are coming up with all these crazy therios of illuminati please there are cults crazy twisted people out there in life what do U call them U don’t have to be with the so called alleged illuminati to be twised one man can kill thousands and a couple can kill 10s of thousands

  14. you must be REALLY BLIND AND DUMB IF you don’t believe in the Illuminati and their SECRET PARTIES and BLOOD SACRIFICE.

  15. When he told us about their Satan worshipping sexual acts I knew he was dead man walking

  16. It’s simple, those in other categories of music actually have no soul and are okay with it. They are willing todo the crazy. Black artists, they know deep in their soul that what is happening in the music industry is wrong. Xxxtentacion, nipsey, pnb, etc, those that are still alive don’t care if they have to sacrifice humans

  17. This is going on in all genres bro Michael Jackson Prince Kirko Bangz Amy Whinehouse ect don’t forget about the 27 club all celebrities have a birth certificate and death certificate once you go Hollywood

  18. Rap culture is holding the African American community back instead of giving you uplifting music they give you music that wants you in prison, on drugs, dead, shooting, slanging, gang banging etc… It’s not right! Move away from rap culture and get back into hip-hop culture (music with meaning)

  19. Guess ppl just don’t die the regular way no more huh y’all need to stop it with this shit nothing is more powerful than God

  20. well, if he knew what was going on, why not just say it? If you knew “they” were after you. write something and tell a lot of people where to find it. We need to expose the “elite”

  21. He was targeted because he had a platform, and because his words could reach the ears of millions of people. That IS a threat. If someone like me says something, reveals something, it doesn’t mean much, because it likely won’t reach enough people to make any impact, or get picked up in the corporate media. But if I had a large audience, it would make me a much higher priority target. He was absolutely correct in associating those aspects in a ’cause-and effect’ relationship. ‘Keep your mouth shut, we leave you alone. Start talking about certain things, and a laundry list of tragedies just might start to befall you and your family.’

  22. There is consequences ladies and gentlemen, it’s called the Lake of Fire. Anyone that pushed Jesus Christ and his word to the curb, anyone involved in convid-19 their Catalyst to Usher in the one world order and to depopulate this planet will be in the Lake of Fire. Jesus Christ is in total control we don’t have much time left everybody he wants us to see what sin has done to this world and everyone has a chance to hear the gospel and to be saved and redeemed before they die or Jesus returns otherwise it’s the Lake of Fire. It’s real simple a child can understand these things. Everything is winding down soon everyone will know the truth and what matters is what side you’re going to be on that’s it. Jesus Christ bless all.

  23. Good people die, because this world belongs to the DEVIL! Point blank! Iykyk and if not then it is wat it is coz yall ain’t woke to the truth.

  24. You know why we, as a people, can’t get out of this jam, because men can’t control their lower self, their sexual desires…and they can’t control their thirst for whatever wealth the so called white man has (the pale man)… 👀…he got you chasing a number thats not even real…you are hypnotized and mesmerized over a fkn fairies tale and his wealth… 👀

  25. Funny how sheeple don’t hear the truth when one is alive….. But when they pass on all of a sudden the sheeple be like….. YO THAT NIGGA WAS RIGHT…

  26. The people responsible for killing him and all the other greats they got what’s coming to them here and the after life so much evil of man on this damn planet shit the system use incantations in advertisements , and in movies , and in music against you of your magnetic energy field of your soul, please my brothers and sisters of all colors protect your magnetic energy field by any means necessary real talk even against emf radiation also educate yourself unplug and reprogram yourself from all that you was taught nothing is what it seems

  27. But if he did follow through on the weirdo shit offers, they would give him more power and bring him to another lever of information, Illuminati shit

  28. He knew they were going to off him. He should have named names…all of them!


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