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Rap artist’s girlfriend killed during birthday celebration

Bridget James shot dead/YouTube

Birthday girl shot dead. 

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TRINIDAD — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Family and friends are in mourning after 25-year-old Bridget James was gunned down while celebrating her birthday. The femicide transpired September 2nd around 2 p.m. in the carpark of the BRIX Hotel located off Coblentz Avenue, Cascade in Trinidad. Yep, Pookie & Ray Ray are international now. They even have passports and sh*t. According to police reports, Bridget and her boyfriend — rapper Kalonji Arthur — got inside his silver Toyota Altis and began egressing the hotel when they were ambushed by gunmen. Bridget, an employee of PricewaterhouseCoopers accounting firm, was shot in the head and toe-tagged immediately. Kalonji was struck in both legs but survived. After the smoke had cleared, there were empty shells galore and the Toyota was riddled with bullets on the passenger’s side and right rear window. The gunmen used high-powered rifles so it was definitely gang-related. Kalonji is a member of the ABG (Anybody Could Get It) crew which has ties to a gang in the East Port of Spain.

Bridget advertised the party on Instagram — alerting the gunmen of their whereabouts. Social media reaction was fierce. One reader wrote, “Did he sacrifice his girlfriend for his career? If he blows up more than what he was before her death, then YES!” Another chimed in with, “Shot in both legs?🤔” A third person added, “Y’all gone learn to stop putting all your business on social media!!!” 

Bridget was an accountant.

So it makes you wonder why she dated a gun-toting gang member.

The shooting was caught on camera.

To watch the gunmen empty their clips, CLICK HERE!

Also, watch the sad report below.

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  1. Sacrifice.
    Turn to Jesus Christ before it’s too late ⏰!!!!

  2. These artist’s allegedly have to make blood sacrifices for fame and fortune. My Sincerest Condolences to her family and friends 🙏. Rest in Honor!

  3. Black Women are getting toe tagged all over the world for messing with Black Males. Black Women STOP MESSING WITH BLACK MEN AND DATE OUTSIDE YOUR RACE.

  4. What is an accountant doing with a thug? Y’all women gotta choose better.

  5. You guys need to wake up, this was a blood ritual sacrifice. no coincidence he was a target but she got hit. he sacrificed his girfriend for the next level in his career.

  6. Why would I want to advertise where I am going to stay and spend my time ? As Bob Marley said ” Being Smart But Not Being Clever”.

  7. I hate, hate, hate that this happened to this young woman! Young ladies- DO be judgmental. Be discerning. It’s okay to judge a book by its cover sometimes. To He🏒🏒 with this jerk whose life was spared. R.I.P. Bridget. 💔🕊

  8. Good girls love bad boys until it ends terribly……My condolences to the family 🙏🏾

  9. All that planning plotting n shooting and didn’t even wack that clown smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. She was too good & proper to date him. Ladies know your worth & choose your partners wisely!

  11. If the rapper was targeted why are they shooting on the passenger side? Posting on social media is getting people killed as it lets the suspects know exactly where you are. RIP to the young lady she had her whole life in front of her.

  12. We can stay safe by not dating street dudes or dudes tryna live that lifestyle.

  13. This is so sad and DISGUSTING! It happens a lot, a woman is with a guy who is targeted but she ends up dead! He’s trash!

  14. Another BEAUTIFUL GIRL casting her PEARLS before SWINE. As LAUREN HILL said in one of her songs “….someone you’d DIE for isn’t even CONCERNED. This MAGGOTis totally unfazed by the death of this beautiful girl who was MUCH too good for him, which is why her family was unaware of their relationship . Another case of BEAUTY and the BEAST.

  15. Wow these comments talking about who this women dated she is deceased show some decency to the family 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  16. Just my opinion I think the bf set this up because there’s no way in hell he didn’t get any upper body shots Just got shot in his legs, and she gets all the upper body shot’s??kmt this was no mistake in identity this was a set up like I said this is my opinion

  17. Why kill the passenger.. if you got a target why not go directly to the side your target is on. This is crazy and I’m not condoning violence but I’m just saying. Also she probably didn’t know he had a hit out on him but this is why you don’t post your current locations on social media. Rip beautiful.

  18. There’s a post going around of her boyfriend pretty much saying “Sucks she died but I’m glad I’m still here. New music dropping soon”

  19. The gun men came for him.the girl was collateral damage…. Sad…..Trinidad need Jesus

  20. Did this Bum say he couldn’t wait to get back to the things he loves😡😡..after his girlfriend was killed..WOOOOWW..SO SAD!

  21. Died on her birthday so sad, RIP social media is the devil ,why people always putting out their location 😡

  22. He doesnt deserve this hate, he went out of his way to make a song for her and people blaming him this is so sad, keep up the good work Kalonji we love you

  23. The thing is , why was she killed and not him? It makes no sense whatsoever.

  24. Reclining in your seat quickly , will end up with your legs shot but someone else will get the head shots.


  26. Bridget didn’t deserve to die like that. She was a beautiful woman. My heart goes out to her.

  27. How can a young woman with so much education allow herself to be caught with a THUG and a troublemaker like him? She was on the way to the top the accounting industry. Ladies stay CLEAR of these types of men because your life is not worth it.

  28. 100% a blood sacrifice but his music sucks so it wont make a difference

  29. Sad story however these are the types of situations you open yourself up to when you mess with thugs!

  30. It was definitely a orchestrated sacrifice for Kalonji to go higher in the Satanic Music industry

  31. @ArMell Washington: Stop the fuckery about blood sacrifice. If that was the case, he wasn’t supposed to get hurt fool

  32. Women gotta be more selective and cautious. Go old school, let the families meet

  33. I feel so bad for black women. When I say we don’t know the men we hook up with, I mean that. We have no idea about who they really are and the things they are involved in. We are blinded by culture and the desire for a relationship. Everywhere you look on social media, there’s a story about sistas getting toe tagged…it’s sickening…either she’s at the wrong place, with the wrong man, on the wrong day, at the wrong time, and in the wrong relationship. We have got to wake up. No wining and dining, hiding, and getting attention is worth losing your life. Please wake up and be aware of this new generation of bandits who see you as prey…a fill-in.

  34. I’m pretty sure he has already moved on to his next woman. He didn’t care about her at all. She was one of many. She deserved so much better.

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