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Kirk Franklin tells wife he’s obsessed with porn videos

Kirk told Tammy he’s a porn addict/Getty

Kirk Franklin had porn addiction. 

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FORT WORTH — A viral video shows gospel artist Kirk Franklin telling his wife he’s addicted to porn. The “Stomp” singer said the fixation began when he was a pup at 8 years old. “Growing up, everybody’s got a friend that’s got that big brother that has the stash [of pornographic magazines or videotapes] under the bed,” he recalled. “From my first look, I was hooked.” Kirk, who was adopted, also blamed his biological parents for treating him like little orphan Annie. It’s been a Hard-Knock Life. “I was adopted when I was 4,” Kirk said. “The woman who adopted me, she was 64 years old. My mama didn’t want me; my daddy wasn’t there. So there were a lot of insecurities and low self-esteem. For me, [the porn] was like company.” When he said “I do” to Tammy Collins in 1996, Kirk assumed marriage would fix his obsession.

It didn’t.

Instead… he found himself sneaking around the house, watching sex tapes and jerkin’ his phallus while Tammy was asleep.

That’s when Kirk realized he had an acute masturbation problem.

“He sat me down, and he said, ‘Babe, I want to talk to you about a problem that I’ve been struggling with,'” Tammy recounted. “He had such sincerity in his eyes — you could tell that this pained him. For me, my immediate reaction was to just support him in it.” To add insult to onanism, Kirk admitted he often fantasized about other hoes while copulating with Tammy. “I see pornography as such a sexual act that I saw it as cheating,” he bemoaned. “I [was] bringing images of other women into my bedroom with my wife.”

Kirk wears makeup and lipstick which means he’s full-blown Liberace gay.

So it makes you wonder what type of porn was he watching.

There’s also leaked audio that implies Kirk molested his son, Kerrion Franklin.

Is it time for Kirk to egress the closet?

Should Tammy get checked for AIDS?

Watch Kirk’s shocking confession.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Pornography is every man’s battle.Its everywhere these days in movies,music and art.But as Christians we should not watch it but it’s still a struggle for men everywhere,Christian or nonchristian.

  2. just like “daddy issues” affect young girls “mommy issues” affect young boys.

  3. This brother is wearing pink lipstick every time I see him! 🤢🤮

  4. Kirk should have been honest with her for real he’s homosexual, notice the lipstick on him in most or all of his videos. Another gospel artist of whom we love put Kirk on blast of course it wasn’t hard to figure it out. Kirk son is exposing that he molested him is the real reason why the son is recording everything now.

  5. I was addicted to pornography as well and Jesus delivered me from it.

  6. Im a spiritual person and I like porn .. But im not perfect.. I work toward being Christ like everyday. But im still not always Right..but I try

  7. Don’t put your own freaky habits on
    Your mother that not right. You a man that like to watch sex tapes that’s it, own your own problems and if you can do that you can fix your problems, but for peat Sakes don’t blame mom ok be a man that stands
    and you’ll win every down love you my brother

  8. Porn addicted but have a wife there and then told her he addicted to seeing and possibly being apart having a lot of sex if they could talk it over why wasn’t it resolved unless he had a addiction to not just watching the woman having sex but also the men as well 🤷‍♀️

  9. if i had or have this type of Queen in my life. there is no need for me to be addicted to porn.

  10. People have a misconception of men of God! We have some of the greatest flaws but God doesn’t care about our flaws! He cares about the heart! He used David who killed innocent people because of his lusts and still called him a man after God’s heart! He used Paul to write a third of the New Testament even though he killed Christians and persecuted the church! In our weakness God is made strong and through our short comings his Grace is sufficient!

  11. This the reason his son coming out. Dam people do the math. He was also abusing his son and neglecting his wife!! Now go pray about that reprobate minds!! It’s obvious the young man got a testimony watch this just the ice breaker!! Great is the fall of a wicked kingdom..down goes freazzairrrrr!!!

  12. At the end of the day people need to remember these celebrities or people with talent. Stop idolizing them. Their not God. Faulty human just like the rest. No one is perfect except Christ Jesus who gave his life for all.

  13. Basically he wasn’t getting any. A lot of women do this. Take the coochie hostage. Never let your man out the house with a stiff one ladies.

  14. I’m wondering if it is gay porn that he was addicted too? Maybe he’s not a gay man but just likes gay porn.

  15. I can’t believe he would watch gay porn with a wife that beautiful.

  16. This doesn’t make him any less Christian … he’s a normal human being like anyone else 🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. Another preacher that I’ve lost respect for! The recorded words what he said to his son made his ghetto side come back out. Regardless of what happened or why. My decon father would have never talked to me like he did to his son.

  18. I honestly believe it’s lust. I started mastubating at a young age and I couldn’t stop. Especially because you can see so many women. I watched women of all shades, shapes, and sizes. Even when I was in a relationship. It made me way to sexually mature for my age. I would go and watch porn after sex if I was still in the mood and the woman wasnt. Reason I say lust is because my mother was the best mother ever. Super supportive, GOD loving, respectful, and always spoiled me with love or whatever else she could. Though it was hard sometimes she made it work. I love my mom with all my heart so I don’t think it always has to do with our upbringing. It was just LUST which is very very destructive and that’s what made pornography so addictive. So much to watch so you always get what you are looking for. The sad thing is I believe it’s way deeper and something spiritual because as of recently I found out my father (who I never shared my past addiction with) likes some of the same porn I used to watch!!? How do you explain that?! Point I’m trying to make is that the enemy knows what he is doing and porn is a powerful evil that shouldn’t be looked at so simple. It can latch on to anyone and you HAVE to go to christ to get that off your spirit. My father has always been a rolling stone and I love him to death but his addiction to women ruined his life smh. That’s why sex sins are do vital. GOD wants what’s best for us and porn and/or a promiscuous lifestyle is nothing but destruction. Thank you Jesus Christ for your deliverance and daily work on me. I pray my testimony helps people. It feels so good to let this go. GOD bless yall🙌🏾

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