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Scooby-Doo’s Velma now lesbian & fans are pissed

Velma Dinkley gay as hell/Officer Tatum

Velma is a lesbo. many

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HOLLYWOOD — Jinkies! First Bert, Ernie and Superman egressed the closet. Now this. For decades, many Scooby-Doo fans speculated Velma Dinkley was munchin’ some chick’s carpet. Turns out, there’s veracity to that claim. That’s because the first few seconds of the franchise’s woke Halloween cartoon “Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!” shows the four-eyed sleuth optically copulating a foreign black popsy named Coco Diablo. That means Velma is gay — undoubtedly, unquestionably, indisputably gay. And she’s a swirler too. Even though Coco is a convicted felon (yes, they made the colored character a crook), it was lust at first sight. Velma was busy handing out Scooby snacks, addressing the team when she was caught off guard mid-sentence. Then she used her LGBT radar to appraise Coco’s mesmerizing attributes. “Obviously brilliant! Incredible glasses! Amazing turtleneck! Loves animals!” Velma ruminated before mumbling her famous catchword “Jinkies.”

Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Ughhhh! Stop making iconic classics hot garbage!!! Keep your perverted crap away from kids!!!” Another chimed in with, “Those are not Scooby Snacks. They’re hormone blockers.” A third observer added, “Yet another attempt to groom our kids. These people are completely sick. I’ve seen an old episode where Velma and Shaggy were an item. What happened to that? Next, they will have Shaggy and Scooby getting together. They are completely sick.”

In addition to the cartoon, Velma has a new adult comedy series on HBO that portrays her as Asian.

The spinoff also features a black Shaggy.

Lord have mercy.

And you cool with Velma’s lesbo status?

Will you allow your children to be indoctrinated?

Watch Velma go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Tampering with precious open innocence of a child is criminal.. life is way more than copulation and all that’s wrapped around it.

  2. the natural order of things is man+woman. everything else is kink that doesn’t need to be taught to toddlers and youngsters. I’ve had about enough of TV at this point

  3. Who DIDN’T think this character was a lesbian? Just like Peppermint Patti. I mean!

  4. Scooby-Do cartoons have Not ever had anything about dating or anything like that in them.. these are cartoons for VERY young kids and is all about solving mysterys. NOT about which characters are dating or who. COME ON NOW WORLD. JUST STOP. I wish this sexualization of everything would end. it is NOT normal.

  5. Why do the Woke got to make everything and everyone gay? They tried this with Superman and it failed terribly. They have to take established characters that have been around for decades and make them gay, because if they created a gay character from scratch no one would care.

  6. Ive always thought of Velma as lesbian actually and I’m against all this shit lol… But that’s the way I want my LGBTQ characters… Accepting their sexuality in the background… Granted I still love the roleplays of her though hehe

  7. Here’s a good idea…. don’t watch it. We all saw how much damage was done to the Bros movie just by not watching it. So how about not watching this and watching the previous and better Scooby Doo shows like The Original, A Pup Named, What’s New, and Mystery Incorporated. They’ll just destroy themselves afterwards.

  8. I have said it over an over, if the character is white they’ll make it gay or black🤣🤣🤣 woke woke woke🤣🤣🤣

  9. People are getting tired of this lame lgbt propaganda. It’s lame. Who cares about who’s gay or straight? Who cares about black and white? Only the racist SJW’s do

  10. They’re just determined to ruin our childhoods aren’t they…no orientation needs to be in freaking cartoons whether it be straight or gay. Good grief.

  11. Oh for f*cks sakes. Ive had it. This shit needs to stop. . Everyone is bisexual at My daughters school . And change their names to opposite sex. Im sick of Bidens world. Its so wrong and disgusting. Bidens fake and Im positive he hates gays and minorities. Its all an act

  12. I had to explain to my 13 year old son that is wrong and goes against God’s laws

  13. Turn to Jesus people he died for your sins, Repent of what the New Testament describes as sin. Believe the gospel obey the teachings of Jesus documented in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus is the only way to be saved, be baptized if you have faith in Jesus then you will live life with him as your example.

  14. This is what happens when you VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO! Pedophiles in charge of Networks! Brainwashing and indoctrinating children right in front of their parents at home, including Sesame Street!

  15. Why her love interest gotta be a black or minority? White liberals are the Antichrist! I grew up on Scooby Doo. I was even Scrappy Doo for Halloween one year. This is too woke for words! Shameful

  16. Wow 😳. Satan is not hiding nor are his followers. Sad, protect the kids at all costs.

  17. So, are there that many lesbians out there that want to watch scooby doo? Or are we just virtue signaling once again.

    If you want to make a cartoon or show, or WHATEVER with gay characters, go for it. If it succeeds on its own merit then it has merit.

    If you are hijacking a known entity for the sake of virtue signaling, then you are making a joke out of what you are changing. It reminds me of when they tried to suggest Luke Skywalker could be gay. What a complete JOKE

  18. They could’ve made Velma bi they’ve implied it for a while that they wanted to make her be into women but to jump and make her gay and the way she acts is just gross no lesbian or bisexual woman acts like that no normal person acts like that Velma’s supposed to be the level headed smart one of the group if they’d just kinda had her meet someone and overtime something developed ok but this feels rushed and forced and it’s gross and that’s coming from someone who’s Bi themselves she dated shaggy so in my opinion to mitigate that relationship they’d have to either introduce the fact that some lesbians do date men and then realize they weren’t actually attracted to men which is waaaay to much for a children’s show and unnecessary so my opinion if they wanted to do something make her bi why jump to making her a gay bumbling fool at that

  19. I remember that Velma actually had male interests, including Shaggy in one episode. But hey, let’s make her into a lesbian said the woke trash media.

  20. That’s bullsh*t man! Velma has always had the hots for Fred. Ridiculous! Oh my gosh! Why are they making her lesbian? Is it because she’s got short hair and she’s frumpy? I mean they could at least made her come out as bisexual. I could get behind that.

  21. As I recall Velma always had Crushes for guys. Enough of this Nonsense. Just goes to show how Evil and Satan are trying to take over and push this garbage on our Youth.

  22. F*ck all homophobes in the comments. Homosexuality has always been a normal sexual orientation in human kind and almost all other pieces in planet earth. Get over yourself, it’s 2022, if you can’t understand it with your little micro brains, go dig a hole and eat each other alive. Morons.

  23. They are taking movies and tv shows where there is a more tomboyish girl and saying that she isnt a girly girl because she is lesbian or trans. Its grooming tomboyish girls to be LGBTQ.

  24. They ruin EVERYTHING 😒
    Bad enough the f-ing rainbow is forever ruined

  25. Velma was never gay. She has always been the poster child for nerdy girls, which covers a slew of different people. Until now. Thanks leftists.

  26. I mean……..Velma’s always been gay……we just don’t talk about it.

  27. Yeah it’s woke as hell even looks like Daphne’s putting on some pounds

  28. This is hilarious 😂. You thought she was straight 🤣 writers for Scooby-Doo have been writing her as a lesbian for over 20 YEARS! LMAO 🤣 🤣 YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS STRAIGHT! LMAO SHE IS A QUEER ICON DUDE.

  29. The Lord is not happy about this and a lot of people will burn in hell.

  30. I love how the rest of the gang looks over to Velma completely knowing how gay she is going to be in front of Coco

  31. Unbelievable! SCOOBY-DOO scratched off my list! It is shoved down my throat with humans, it isn’t gonna be shoved down my throat with cartoons!

  32. Proof that America is the Sodom and Gomorrah of the world. God will destroy it soon

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