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Marvel’s Pfizer Superhero targeting non-vaxxed kids

Pfizer Man targeting children/YouTube

Pfizer Man draws criticism. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Look up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… Pfizer Man? Yessir, executives with Marvel Comics just unveiled their new Avengers character just in time for Halloween and his name is Pfizer Man. But in order for him to come to the rescue, it’s imperative you save yourself first by getting inoculated with the COVID vaccine — an experimental panacea funded and manufactured by Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Conversely… if you don’t get the jab, Pfizer Man wants nothin’ to do with you. As a matter of fact, he’ll remain sedentary as Pookie & Ray Ray beats your ass. Renowned immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci helped fabricate the pseudo hero. “We are proud to work with Marvel, which is so firmly entrenched in global culture and entertainment, to help remind people of the actions they can each take to help protect themselves, similarly to how the Avengers protect their community,” Pfizer said in a statement published by Fierce Pharma Marketing.

Social media reaction was fierce. One fan wrote, “Dr. Fauci, a real life supervillain.” Another chimed in with, “I wonder how much Marvel got paid for this advertisement?” A third person added, “Marvel Zombies Prequel. Get your jab before Halloween and become a Zombie Avenger” to which another fan replied, “So I guess Marvel & Pfizer will be coming out with Captain Viagra in the near future.” 

Right now, Pfizer Man can be found in comic books only.

But it won’t be long before he hits the big screen.

Will you join Pfizer Man in the war against COVID?

Are anti-vaxxers his kryptonite?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This reminds me of the x men issue where they couldn’t stop magneto because the X-men were all sick with the flu after not getting the flu shot.

  2. The Left thinks they are the good guys siding with Big Pharma, when even there own engineers said they wouldn’t take the vaccine.

  3. Man marvel is dead to me at this point avengers end game was the last movie you did that was good. Real life shit has absolutely no place in a fantasy setting that’s to take our minds off reality for a period of time.

  4. The good news no one is getting their kids vaccinated with under 1% of <11 yr old's getting the jab.

  5. I got my full vaccines and I am not still under the control of the goverment, with monstruous mutations or losing my freedom…you antivaxxers bastards lied to me!

  6. So big pharma owns marvel. Explains the latest trash they’ve been pushing out

  7. My aunt got the booster and a heart condition. I’ll pass. Also, can’t say I’m surprised since comics have dabbled in propaganda before. D!$ney too.

  8. Totally agree this is beyond wrong. But it’s not new. When I was young I was at the doctor’s office multiple times a week for allergy shots, I read pharma funded Marvel comics every appt. (Topics like Asthma, dental hygiene, obesity…) This was in the late 80’s early 90’s.

  9. They took toys out of my favorite cereals to PrOtEcT tHe KiDs, yet this is ok.
    Got it.

  10. Okay there two sides to this and people seem to not understand the middle ground. #1 vaccines are good, these ones are in early trial meaning more side effects which most people get after shots anyway. #2 the amount of booster shots they’re putting out is ridiculous you should be treating it like the flu. If there’s a particularly bad flu in flu season you might wanna get your shots you might be one of those people who have no side effects from shots so you might not mind getting it seasonaly you might have a weak immune system so you should get your shots you also might have a fear of needles and decide not too or you have a strong body and healthy immune system and probably only need to get your meningitis, tetanus and rabies. Of course the major problem and one of the contributing factors is that in the states Healthcare isn’t government provided allowing for big pharma to get away with essentially murder selling their products. seriously everyone needs to look at this logically and make their own decisions Except for Meningitis seriously get all the different shots it’s a horrible way to go and is highly contagious

  11. I’d be surprised if there isn’t an anti V arch villain , acting as an unmasked superspreader …the fact I have to code speak to sneak past the shadow ban only underscores the point everyone’s making …you just know they floated the idea of a caped Fauci swooping in to save the day ..just ignore the sudden adult deaths up 800%

  12. Yea…pfizer collabing with marvel, like that will sway the opinion of all this. (People, specially young people are dying because of myocarditis and other side effects) and they have the balls to do this?
    How is this ethical in any way? and what the fuck were they thinking at marvel doing this?

  13. The only jab I want is the clean, resistanceless jab of a kamikoto knife into a medium rare prime rib

  14. They’ve got an Elmo commercial on TV now where he got the poke where his mom was worried about it but the government assured her it was ok. It’s 100% aimed at kids who are supposed to tell their parents they also want it and to watch the commercial with them and that Elmo’s mom was worried as well but it’s all ok.

  15. Boy, Pfizer is doing their best to make sure everyone get another jab, aren’t they? CEO wants a new beach house.

  16. It’s important that this comic is being aimed at children under 14— a demographic that, by the CDC’s own numbers, bears a near-zero risk of death or hospitalization from Covid.

  17. Amazing.
    In a world that can’t let go of a pandemic… you’re REMINDED of the pandemic in comics now.

  18. Do they truly not realize that kids aren’t actually the ones who buy/read comic books today?
    Who is this for? You aren’t changing any adults mind based on essentially a children’s programming PSA.

  19. This is how stupid that those in government think everyone is. And they’re kinda right.

  20. I just remembered that comic who killed one of his characters with covid for being an antivaxxer and also have a cover supporting kamala and biden

  21. This is how u know the vaccine is a complete fraud!!! hello!!!🤪😜😁👍💯

  22. Breaking news! Dr. Fauci cast as Dr. DOOM in upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

  23. Pushing untested drugs onto kids sounds about right for these far left ideologues…

  24. When you see stuff like this happen, you know big pharma is in it for the money and nothing else.

  25. The only thing more shameful than this is using Elmo to brainwash little kids.

  26. A vaccine that they had to change the definition of the word vaccine so they could call it a vaccine…

  27. The problem as those pushing vaccines perceive it is that only 20 precent of kids have been vaccinated. They expected these numbers to be much higher and are doing everything they can to reach this demographic.

  28. Dumb, but the USA’s uptake of the Covid vaccine is terrible, and so are their numbers of fatalities, and this is at least trying to educate and counter the anti-vax, fake news, and conspiracies which are rife across the Internet, thanks to, mostly, Americans like Alex Jones, etc, trying to profit from lies.
    NB: The vaccine doesn’t stop you getting Covid, but it greatly increases survivability. As for masks – they’re to reduce the viral load you’re breathing into others’ faces, if you have it or are asymptomatic. Masks don’t particularly protect you from others as a virus can get in through your eyes. Just thought I’d mention this as Americans aren’t too bright and would rather just believe in conspiracy than actually listen to facts from the world of science and conscientiously act on those facts. But considering the USA are second only to China for pollution and energy consumption and don’t care about that either I’m obviously wasting ‘virtual ink’.

  29. Do kids really read comic books anymore? Not that it makes it any better, but it still seems like a dumb idea regardless.

  30. That’s the most horrible thing that you can do in America subliminal messaging is not working no more for Humanity is woken up to the fact that they would be in tricked into buying things they was being tricked into getting vaccines and healthy foods now Humanity learned to a lesson that they was being brainwashed into buying things that they did not need

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